The BMW 5 Series | Live with Nicki Shields: Ambition.

Take a look at the ambitious new BMW 5 Series with car journalist, Nicki Shields and our BMW Genius.

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Wil Thieme says:

Those questions didn’t sound fake at all

David Arabiat says:

the 520 launched with a 4 cylinder 130 hp engine ? how come the newer 520 e34 launched with a 6 cylinder 128 hp engine in 1988 ?

Chill Man says:

A BMW genius would realize that the poster is showing a second generation 5 series

Stuart oliver says:

That new shape 5 is stunning but give me that E12 over the new one,I love my E34 and can work on it myself where’s the new stuff feels slightly disposable and almost like it drives you,thanks for sharing

The Thanks says:

Guineas??? Its writen all over in the nervous smile and why in the world BMW think well thats how we going to present our new five series when lockling your car with key bring WAOOOOOOOO i ll rather say wao if my socks have spund system or i am the one who is awkward?????

Gas Pedal Subscribe says:

That G30 with M Sport front looks similar to F32 4 Series especially the front air intakes and that is a good thing.

JohnS1000RR says:

“BMW Genius” cringe*

Milen Mladenov says:

What is DAB?

William White says:

It is a shame no manual transmission is available,I though BMW was “the ultimate driving machine”
A paddle shift is no match for a manual in terms of feel and control.

Mac Arows says:

Why, why, why, why you took so irritating girl to present this car?

Steve Pessy says:

What color is that?

ibrahim almotawa says:

BMW is really sucks car for ever, BMW is Bring Me Workshop. this is the idea.


The old car looks 1000x better than the new one.

BillyCBoxingFan says:

The BMW “genius” looks about 12 years old.

Stuart oliver says:

5’s in my opinion lost their way after the E39,almost like they wanted a drivable I phone

nakul singh says:


Lech Kaczyński says:

just stop admiring this right new bmw car and show me more of that left beauty

James Yun says:

how come this one has a blue LED DRL? looks awesome..all the other G30s seem to have white LEDs

ch dani bal says:

When the doors close tho. Clang

Adam Bernard says:

Much more polished than the Motor Trend presentation.

Aleksandr Savchenko says:

The girl is more beautiful than the car

Okan yazmacılar says:

pls answer me: this 5 serie has laserlight ???

Dan Johnson says:

Are these the Iconic Headlights we saw on the M4 Concept?

oguz ahmet says:

That high hells noice drive me crazy , but good video 😀

Amazetbm says:

Either these folks are really small or the new 5-series is massive

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