2014 Cadillac ELR: The Good, Bad & Beautiful Review in TFL 4K

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Cadillac ELR is an electric sexy new age ride for the those who like luxury and new tech. With a electric motor and a battery that will power the ELR for us to 38 mile on a single charge the ELR is an electric vehicle. But the Baddy also has as an gas engine that extends the battery’s charge like the Chevy Volt on which it is base. Check out this TFLcar review after Roman spends a week behind the wheel of the ELR.

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the modfather says:

Terrible car.

Lukieo20 says:

Btw love ya TFL. Keep up the good work.

Ted Roberts says:

The public says no these Cadialcs are not moving off the dealers lots.

FB Diesel says:

Just buy a Tesla with the 80K

manoman0 says:

GM was wise to advertise 35-38 miles. With cautious driving you can get more out of the battery pack, 42 miles are common on a single charge.

cosmicsea72 says:

1. Electric range, actually, is considerably more than the EPA’s 37 miles. I’ve been driving the car for a month now. I commute 46 miles to work and back and I’ve been able to cover almost the whole distance in EV mode, except for the last 1/2 mile when the gasoline engine kicks in. This equates to 45 miles per charge. My commute includes more than 2,000 vertical feet from Evergreen to Golden, CO . Going up I-70 depletes the battery faster than driving on flat terrain. City driving may even bring you closer to 50 miles per charge with conservative driving.

3. You can select between 8 amps & 12 amps charging options. Charging time at 12 amps on 110 V, in my garage, takes less than 12 hours from a completely depleted state. The battery is 16.5 kWh, but the usable part is only 12.5 kWh.  GM has set the default at 8 amps and I need to change this to 12 amps before every plug-in. Very inconvenient. I wish there was an option to change the default amperage.

2. You can buy a brand new ELR these days for less than $50,000. GM has $20,000 incentive and dealers are discounting it additional $10,000 or so. After federal & state rebates, the price will drop to below $40,000.

chad haire says:

By the way am I the only car tester on YOUTUBE that has pointed out the gas “generator” engine requires, get this, Premium 91 octane gas?  In fact you CANNOT use standard unleaded at all!   Puts a dent in the economy figures eh? Doing so will damage the motor and void the warranty.  Wonder how many people driving an ELR know this??

James Johansson Videos says:

More expensive than an Escalade.

D. Hernandez says:


danwat1234 says:

I wonder if the ’16 ELR has a better brake feel

Emilthehun says:

If gm made a v6 rwd for 50k it would sell like hot candy. The looks are stunning on this car.

Brian Ross says:

2 problems with this car (and I love cadillac but I have to be honest)

1) Price tag is way too high, it should be sub 60k. Its not a big car, its not gushing luxury although it is nice (like all caddys).
2) the capability of the electric motor and batteries….30mile range and a 8 to 18 hour charge ain’t going to cut it. Cadillac can take some pointers from Tesla on this.

Speaking of Tesla, why would you get an ELR, when you can get a Tesla for the same amount of money but with a lot more capability?

Steve Kirkland says:

If you want a two seat coupe buy the ELR, if you want a five passenger missile, buy an Tesla.  The most expensive Tesla I test drove cost 140K.  You can buy a new ELR for as low as 50,500$.  One of the reasons the ELR is so expensive is the  fact that the Chevy Volt is actually an 80.000$ vehicle.  No one in their right mind would buy an 80K Volt.  In my option the ELR isn’t worth 40K more than the Volt.

Ted Roberts says:

The public says no these Cadialcs are not moving off the dealers lots.

Bill DeFalco says:

My 2014 Cadillac ELR is hands down the most exceptional car I’ve ever owned! It totally blows all of the Teslas away in styling, luxury, quality, reliability and driving range. You’ll pay much more for a Tesla and get much, much less – including much less driving range. Though the EPA rated electric driving range for the 2014 ELR is 37 miles – with a skilled driver behind the wheel it is easy to get up to 48 miles on a full charge. Over 98% of the daily driving I do around my local area is well under 48 miles – meaning that I get to make all of those trips solely on the car’s battery power, where I get 250 mpg equivalent. Under those circumstances, the ELR will perform in 100% battery-powered driving exactly as well as the far more expensive Tesla cars. But it is on the longer trips – especially long trips on a tight time schedule – where the ELR does what no Tesla or any other 100% battery-powered electric car can do. My recent trip to Cape Cod from the Hudson Valley New York Area clearly shows how – within tight time constraints – my ELR enabled me to stick to a time schedule that no Tesla could ever handle. On the day my wife and I left for the trip, I was able to make the 277.5 mile drive to Hyannis, MA without having to stop to re-charge the batteries and without having to stop to refill the small 9.3 gallon gas tank. We did make one stop for lunch on the drive out – but there were no battery-charging stations at the Diner where we had lunch, and I didn’t need to recharge the batteries anyway. I made the trip to Hyannis well within the time schedule, driving 15.1 miles using power from the batteries and 262.5 miles using electric power from the on-board generator, consuming only 6.93 gallons of gas. We hit two traffic jams where I switched the gasoline generator off and crept along on battery power to conserve fuel. And when we arrived at our destination, I had averaged 40 miles per gallon overall, and still had 135 miles of available driving range remaining – with 95 miles of driving range left in the fuel tank and 35 miles of driving range available on the batteries. I could have easily driven another 120 miles with a 15-mile reserve. Or in another words – when I left my home with a full tank of gas and a full charge on the batteries – I could have driven up to 400 miles with a 12 mile reserve remaining – before I would need to add gas or re-charge the batteries. No Tesla and no other 100% battery-powered electric car can go 400 miles on a charge. In fact, it will take up to 10 years before we have battery-only electric cars that can drive 400 miles on a charge. In the meantime – the battery and gas-generator technology – as found in the Cadillac ELR and the Chevy Volt – is so much more practical for today’s current battery technology.

reactor4 says:

I have a Volt(love it) and am going to get an ELR as soon as they start to touch 31k.

knightrider1545 says:

the elr is kinda like a hybrid 2+2 roadster

Hum Noy says:

80thou I could get a amg c class and still have some left over..

Mc Laren says:

The Tesla looks like its flowing in the wind when its sitting still.

cockyhemi says:

GM junk. 

H N says:

You never have to plug this thing in if left in mountain mode charging in idle via gas engine… fully charges in 45 minutes without ever plugging in vs tesla you must plug it in. lol

Sandro Lee says:

All the testers for the elr is trying to kiss gm’s ass. With the price of two and a half Priuses, l wouldn’t even give it a second glance. Speak the truth, guys.

Jeff Zahnd says:

My question, is the car worth 32,000 used with 20,000 miles on it.

dchawk81 says:

“It doesn’t bang you up when you hit potholes.”



Lukieo20 says:

What does he say at 4:50 about baseball?

Quentin Freeman says:

Totally not worth the money.

dchawk81 says:

I think it’s a sexy car with a janky interior, and it should only be around $50,000. The body itself is gorgeous but the underpinnings just don’t add up to 80 grand, IMHO.

But then I drive a $250 Escort.

andred gb says:

always wondered why US standard household voltage is so low compared to many European countries and also Australia (240v standard)

mboiko says:

You can now get a 2014 ELR for around $30K…and yes, GM has axed the ELR.

r2d2c3po says:

There are dealers advertising new ones for $46k before incentives. So with some negotiation and tax credits you are looking at mid $30’s which is probably a good deal for the quality.

fradaja says:

fails on every level…….

chltmdwp says:

Why not buy Tesla….

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