SNEAK PREVIEW the NEW BMW M850i xDrive 2019

On my first ever 24hrs LeMans the NEW BMW M850i 2019 was introduced! However a full INSIDE series would be impossible, but still to bring u some INSIDE series info let’s me show a SNEAK PREVIEW of BMW’s newest flagship car: M850i X-Drive Coupe
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Cyril TV says:

Ill buy it just for that crystal gear knob. Sadly I can afford only the Hot Wheels version.

Retope says:

The only new think i see is the crystal gear..

ItsAleqo says:

Great video! What do you do for a living? Quite interested 😀

50edelweiss says:

Looks like the Q60 Red Sport and a 6 Series Coupe had a baby

toiletjunpaper says:

the center console looks like hyundai sonata’s OMEGALUL

Igor Cvetkovic says:

May I suggest a polarizer lens filter for your camera to cut the glare

With Style says:

Looks nice but not timeless at all

QB Jersey says:


BB Lifestyle says:

its gonna be the hottest car on the streets for sure! im mean like who gives a shit about a lambo or smth .. this bmw is real beauty and im completely honest right now.. its looks elegant but so fucking aggressive at the same time and most importantly it still looks like a car .. not like most hypercars for example

Admiral Iceshock1 says:

Look cheap

Vadim Rezmerita says:

Madona bonina e una super car altro che SOOPER

ANUBIS 92 says:

x6 back, interior central console jaguar

BooMan TheGhost says:

i cannot understand a damn thing youre saying

Bruno Marley says:


Jack Jack says:

Look more cheaper thab the Audi i was expecting more

Soldier 88 says:


10allesandro says:

“New redesigned wheels” !!!
wow, what, new shape we have never seen before?

Tony Bland says:

Your camera work made me nauseous mate.

Jackj28 says:

Man that thing is sick!!!

Robert Mc says:

Not impressed

Highlight Techno online says:

nice car

1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !! says:

Compare it to the new 2019 Mercedes sedan AMG GT.

Damon Fleming says:

Waited for years for them to bring this car back! The not disappointment was the tiny rear brake caliper. All that money and no monoblock calipers all the way around?

Ruga Shriper says:

White people you anything but their POWER there power is never up for sale

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