SNEAK PREVIEW the NEW 2019 M Performance Parts | FULL SPEC LIST

This is the new 2019 BMW 3 series, fitted with all the new M Performance parts. Next to the whole list we’ll have a quick SNEAK PREVIEW of all the parts. Enjoy!
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Salar Sadri says:

beautiful car!

A K says:

What kind of Lexus is this?

N NN says:

If it’s not a m4 gtfo

Mihnea [RO] says:

nice skoda from the back

Jon Owens says:

It would just be cheaper to buy a real M CAR instead of buying those ridiculously expensive parts

Artin Martirosyan says:

Rear tail lights look like a mix of Lexus and Audi, honestly hate it

Unbeastable says:

Deze auto is niet voor kuli’s maar voor marokkanen matie

colombo14 says:

320d x drive is the best all around everyday car, only thing missing is the M3 look that we all like. this is great! for all the haters! you’re ignorant! owning an M3 is a pain in the ass anywhere where it snows or rains heavily. I can afford an M5 but I rather buy this 320d M package. you get everything except unnecessary gas wasting and AWD! (I’ve owned M3)

ZenGamer97 says:

Shits on merc and audi

69lol69 says:

2 liters diesel hahahahahaha

SKRMZ says:

not my taste but you can’t deny this sort of stuff on a 320d is pretty cool

Richard Sun says:

Can’t wait for the M340i.
The M performance package makes the difference!!

JRB says:

All those performance parts with no performance

Daniel says:

the back don’t look like a bmw no more

Cap Capone says:

Kia + Lexus = BMW 3 series

Dylan G says:

M3 cs I’m definitely pre ordering

Gerald Feti says:

Would make sense on a 340i

Wouter Van Es says:

The wheels…disgusting, the other M Performance Parts…awful, the front bumper…..not elegant, the back….ugly. The whole pack of parts is just a little bit overdone in my opinion.

W S says:

The Lexus taillights ruined the car. Everything else is cool, except that decal on the side!

mb san says:

Opened the rear door, saw the legspace and he was like “nope not today”

Sebeniczツ says:

I came to read the comments of children learning to write lexus

Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' says:


Joseph Sewi says:

You mentioned the Front: 325/35/R20. Rear: 255/30/R20. Did you get the wheel sizes wrong?

Sharinho says:

r u all stupid or blind? it is written in the place of license plates: BMW 320d with M-Performance parts

s song says:

expect this to be similar price with the m4, lol

XenoChrist93 says:

i bet you can get a f80 m3 for the price of this 320d

vojta kral says:

that shakycam makes me dizzy

C M says:

Love this baby

Canton says:

Alles geil! Außer die über dimensionierten Nieren! Die kacken richtig rein!

RcyberGaming says:

F30 320d with m sport and m performance

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