BMW 5 Series 2017 Preview | TestDriveNow Video Preview of the all-new 7th generation 2017 BMW 5 Series ahead of its North American International Auto Show debut by automotive critic Steve Hammes.

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BMW 5 Series 2017 Preview | TestDriveNow



Monrowe Toussaint says:

This new 5 series looks fantastic and i’m very impressed with the new features. Good job BMW.

amill1563 says:

Wondering what the M5 version of this car will be like.

beastieboys3 says:

So when did Steve start working for BMW? This was a 3 minute long commercial the C.E.O would be proud of. I understand he doesn’t have the budget of Consumer Reports but this is ridiculous. It’s like the advertising department handed him a piece of paper and said read this. Last time I accused him of taking money from a tire company he deleted my comment, twice, so we’ll see how long this last before it gets taken down. This isn’t a way you’ll increase your subscribers.

Khu NoPie says:

Congrats Steve on video 666!
Welcome to the Dark Side my friend

Mr Bobby Brown says:

You know, I really like your videos, they are very informative and the information is delivered perfectly, but every time I see one come into my inbox it annoys the shit out of me. I don’t understand the redundancy with putting your name in every title when it’s also in the name of your channel. There is a difference between self promotion, and what you’re doing, it’s over the top. We can see your name in the same area as the title, we don’t need it twice in the same area, it makes it hard to read and it just honestly looks silly. If I am watching a vehicle review it’s because I care about the vehicle, not about having your name slammed down my throat, no offense. I’m not trying to be rude, and I’ve left this feedback before so I know you’re stance on it, but I just need to leave this feedback for the last time because I think this is where I get off the bus. No other channel on YouTube does this, and it’s annoyed me enough that I’m going to unsubscribe, I can’t support that branding decision. Sorry Steve, I wish you all the best and I hope you re-brand your channel in the future so I can come back. Take care.

PussMag says:

why I like 5 series more than other midsizes, it is based on the 7. GS is based on IS, E Class drive like a boat. A6 is A4L, CTS has no value after a few months.

A F A says:

I have this odd feeling that you don’t spend any time with this vehicle. Instead of adding safety features and fancy gadgets, BMW should focus on making more reliable cars.

Rajeev Sahu says:

Lmao it’s the same thing.

Chill Man says:

“Interrogates your smartphone!” Leave my smartphone alone lol.

KentB27 says:

BMW has the laziest design studio ever. It’s almost exactly the same as the previous 5 series.

Cool and Quirky Cars says:

Mr. Bobby Brown is a bit uptight eh?. What else keeps you up at night Mr. Brown?

iSina93 says:

This is an ad

Lizner09 says:

For some reason, the wheels remind me of the ones from ’16 Camry special edition

NikesZ28 says:

I guess BMW haven’t hired a new interior designer yet!

Lysergic Casserole says:

Soo… is there no 550i?

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