New BMW 7-Series Plugin-Hybrid iPerformance 740Le xDrive Exterior/Interior Preview

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timecode index New BMW 7-Series Plugin-Hybrid iPerformance 740Le
00:52 Exterior statics
03:08 Interior
03:46 Information Interview
05:18 Interview DEUTSCH/German

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damieg82 says:

really don’t like this car. I’d take an S Class, A8, and even the Lexus LS over this 7 Series. It’s ugly, the interior looks dated already, and there is no really useful cutting edge tech. The gesture control and valet key are ridiculous :-/

Mubzi VLOGZ says:

BMW most step up! same old design on the cars! Not enough to beat the top cars

A H says:

I don’t like the music choice, its hectic, especially not suitable for this car.

Morten Larsen says:

I’m not interested in what BMW is saying about BMW and if I were, I would look at BMW website. I want to hear the your opinion / views, Thomas!

Blark Dexture says:

S-class kills it.

muzemsh aby al ticrity says:

баварцы,вместо того,чтобы менять дизайн каждый год,занялись бы повышением качества и точность изготовления деталий и агрегатов.

stilkus says:

hybrid technology is so old. Why won’t the Germans step up their car game ?

Heisen Berg says:

Blaue Nierenstäbe, e-Symbol, Blaues BMW Symbol, e-Drive Schriftzug auf der C Säule.. nur 2 Liter Verbrauch, is klar.. Armotisiert sich direkt am 2. Tag.. oder so.. meine Gedanken dazu: Dinge, die die Welt (absolut und Überhaupt) nicht braucht….Ganz im Gegenteil: Noch schimmer kann man die Ressourcen unserer Erde gar nicht verschleudern. Wer sich sowas als “Umweltfreundlich” verkaufen lässt hat echt ein anner Waffel….. 5.. setzen…

Sam Thompson says:

In all seriousness, can you produce black T shirts with a white outline of Thomas? I want to always be in full HD, with Thomas. Love your videos

Captain Carter says:

This kind money you can go full electric.

Iker del Palacio says:

If Autogefühl intends to cater to everyone then at the very least subtitles should be used so that we all are able to understand what Germans say.

SuperMrBentley says:

bmw have all the same interior

LS_scape says:

Lot’s of numbers. Theoratically 2.5 L/100km. So if the petrol tank is 60L… you can do about 2400km on one full tank? Or only when you use the (short range) electric mode very often?
I mean, if I go on a 1500km trip, using the electric motor ends after 50km. How can the petrol engine deliver 2.5L/100km on average on that trip?

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