The all-new BMW 7 Series. Official launch film.

The all-new BMW 7 Series. Driving Luxury. This is the official launch film of the all-new BMW 7 Series including driving scenes. More:
If you’d like more information about the car, please have a look at the “all you need to know” film:


VIK KING says:

Дарю тебе BMW i7

Don Bond says:

BMW = British Motor Works

Old Style says:

Доброго времени суток. Очень давно живу с мечтой купить BMW e60, но с нынешней зарплатай, это так и останется мечтой…помогите кто чем может (Qiwi +79803727582 или 4276 0700 1391 5642)
Good time of day. ‘ve lived with the dream to buy a BMW e60, but with the current zarplaty, it will remain a dream…help who than can (Qiwi +0700 79803727582 or 4276 1391 5642

asdfasdfasdfasdism says:

идиотизм какой-то

Anton Totu says:

Un poco mas anchó i mas largo

pambudi ary says:

still dont get it why he going with airplane??

4sphyxi4 says:

Definitely a perfect life but… alone?! 🙁

chirag venkatesh babu says:

Screenplay and vehicle both are good.

Peter Jones says:

I love how there were no words spoken in this video.

Zeeshan Ahmad says:

Perhaps the best launch film ever……and the music is in complete sync with the video….

Niki ND says:

this car is a TECH FEST!!

Fouad F says:

سيارة روعة ترمز إلى القوة والاناقة ،كأنها أسد

KL Cassidy says:

Get the new 7-series… 7 months later, a friend post a pic with caption “Just bought the brand new 7-series”, my one is already the old one now 🙁

Simon Kim says:

What is his occupation?

All Sciences Worlds says:

The worst car quality in the world

Damien Wayne says:

Aesthetically the S-series is better

J. J says:

Oh wow!!! Just like a boss! He’s a boss!!

Mike L says:


confinez555 says:

Luxurious at its finest…0-100km/h in merely 3 secs…BEST SLEEPER EVER!

J. J says:

Im using BMW, and it will always BMW. Not others!!!

DerHalbeEuro says:

i got the same car.
fully paid. no debt left.
it’s called the 3 series.

Tom Wessel says:

After the E38 all the 7 series models looked bloated like an old woman with too much makeup.

Niki ND says:


RedSamy says:


Rohit Sharma says:

Out of my reach

Eden Jr says:

Series 7.. A car for a lonely old man


who directed this? and which studio was hired? thank you.

YX Yang says:

Did somebody stole his car while he was flying?

samedox neox says:

Bmw the best <<33

Sher Muhammad says:

Wow splendid amazing and so on the magnificent BMW i love it

Jdkdkfjsj says:

Boring as car Mercedes is sooo much better

A Coul says:

This guy’s life must suck…he has everything but no one to share it with…not even a dog…just his laptop to give his right hand the occasional workout, which by now must have become a daily thing because there’s no other human on that paradise Prometheus planet.

sudarshan chari says:

the ever never

super heroes says:

I love this car this bluming amazing it’s my 3rd fav luxury car

Victor Da Luz says:


Отдел материально-технического снабжения ОМТСиК says:

E38 more beautiful, more cool and bestful. No variants. E38.

Adamgamer says:

I’m the 100k subscriber woooooohooooo I mean 700k

MRB Dhaka says:

price in bangladesh?

sachin xavier says:

I like the house very much to car

Samar Khan says:

I like it

Clive Carruthers says:

Really looking forward to picking my new 7 series up tomorrow. I have had to make do with videos on YouTube to get my hit but not any more.

Khameel Maharaj says:

A true BMW fan will know the relationship of the aeroplane.

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