Tech Check: Inside the 2018 BMW 7 Series | 740e xDrive iPerformance

Let’s check the tech inside the 2018 BMW 740e. Voice, touch and now gesture control; there are so many ways to interact with the iDrive tech in the new 7 Series. Read the full review –

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Rick James says:

Are they filming in Irvine, California?

roguedogx says:

Only time will tell if gestures will catch on. Most of your complaints seem to be development work related, so I dont think about those for extended periods.

I do have one issue with gesture control and that’s inevitable run over and illogical operation. Whole the ability to instantly access any feature is a huge plus, the gestures at some point are either going to have to be similar enough to get confused and/or be so illogical the driver can’t remember them and won’t use them.

It has potential, but it has issues that need to be resolved.

azalru says:

Flipphone interface compared to the Tesla Model 3.

mobgma says:

Theven Theries

Dave Farley says:

Where the fuck is Cooley? When are you people going to get it through your stupid heads that we only want to see Cooley? How many hundreds of viewer comments does it take for the producers of road show to listen?

Bernie Leiva says:

Why ppl gotta be such cunts in the comment section? Oh i remember, your lives are pathetic…

Brian Burke says:

Companies should have a little more fun. Why can’t I give the middle finger to a track I want to skip?

VinnieNiZero says:

the theven theories ith thimple to underthand?

Thankz4sharing says:

US new car buyers just aren’t buying many sedans at any price level recently. And I suspect that fewer people care about “prestige” the way they did in grandpa’s tail fin era. I was surprised when a very wealthy local woman I know slightly traded her daily driver BMW for a Hyundai SUV. She said that she never used 90% of the X-drive features and found the ones she was forced to use to be a PITA. That was about five years ago and she’s still driving the same Hyundai. That’s only one person but I wonder how many others who could easily afford $100k-plus cars are indifferent to them these days.

David says:

Why would he “hate to admit” that he likes Mercedes infotainment?

Colin Fox says:

Still crap compared to Tesla, and that came out 6 years ago

maximua78 says:

theven therieth

Cactus Bob says:

After all this…… it’s still a BMW ……..So grab your wallet and kiss your paycheck goodby.

Cougarsamurai says:

YAY – my first ever 1st. 🙂

usman rai says:

Damn this Moustache is funny af

MustaineV says:

Dude your mustache is hilarious. Please keep it, I need these laughs in my life.

RAN D says:

Lately BMW has been behind the eight-ball with technology. Can’t win buyers with gimmicky options like the virtual hand gesture. I do like the wireless Android auto and apple carplay though. The engines have always been top-notch with the twin scroll twin turbo engines in the M cars. Although I think the M4 Coupe has gotten too big to really be a really good sports car. Come back M3 two door coupe.

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