ALL NEW 2019 BMW 3 Series Review – More Performance, Way More Tech

We go for a drive in the 2019 BMW 3 Series 330i and M340i

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Our reviews give you two perspectives. Jakub takes the perspective of the car enthusiast, while Yuri represents the interests of the general consumer. You won’t find details about engine compression ratios here, instead you’ll have real world opinions on what it’s like to drive and own cars.

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Mitchell Pritsker says:

No manual transmission

KL M says:

You should add a 0-100 km/h acceleration test in your videos

Stonewall says:

Too much gimmicks. Sooner or later 100% guaranteed headaches. Car manufacturers, how about cutting down all the expensive BSs and go for what really matters for the consumers: well built, sturdy, realizable cars.

Joe Doe says:

I am always a big fan of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes vehicles in general… I watch a good amount of these type of videos, I check out the brands websites, features, also look at JD power reliability ratings. I find myself more and more sold on the BMW lineup.

Imcool says:

That’s the power for the diesel or the normal 330i?

kevinmsft says:

Wow no sliding sun visors is literally (almost) a deal killer.

Ralph Santiago says:

Can I buy an m340i in “car test camo?”

calnamu says:

What is confusing about the M package and the badges? They’ve been doing this for years.

Ahmed Hegy says:

hey guys nice video! I have a question, I am confused between bmw M3, bmw m340i and bmw 340i, are these the same? please explain it to me. Also do you have an idea when this more powerful 340i coming?

Raditram says:

It’s so funny that I got an actual Lexus Ad while watching this half Lexus BMW.

Munzir Rafik says:

most of the new car now are using cheap material with expensive look-alike colour ! im gonna throw up

Dr. Skillz says:

Bullshit. There was no customer feedback that would warrant the removal of the sliding visor.

LibFreeZone says:

Please Review the 2019 BMW X5!!!

Kanish Mahajan says:

Does it have the remote control key… Which moves the car front and back?

Orijia says:

maybe im lame but i dont really like the new body style of bmws i thoght the e90s and f30s looked fantastic and i just think they look off

TheStraightPipes says:

What do you think of the new BMW 3 Series? What’s your favourite car in this segment?

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busywl69 says:

you can turn that silly engine noise in the interior off though right? I want to hear my music. Not the engine.

Ralk Lana says:

This guys are really cool and funny. I like to see how they report this car. Well done guys

Kuessemir says:

Ugh another automatic…who cares. They spend millions trying to make it behave like a manual…why???

Everyday Is Saturday says:

No helmets were required during the track tests??

Allan Craig says:

Why would any sain person subscribe to your channel


Omg, RGB in cars now!?

Jonathan Careless says:

10:51 focus?

6XxDJxX9 says:

So which one would you get? 2018 or 2019?

eWreckd'd says:

Meh, the 3 series looks too much like it did in 2006 while other manufacturers have introduced fresh designs. The average Joe will be hard pressed to tell much of a difference between a 2006 and a 2016 3 series and everything in between and pretty much beyond. It’s boring, safe, and old in my opinion. While it might give many a chubby, it does nothing for me (my opinion). Maybe it’s because I live in an area with incomes that are higher than average but I see a sea of BMW’s and it’s bland, cookie cutter, and just plain average.

kay poly says:

You need to tell a computer now to hhelp you turn on some heater that is sitting right in front of you? and the sloppy pasty whitedudes will spend a fortune on these just to impress some entlitled whitewife who is about to leave them soon ass she gets bored , and guess where her ass is heading to with half of your money? that’s right, to the carribean, to go mean the real man(blackman) who is bring nothing else but, coconut juice and some solid pipegame to the table. No, that’s what I call the great equalizer.

technoboy777 says:

Guys – great video. I heard no manual transmission in North America for the new 330 and m340. What about the redesigned 4 series and M3/M4? Any intel?

bacvain says:

So my question is: this compared to the genesis g70? Which one would you buy instead? Forget for a moment the manufacturer brand.

markopolo619 says:

Yuri is such a cutie

A says:

What do people think about the look of the chassis on this latest generation 3 series? I can’t say I like it better than the last couple generations. The grill (especially with those chromed outlines) looks tacky to me and too jarring/attention grabbing. Maybe if you can black that out, it would look better. Also, the overall shape of the chassis kind of takes a step towards looking like a C-class benz (especially when looking at the side profile), which is not a good thing in my opinion. I don’t mind the look of the rear of the car, which is really the only part I think maybe improved in terms of looks. Ah well…

Ryan B says:

I looked at these at my dealer. Nice interior, but digital dash is very sluggish and looks like it was designed by a drunk person. My OCD was not happy.

alpenjodel24 says:

To make it less confusing, here is a comparison of all the packages you get from (some) german manufacturers, examples in brackets:

BMW M (M2)
BMW M Performance (M240i)
BMW M Sport package (220d with M Sport package)


Audi RS (RS6)
Audi S (S6)
Audi S line (A6 with S line package)


Mercedes AMG, 8+ cylinders, handbuilt (C63)
Mercedes AMG, 4 or 6 cylinders, not handbuilt (A45, C43)
Mercedes AMG line (C200d with AMG line package)

seminole249 says:

Your face at 4:05 was the funniest part

Ssyc253 says:

You guys gotta do the new rs5 and hellcat charger

Raafat Ismael says:

The back the car like lexus

Peter Vu says:

But will there be a two door version?

Leroy Mentor says:

For drifting you need to get a drone, please SP

Jonathan Norris says:

Rear looks like a Lexus (VERY Lexus taillights), side profile is giving me Infiniti vibes. Overall though it looks better than the current one.

Gregory Trane says:

The 340i is the go to BMW for pure driving fun. Good review.

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