Honda Riding Assist

In a global debut at CES, Honda unveiled its Riding Assist technology, which leverages Honda’s robotics technology to create a self-balancing motorcycle that greatly reduces the possibility of falling over while the motorcycle is at rest.

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Thinker Man says:

Вот технологии развиваются, только вот до простых людей они не скоро дойдут, а жаль.

ĐØŇ ĴỮΔŇ says:

Moto do capeta.

Hasan Akan says:

Adamlar yapıyor ya 🙂

Asma fauziyah says:

when i hit you with truck you still fallen off

breakit46 says:

Totally stolen styling from KTM Super Duke. Outrageous.

CFFA17 says:

you hear a knock on your bathroom door when you are alone on the toilet. you finish up, and approach the door. you open the door and think “oh the bike wants to go for a ride”. your girlfriend walks into the house and asks “whats going on?”. you answer “i’m taking her out”. before she has a chance to ask, she hears the motorcycle peel off into the distance.

Роман Быстров says:

Потрясающий мотоцикл 🙂

RolanTHUNDER says:


Эмиль Сафаргалиев says:


spongebob swag pants says:

It’s like that episode of sponge bob when he’s by himself with that boat mobile

Julia Rutter says:

julia rutter

Froilan Medina says:

Skynet Cometh!

WiltshireByways says:

One step closer to removing human control 🙁

motorzz says:


raj choudhary says:

wow ultimate technology display appears sci fi movie but much in real hats off !!

Hercules says:

Terminator 4

Beast Obese says:

So I can take it out for walks??

sanu chetri says:

when honda lead launch in Indian market

V.C. says:

:))=)) brilliant. this is like science entertainment 😛

Tamar Ramos says:

bet that cost a lot to repair

Yassin Sahnoun says:

كل ما اتمناه شيئ خارق للعاده موفقين

Dream 5008 says:


Kenneth Ferrer says:

is that asimo? can it transform. I want a bike that can transform into a robot

BushPilot444 says:

Idiotic application of technology.

Alexandra Rachel says:

Certainly my Chihuahua more stupid

kao aaron says:

This world is getting so much crazier!



akb 354 says:


seonpapa says:


IntheInternet Wetrust says:

Not even the bikes in Tron were like this

eduardo garcia diaz says:

292 no les gusto porque manejan una porqueria italika

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