All-new BMW 3 Series 2019 – see why it’s the most high tech BMW ever!

This is the all-new BMW 3 Series! Set to hit our roads in 2019, the new 3 Series has brought a more aggressive look than its predecessor, as can be seen with the more sculpted front bumper coupled with the flatter taillights. But will the rest of the changes be worthy of this new entry into the 3 Series range? Join Mat for his latest Top 10 overview to find out!

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Victor Greenwood says:

Its a four cylinder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgusting just like Mercedes UUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGG

Akiff Hssn says:


anoosh akhavan says:

No handbrake no fun. Dislike to removing that

Nikko G. says:

Start saving now!

Nck1 glk says:

BMW have missed a trick here, they have opted for those awful looking gauges on that digital dash, they should have given users the option to mimic the original style gauges BMW are …. Or should it be “were” renowned for, backlit in the warm red we are accustomed to. Looks too over the top for me, and spoils what is a great looking interior. Atleast give the option to switch back on an update BMW!!

GlitchModulator says:

E90 335i FTW…. just kidding I want the new G20 m340i soooo bad, those interior leds are something else

Gonzalo Téllez says:

Mercedes looks more class

Penelope Garcia says:

Damn… this is a car and a half! My goodness.

1life To live says:

Lol German cars just get more beautiful, it’s amazing

Dama says:

What is that sensor looking thing in the front under the plate?

PetrosRZ says:

I still prefer the old one though. but I see BMW trying to destroy Mercedes and Audi, but for me the old one had already done that, having not much bullshit and being perfectly driver centered.

Aravi 1029 says:

I like audi a4 though

garth's channel says:

Beam me up with laser lights

man ced says:

The rear lights are purely Lexus GS… And fuck BMW they stole the line on the side of the doors on Lexus IS that extends to join the rear lights. BMW is out of ideas.

Jack Carline says:

Looks like a lexus at the rear

GiacoC says:

I don’t even know why I’m watching this all the time. I wont ever have money to afford such.
Are E90 good series?

pro fukai says:

I dont get why ppl liked this design, the f80 m3 looks wayyy better. This cars grille look like hummer

Carlos Ventura says:

Bravo BMW! Gorgeous inside and out.

Tze Yang Tan says:

when mentioning the real exhaust, this is a M Kit! AMG has real exhaust as well.

Sonny Visual says:

looks like a baby lexus GS in the back

Sandra Busser says:

Alfa Romeo Giulia


So wait….is the car shown in the video an m3 or not?

Eric George says:

Come back when you do a proper review.

Suza Iree says:

Im confused. It is m3 or 330i ? And why it called 330i for 2.0 ?

EnRich says:

still gonna be ZERO reliability after 3 – 4 years MAX

michael ousborne says:

Lexus tailgate

John Wick says:

The fuck are you all smoking? This car looks like shit. Every preceding 3 Series looks dimensions better than this pile of refuse.

Alex Avram says:

“bmw passive lift related dumpers as standard” – more info on this?

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