BMW Vision Next 100 – interior Exterior and Drive

Revealed: the BMW ‘Vision Next 100’ concept

BMW celebrates 100 years this week. Here’s the car that’ll lead the party

BMW’s vision for the next 100 years is a sporting saloon. Not an SUV, not a hypercar, not a nuclear-powered flying car. Sports saloons are, says Adrian von Hooydonk, ‘the core’ of BMW.

But the BMW Vision Next 100, to give the car its full name, is also autonomous, shape-shifting and powered by something they won’t name.

Just like the i8 Spider revealed at CES in January, it has two modes. You drive or it drives.

But even when you’re driving, you’re in ‘boost mode’ – boosted into a hero driver. Augmented-reality guides you, projecting the ideal steering line and speed onto the windscreen.

The augmented-reality display will also project hidden hazards into your field of view. BMW’s example is a cyclist obscured by a truck. An image of the cyclist is projected onto your windscreen, making the truck magically semi-transparent.

If even that is all too difficult, or you have other things to do, switch to ‘ease mode’. The steering quadrant folds away and the chairs swivel around so you can kick back and get on with life.

Now, this shape-shifting business – or ‘alive geometry’ as van Hooydonk calls it. The armadillo-scales triangles on the dash let the car warn you, almost subliminally, of upcoming hazards by opening to reveal their red flipsides.

The external bodywork wears more of the same triangular motif. The wheels are faired in, so when the front ones turn to steer, the bodywork stretches to accommodate them. At the back of the car, the profile lengthens with speed, cutting aero drag.

At the front, the kidney grille is present and correct, but van Hooydonk points out it isn’t needed as an air intake – a clue that there’s no straight-six behind there. Instead they have re-purposed the grille as a porthole for all the sensors the car needs to drive autonomously.

“If you can imagine the future, you’ve made the first step,” says AvH. He’s imagined something pretty, don’t you think. But the future? Thoughts below, please.


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Peter Ngubeni says:

Peter Ngubeni work at Shangri-la


Style men

todor dukoski says:

dukoski  todor

Ziomsky PL says:

that’s fake

Der Iron Man says:

thats fake

Adithya Duggi says:

next generation car

Grant Stoutenburg says:

I think the sounds the car would most likely be making with all those parts moving would get very irksome.

yash agar says:


Yuksel Yusuf says:

daha gerçeklenmemiş bence

todor dukoski says:

dukoski  todor

Fayaz Ali Arisar says:

Very nice car

Joe R says:


Raptor Carbon says:


UltraZ Hd says:


Dört Kuzenler says:

süper araba

Elisabete Rodrigues da Silva says:

um carro futurista
algo inovador demais

todor dukoski says:

dukoski todor


i love car

todor dukoski says:

dukoski todor

LuckyDurp says:

Like even bill gates can afford that

Kingcobu Pierson says:

i wanna treat it like a 1988 Chevy Caprice. Ride that junt all threw the Hood.

Mohamad Al-Zein says:

Bmw ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Patel Parth says:


todor dukoski says:

dukoski todor

Florian Forsthofer says:


Secret Agent says:

exterior 2050, interior 1950

Nacho Nacho says:

la caña

salatalık says:

now ! we can wacth porn !

biology nicle says:


ABBAS Box HD says:

I love BMW

pheuzy says:

see you 2050

todor dukoski says:

dukoski todor

Ksa Alsharari says:


Andrea Dano Zelina says:

A naša rodina chce mat take

todor dukoski says:

dukoski  todof

Nilofer Nisha says:


todor dukoski says:

dukoski todor

Music lover says:

nice one

todor dukoski says:

dukoski todor

Muddles17 says:

I can’t imagine how hard it would be to clean all of those red bits, and it would be terrible in the snow to have ice stuck in those joints for the wheels. Cool looking concept though.

nelson morales says:

WOW,,,,…really sick!!!!!

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