2014 Cadillac ELR preview | Consumer Reports

An upscale cousin to the Chevrolet Volt, the Cadillac ELR is an upscale electric car with a claimed 300-mile range, thanks to a 1.4L turbo engine. Find out more about the Cadillac ELR and other new vehicles: http://bit.ly/XcH7vj


MegaEmily12345678 says:

Cadillacs are getting sexier and sexier way to go!

Artur Tomusiak says:

This is supposed to cost $20k more than Volt. Give me a coupe version of Volt for the price of Volt and I will buy it.

Billy Sou says:

David — I’ve seen quite a few Chevy Volts on the road. Mike said in this video that GM has trouble selling Volts. Truth is, I think more Volt owners are really leasers. Now, for this Caddy, it’s an upscale electric/gas vehicle, but expect more affluent customers who are eco-conscious to consider this ELR.

SanDiegoInnOut says:

0:13 ew! That profile is down right hideous! The grill is also pretty bad and those wrap around tail lights, give those back to Ford, who needs to give them back to Range Rover. Where’s the originality these days?

David Malinovsky says:

Car sales are high though, and expensive cars are selling well. Cars that cost a lot more than the Volt does.
They really need a Volt like SUV though.
Car makers can’t sell the EVs or range extenders at compact car prices. the cars cost too much to build

neil borodkin says:

Sure looks a lot better than that dowdy Volt

Wade Wilson says:

I like the idea of having an electric car. But the volt just isn’t appealing at all. The caddilac looks way better. But also these cars are way overpriced.

eldo59 says:

Body style reminds me a lot of the Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Tail finz says:

over a cars life time, its been calculated that eletric cars wont save you money, because of that initial cost. plus people dont want range anxiety, so theres nt much incentive to buy one.

David Malinovsky says:

GM has the best “electric vehicles”, EVs with gasoline powered engines that can turn generators that power the motors so that range is limitless.
No getting stuck or waiting for a charge.

Kirsten Nicholls says:

Definitely loved this segment. Helped me to look at cars I would normally never even consider. I didn’t even know that Volvo was going to re-introduce the V60. I currently live in Germany and have been so jealous seeing all the euro spec V60’s over there, but not being able to purchase one for myself that I could take back to the states. I’m glad I’m a subscriber to CR’s videos.

game2heart says:

I don’t think it’s that people do not have interest in buying electric vehicles, it’s that they are severely overpriced. In this down economy, traditional gasoline-powered cars are much cheaper, so people deal with the higher price of gasoline.

If GM or any car manufacturer wants to sell more electric vehicles, price it reasonably like an average car instead of having it cost two times the price of a normal car. Of course, they will not do that due to government incentives and oil trusts.

Hanaw says:

Looks great!

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