BMW i8 – Interior and Displays

Taking a look around the interior of the BMW i8 hybrid, around the interior configuration and layout before playing with the electronics and entertainment systems.

Thanks for watching, Tim



Al Khem Bey says:

Thankhs so much

Lava Script says:

This looks a lot like my 2009 civic…

Yveltal k says:

Is hi in front of Alliance Arena?

Arjun Dhawan says:

Wow amazing

Isabella Jones says:



well,it only can go 260/kmh? top ?

Tod Olusola says:

M sport package please

MaDDeX says:

hand brake is to far from driver.

Stanley Pierre says:

The blue belt straps don’t compliments the seats at all…

Chris T. Fulford says:

How much space is needed to open the door?

S h a u n says:

So what happens if your battery dies and your windows are up. Your stuck. Even worse what if you “we’re” to crazh into water and you stink electronics die and you too! XD

Valentina Robilotta says:

Tesla p90

Kuhen Persie says:

Nice man

TheGregouze35 says:

big mouth and little dick

VladGaming 2009 Familia Infinite Si lecturată says:

Awesome Car BMW i8

kuyaglen says:

How much space is needed to open the door?

Senuka Yensitha says:

I like it

Kelly English says:

I hate the noise at 3:32
so annoying!

Alexandra Posmagiu says:


Oguz ASLAN says:

maybe one day 🙁 …

Bigsheesh says:

Everleigh Kim

Mansi Agarwal says:

show me, video Nissan GTR

Samuel Tovey says:

I thought that the interior would be more futuristic than the car itself

Kick Me NOT!! says:

thought he was tom cruise for a second

Viren Dhankhar says:

Very cheap

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