1964 Imperial Versus Cadillac Comparison Dealer Promo Film

1964 Imperial versus Cadillac video from the Chrysler Master Technician Service Conference Training Series. Used as a training tool for dealer salesmen and a sales tool for potential customers.

Mopar is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC. Master Tech series training materials are the property of Chrysler Group LLC and are used with permission.


a0799353 says:

No fear of crushing your hat, but how about crushing my skull from flipping a pillar less hardtop


Extra hat room? Consider me sold Jeeves. But wait, are there cigarette lighters in the rear ashtrays? Don’t want my company to feel less than welcome when we pass around a pack of Luckies.

Emerson says:

Cadillac looks better

Otto VanHouten says:

Imperials used to be banned at roller derbys because they were so well built that they usually always anhialated GM X frame cars.

MerleOberon says:

I like Imperials, but a ’64 Caddy convertible is gorgeous.

Z says:

64 cad was a dam good car , the Imp was probably better made in general . Ive ridded in both and I like the 64-5 Imp better

Tiberian Fiend says:

I’m much more informed about my 1964 luxury car buying options now! I feel confident enough to make my purchase.

bigjoe330 says:

The Imperial was a better engineered car. it’s frame was so strong they were barred from the demolition derby! Styling was always unique and elegant. Imperial was for the man who didn’t want the status quo Caddy

xadam2dudex says:

Well that was a surprise they offered a 5 yr or 50,000 mile warranty

Santiago Rubio says:

An other and more important question? Why do you compare a simple Cadillac 1964 Seville Model, with a very expensive car as the 64 Imperial Crown Le Baron?
For the sake of fairness, the comparison should be between a Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special and the ugly 1964 Imperial car.

bill thompson says:


tahoepoet says:

at 1:15 they mention Imperial’s “classic spare tire shape….” in its rear end styling.
Guess they couldn’t call it the “Continental look,” could they?

Michael Ares says:

I have my 1964 sedan de vile.

Santiago Rubio says:

Rolls Royce and Bentley cars used for many years a Buick V8 engine, with some modifications made by RR. For many years, RR and Bentley paid licenses to General Motors for using the old and very durable Hydramatictic Drive, the very durable Jetaway, and the excellent Turbo Hydramatic 400, which Chrysler’s fallacious advertising aims to look at less. Inside GM, they used Hydra Matic box and successors, the cars Cadillac, Oldsmobile and Pontiac. European subsidiaries of GM used it for years, in Opel Kapitân, Admiral and Diplomat; Vauxhal models Cresta and Velox. The best Mercedes Benz models, 300 D and 300 E from 1956 to 60 used Hydramatic (or Borg Warner to choice). Sherman tanks used Cadillac engines and Hydramatic transmission, practically unchanged.
Several prestigious American car brands, now missing, used for years the old Hydra Matic and Jetaway (Hudson, even the mighty HornetTwin H from 1951 to 55, Nash in all models, including the powerful Ambassador, Kaiser in his best model, The Manhatan).
Outside the little-known, ugly and siutical Facel Vega HK-500 from 1961 with Chrysler Typhon 383 engine and Torque Flight 727 box, has any other American or European vehicle used Chrysler engines or automatic transmissions? Not that I know. If I am in error, please correct me.
Who do you think this should be?

cleanview70 says:

3:35 a place to put your 1911

Ted Carter says:

the 1965 Caddy was a stunning styling move. Hard for imperial to beat the look of the 65 Fleetwood , Coupe DeVille and the Convertible

Long Johnathan says:

Lol Fleetwood was way bigger than the imperial and a lot more powerful.

arnold trogman says:

Imperial was way nicer than the Cadillac or Lincoln.. and it always was… better looks better engineering

John L says:

I love the way they spoke in the 1960’s, announcers today sound nothing like this.

JxT1957 says:

’72 to ’75 were the most beautiful imperials inside and out

twoeightythreez says:

lol deceptive marketing for the win. when showing rear seat legroom they had the front seat all the way forward

Pat Currie says:

The best looking car ever…The 64 Imperial. But 9 MPG? Sure when gas was .45 cents a gallon. Imagine that weight at 2.79 gal.

Ed Jones says:

1 year 12,000 mile warranty. lmfao

slabiciune says:

I’ll take the Caddy please.

James Levister says:

I learned to drive in a 1964 IMPERIAL le Baron. It’s regal unique design drew so much attention it seemed to confer immediate celebrity to the driver.

Timothy Evans says:

With exception to the Cadillac Eldorado up to 1965 all other Cadillac cars were nothing more than a glorified Buick and Oldsmobile. Eldorado lost it’s unique look in 1966 when it started sharing body parts with Oldsmobile Toranodo. Imperial up to 1968 was totally and completely unique. Imperial shared no body parts with any car. That all changed in 1969 when Chrysler put all there cars under the fuesalage ( probably didn’t spell that right ( design. 1969 Imperial looked like a glorified New Yorker and New Port

Arthur Clark says:

they copied Lincoln Continental down to the rear tire hud.

Johan Brand says:

I’m still going for Cadillac!

ventipane says:

The narrator here is William Schallert.

dlwatib says:

1964 Cadillac was one of my favorite years. Still love the styling. Cute little fins, graceful proportions.

David Farmer says:

Did the ad’ work?

BladeEdge1221 says:

Well since the Imperial no longer exists (like a lot of Chrysler products), I suppose Cadillac wins. Good old Chrysler…always changing things up in an unstable manner in order to introduce something to discontinue three years later. I speak out of frustration because I like Chrysler.

RivieraByBuick says:

i love the 60`s marketing. so silly.

Robert D. says:

I love the Caddy, but I’ll always go for the Imperial if given a choice.

Bill Bright says:

Boss,we got an idea, a hemispherical type of combustion chamber design. For better volumetric air breathing with higher compression ratios. Room for bigger valves.
Yes I like it boys, green light, work close with the carb and intake dept. and run with it. If all goes as planned, the guys at Ford and G.M. will be playing catch up for years. We’ll name her “Hemi”.

Don Crabbe says:

My least favourite style, of a ’60s Cadillac; sorry, “Tony!” It’s okay; ’65 is my favourite, of all-time!(so, they bounced, right, back, ya see!)

nlpnt says:

The ’64 Imperial redesign was really handsome but the windshield that interchanged with one from a ’57 Plymouth gave the game away.

Rob C says:

No wonder we couldn’t believe anything said by a car salesman. Interesting to listen to, but just a load of s….t !

lasuvidaboy says:

Beautiful Imperial. It wasn’t exactly all new as it was basically a 1957 w/a new body and interior. The windshield was from the 1957-63 model.

Eric Martin says:

This whole promo was dedicated to the jealous people at Chrysler. They built an inferior product trying to measure up to Cadillac. What a joke. Cadillac was killing everyone as the sales leader. Nothing could touch them. Imperial never stood a chance. Good Video to laugh at

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