2013 Cadillac ATS Review

Jeff Glucker of Hooniverse.com reviews the 2013 Cadillac ATS on scenic Angeles Crest Highway, just a short drive north of Los Angeles.


hey cuh says:

Thanks really useful

Blair Hoover says:

Cant wait to be buying myself one next year!!!!!!

stangmafia98 says:

what package is this one in the video?

Harrison Smith says:

good review only 70 likes though odd?

melmelcorvette says:

This car should be 29 base Cadillac or not it’s still a cheaply built car the wands behind the steering wheel look unrefined the command unit is slow if Cadillac wants these cars to rise they need to get over themselves and compare it more with the cla and the 2 series the 3 series and the c class are defiantly way out of this cars League. 0-60 in 4.7 for 48 thousand with awd standard and 14 way power seats and heat keyless start dual highres screens and a touch pad to write on the command unit and the burmester audio, collision prevention assist, full led headlamps and m brace and that’s not even allplus the craftsmanship is at s class level. C class runs circles around this car for the price. All you really get with this car is that is American made and cheaper everything and a hyped up car. That probably shares the same frame and the Chevy cruise. The ats is a sleek looking car tho after all I’ve said and if Cadillac stepped there game up which they did, I would defiantly be looking at this car instead of the new c400 if this car started at 29 and the ats v was around 42 base then that would be a proper bargains and I guarantee these would outsell the German cars especially if you could get awd as a standard not a almost 3 grand option which prices it right at 48 grand for a Cadillac which is the same price for the c400.

RzVids says:

Manual is so gay

Joey Christopher says:

This is by far the best reviewer for a showcase vehicle ever. I just purchased this vehicle last week because of this. It only had 18,000 miles! Thanks man!!

Fussinated says:

“Im not sure the Cadillac Brand entices me as much as Audi and BMW”

Then go by an Audi or BMW. Surely you must have extra money to waste on unreliable cars.

treydaytv1 says:

awesome review!!!!

Fussinated says:

Stop being a hater. Make a reality check over what you are saying as well.

doomalz3eem says:

3 german and 2 japanes

Lexus +Infinti my friend

Krasnaludek says:

The CUE ststem is excellent; just takes time to learn … couple days; that’s why reviewers struggle with it.

carlos quiles says:

Subscribed +like

Bezor Ta says:

He calls the interior for premium luxury while Matt Farah calls it cheap and not even close to the quality of the German cars. He also mentioned that Cadillac sells many of them thanks to massive rebates. It’s a pity cause this car has a great chassis and ride as mot say, the shifter is bad, the CUE system dose not work and the cabin where you as an owner spend all the time is not at pair with the rest of the car.

Most US manufacturers seems to save the money when they get to the cabin. Why?

anonymousguy4825 says:

Its so purrrrrdy

Zachary Heir says:

I sat in this car at the New York Auto Show. Very impressed that Cadillac has finally caught up with the pack on fit and finish. 

Saurabh Chowdhry says:

Im not sure the Cadillac Brand entices me as much as Audi and BMW. I personally do not even like Mercedes either

Steve Schritt says:

Just bought it. Love it!

Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum says:

I’m getting this one by the end of the month. Love this car so much. Althought it smaller than my Camaro…But, hey, its a 4 drs sedan…Talk about disappointments, small trunk and display only back seats…smaller seats,smaller room for the driver and especially uncomfortable for me, as a tall and not slim guy…… However it gots a reasonable price and good MPG. Awsome interior aggressive looking and that LED light! Its killing me everytime I see it! That CUE system its a smart idea,but its not as good as it looks. A bit slower than I thought, but its fun~ Headsup display and blind spot sensor are so great, and that driver assist package its great I think. Never love a car like this before!

Luis Castillo says:

Best ATS review, thank you very much !!
very objective

flip92 says:

this thing makes my balls wet

Mark Gillespie says:

I want this car

TomCook1993 says:

just get a CTS. So much better looking

Margaret Ring says:

I have this car, just got it and I love it!!!

Saurabh Chowdhry says:

Ok, from your engineering point of view, what, in terms of reliability and cost of ownership will be the best from those foresaid options

N ThGhost says:

you are absolutely a great reviewer, subscribed+liked

Gerardo Ortiz says:

how much are you paying for it ?

jonswiftucf says:

Nice work, I enjoy watching people who understand cars. (i.e. the brake pads)

Saurabh Chowdhry says:

Style wise, I believe Audi is the king of it all though, thus, I am inclined towards that brand. The only reason I am engrossed in this conversation is because I have to pick between an Audi A4, Cadillac ATS, Lexus IS 350, or BMW 3 Series. I wanna go for the lexus

Gilbert Hernandez says:

Great review I like this guy! Tks

Fussinated says:

Not in the US market. If you live Europe and drive your car at week ends and commute with public transportation, or if you are an aristocrat, you may chose Mercedes over BMW and Audi in means of reliability. However, None of them are good cars to drive daily and maintain a level of satisfaction. After the first year, you work for the maintenance of the car instead of it should work for you.

Fussinated says:

If you live in the US, I recommend a domestic brand which is cheaper to buy cheaper to maintain and with these new models reliable enough with proper maintenance. They have decent luxury as well. One things though. considering that Honda Accord has more parts that is made in North America than a Chevy Cruze. It is hard to say which car is domestic these days. Imports are always expensive This Cadillac also seems like a viable alternative if you are into luxury cars.

Saurabh Chowdhry says:

So what car company do you personally prefer?

Saurabh Chowdhry says:

u think mercedes is more reliable than bmw and audi????

TheSkinheadlad says:

The gear stick flinches with acceleration… That does happen on my bmw e90

Court A. says:

I like you Jeff….subscribed!!

phantommate says:

Just drove one across America – 4,400 miles and enjoyed every minute. The baby Cadillac performed flawlessly and was fun to drive. I loved it! Went like the clappers when needed and stopped on a coin if necessary. Eye catching as well. Wish I could have kept it.

traderalex1 says:

I brought one home on Memorial Day, and love it. Best car and play toy I ever had. I test drove a BMW 3 series, and did not want it-the ATS drives circles around a 3.  It is very, very hard, however, to find one with a manual, as I wanted.  So be prepared to perhaps settle for not all the options you wanted, if you need the manual. I was a little annoyed that the HID and fog light package was not standard on the Lux trim, which is silly.  I find the manual pretty silky in comparison to the G37S manual I drove-and that clutch was simply awful.  I have not run into close brushes accidently shifting into the reverse lock out, as the reviewer cautioned. The CUE is a little infuriating at first, but eventually you do learn it after a couple months, and then a light bulb lights off in your brain.  The big problem with CUE is that all the voice command tags are completely different from any other car system.  So when you get behind the wheel, you find no continuity with what you thought you knew for finding, say an address….you should also find, with an honest dealer, you won’t be paying anywhere close to a $44/46K window sticker.  The dealer will be quoting you thousands off the price, which makes it a very good and fair deal compared to an over-priced BMW.

Fussinated says:

ATS is new on the market to early to tell but knowing Cadillac it should be good.

As I mentioned Audi and BMW are costly to maintain even if they were reliable. Audi improved its reliability though to catch up with GM.

Lexus is of course, the most reliable among those. It is always a solid choice. if you like the styling it is a proper alternative.

Javier Rojas says:

Can u know the code and name of this color bc I wanna change my car color ..thanks!

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