BMW’s New 3 Series Is Loaded With Futuristic Tech

BMW unveiled the new 3 series at the Paris Motor Show 2018. The M Sport model even includes a new intelligent assistant. This assistant can recognize your voice and respond to commands. It allows you to wirelessly adjust temperature and other car settings, or even check traffic and oil levels.


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U WUT M8? says:

ssssssssooooooo… it automatically closes the sunroof and changes color?

Patrick Matjila says:

Title claims “futuristic tech”
Video shows a glorified Alexa…

austin godii says:

That voice shit will never work

Amrit Sooklal says:

Lexus taillights

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

Tesla model 3 > BMW 3 series

Ivan Arroyo says:

So its kind of like the new a class

Parth Patel says:

I wonder what the baseline 3 series will look like.

cole alone says:

I’ll take my n55 f30 any day over this. But the interior lighting is cool

SneakerTifosi says:

Imagine the M3 version. Hey M3 I wanna out run people.
M3: activating need for speed mode

12,345 subscribers with no videos says:

Does it come with *blinker fluid?*

Diving Duo says:

Tesla is better

Hassan Ahmed says:

Futuristic? All of these touches can be found in most high ends cars. Nothing new or impressive.

Trick Facts says:

Nice I am gona buy this in 2030

Daniel Weiss says:

None of these changes are really meaningful or revolutionary. The personal assistant seems gimmicky

Recovering New Yorker says:

Just more gadgets to go wrong. It will first be purchased or leased by someone who will drive it 4 years just until the warranty runs out. Then it will be traded in and sold as a certified pre-owned where someone else will drive it for 4 years just until the warranty runs out. Both of those owners will only have minimal maintenance done because they know they’re not going to keep it. After that it will languish around for about 2 years until it makes it to “Billy Jo Jim Bobs” Buy Here Pay Here! Home of the 30 day warranty! At that point this once $100,000 (I’m guessing) luxury car will sell for between $10,000 to $15,000 to some poor sap who who wants to “Be Stylin’ ” but who can’t afford to repair or maintain it properly.

evette barrera says:

Bmw trash cars don’t last had 2 of them pieces of shits

incipidsigninsetup says:

Useless tech…

1000rm says:

Who in their mind will pay for that when you can have Amazon Alexa on your car.

121SeedDestiny121 says:

Any bmw cars depreciates fast after two years unlike VW, Audi and Lexus.

Crocubot says:

My Dad’s 2018 5e series can do the same pretty much.

Oscar Magnum says:

So the 2019 BMW now features the same voice activation as apples Siri featured in 2013?

Aerohk says:

Price cut on current 3 series?

raymond gonzalez says:

Dude it’s almost 2020.. nobody wants to wait 10 seconds for a response… Why not team up with a tech company and make your technology respond instantly.

lamakicker69 says:

What a great looking car, I think BMW stumbled with the e90 generation but thought the f30s were incredible and aggressive looking, this generation looks to still have the aggressive f30 look but tone down a bit to look more modern and not so “in your face” about it. Love it

Chuck Brady says:

i can only dream.

Jonny Gerasimov says:

Well, anyway, there’s no hope for Fiat money, and the country needs a good Manager.That’s how Borodich, who is building the Universa project, is a useful thing.

Jaylan Jackson says:

For some reason why bmws always look the same even when there brand new

Samuel Yuan says:

No one will buy if they don’t see a difference. BMW is losing market share to tesla and mercedes c class. Mercedes c300 had a face refresh, tesla has a new model 3, BMW has to keep up

WinSDFina says:

*Futuristic tech, something that already been been done in the past or not useful

Niall says:

Same old BMW. Best in class to drive but with a bland, cold and uninspiring interior.

leinadyon says:


OneHumanity OnePlanet says:

Damn! That’s a sexy car.

Maira Thorn says:


Noe Flores says:

Is it just me or did that map look antiquated? Get it togther BMW.

krunal patil says:

Very excited for upcoming 7 series after watching this

iunnor says:

Lets be honest, it’s still a BMW. Your mechanic is probably going to be using these features more than you.

Abhijith S says:

Comes in competition for Audi A8
But still they could reach its range

I Personaly prefer BMW than Audi but still!!!

luan trieu says:

Buy a bmw after the warranty run out the car literally fall aparts the next day

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