Practical Motorhome Doubleback VW Camper review

Practical Motorhome’s Jeremiah Mahadevan runs the rule over the stunning, innovative Doubleback camper, based on the venerable long-wheel base VW T5. UPDATE (13/05/2013): Danbury Motorcaravans has released a five-seater Doubleback.

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el cuervo Martel722 says:

le doy un like

Carolyn Mihelcic says:

Amazing Love it I’ll bet this is Expensive…

Nico Bakkernes says:

ik hou van camperen .één vouwwagen comby camp in 2″minuutjes zitten we binnen ik reeds dé camping op en regent tegen over óns caravan kwam vragen hóe dát werkt.

Victor Balaj says:

*Wtf? 3 seats, but 4 beds? Then 1 of the beds is useless!*

Franziska Benedict says:


Gigi Mihordea says:

cost car.

el cuervo Martel722 says:

es muy bueno el video

Gay Gates says:

very nice

Stargazer * says:

I have exactly!

2 dollars…..


cost of car????


so nice & so happy ???? says:


Ioanna Junior says:

Έχει αυτόματο οδηγό

Monster Studio1430 says:

where is toilet

Calvin5040 says:

…… I can buy a Class C motorhome for that price that sleeps 6 that can tow this thing without breaking a sweat.

S13 Power says:

What the Cost in it?

lkj jkl says:

how mach

Žurkulēns says:

he showed all,where he can sit and such,but he didn’t showed the how he can sleep in a bed,meaning that bed is really small and short…. Kappa

Nemo Smith says:

The figures out a way to double up living space at a push of a button, but they couldn’t figure out how to rotate the rears seats and put seat belts on them?

Akhtar raza qadri says:

mohamad Akhtar raza

momo delyon says:

astucieux bravo

THUSxFAR says:

I wouldn’t buy it

14casty nik says:

Guys its not dollar go back and hear carefully its POUNDS ITS THE FUKING 85 POUNDS ITS NOT NORMAL PRICE

theartplaza says:

I guess nobody shits or showers ever? I don’t understand peoples aversions to putting bathrooms in these things.

Nora says:

Kinda cool but what 55k? I am a very cheap person and would like to keep it that way.

poupkis Cayir says:

fack you

zhe su says:


darja sok says:


Shayne Kimball says:


Mose Call says:

it’s a ‘vw sucks for sure

A Han says:

What’s the point of having so much space when you can only share it with one other ?

Paula Brazil says:

With that money you can buy a badass used trailer or RV and have more space, bigger kitchen, toilet, shower, etc.

Me and my games says:

I want one.

ALTO séquanais says:


Shayne Kimball says:


Stan Stas says:


Dave Smith says:

VW the peoples car…the car which is way overpriced for a slide-out. Geez you’d think they invented the whole process and that it’s that whizz bang new….newsflash…OLD HAT my friends!
Try sleeping on those planks for a few hours let alone a night and you’d have it on the market by the time you got home!

amiganutt says:

Wish it would fit in my 2002 T4.

John Gayle says:

85k right not gonna sell any i could stay in a lot of luxury hotels for many years for that

Shayne Kimball says:

RELLY 50punds gust fore the back

Lauwe Urbex says:


Teen Rahiri says:

I’m sure 5 peeps can travel in their with belts attached to the sofa,which doesn’t affect the pod,by the looks of it.

Ben Sommer says:

Deutsche qualität

فلسطين الشهداء says:

how about the toilet
where is it

Traders Friend says:

Best camper idea I’ve ever seen. Best for a couple who invite other campers for a night. Not practical for a traveling family.

thedarklife gamers says:

good for homless guys 😉

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