2019 BMW X7 – Sneak Preview Video Walkaround

BMW is late with its first big luxury SUV. But are the Bavarians also great? How will the new X7 compete against Mercedes GLS, Audi Q7 and Range Rover? See yourself….


Sabbir Ahmed says:

Great suv. Much more better than ugly Mercedes gls.

That BMW Guy says:

BMW has released so many cars this year..

3 series
8 series

Next is the M8, X6 , X1 LCI , 7 series LCI and 4 series soon.

Merukzrios Merukzrios says:

ThomasGeigerCars, it is very disgusting and dodgy of you to not show us what the third row seating actually is and what it is like for a person of your size to seat there.
What were you hiding? You opinion of what it is is irrelevant. What an unprofessional car reviewer.

slpip says:

Already sold in China. Why the USA always behind the other countries?

Добрый Бодрый says:

Возбудители, п-ты для потенции Виагра, Сиалис, Левитра не дорого. Доставка по РФ.Обращайтесь

Dan Dan says:

The best big size suv of year!

Allan Ø.N. says:

Biggest BMW grill I have ever seen!

MrPCT007 says:

Bench Mark, Don’t think so, As a German car owner my whole adult life, I’m in my 59s I’d have to go with RR as the bench mark. I think the new bench mark will be when Audi makes their Q8 Fully electric with a range of atleast 300 Miles.

Svetoslav Popov says:

It makes Fiat Multipla a beautiful car 🙂

KdeB B says:



Looks the same like a Audi Q7 inside

Cali SLSL says:

Continuous ti show ur first review man great work (y)

DJB 2007 says:

Dam! My mother in law will be dispointed because the third row seat is too good for her

BusinessClassOnly says:

20 reviewers all reviewing the same piece of biggest, ugliest electrojunk BMW has ever thought up

T says:

Nice, are you reading from the back of the camera?

Tod Whitehead says:

Can it be anymore uglier?

yyms king says:

love it , my next car baby.

sokfat chuoy says:

The headlights similar to 2018 BMW 3 series and this X7’s headlights should look 2019 3 series; and the grill should wilder

John Mathew says:

I heard now Cadillac is coming out with a car similar to X7

I Share says:

I really like BMW X7

Vinay Kumar Dubey says:

So the Mother-in-law issue is a world-wide phenomenon

FOTO click says:

Why BMW make this car??? X5 is enough to be a Benchmark! SHAME ON YOU BMW!!!

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