2015 Cadillac Escalade Review



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Dre 2600 says:

I loved this guys personality “it’s big pimpin” I loved it and taking shots at vegans lol omg your a funny guy! Great work! Thumbs up! O great car 2 djenvy just bought one for his girl!

97336cf says:

Is this guy on crack? “It just isn’t quick” and then he launches and it disappears completely in a second….

K Hawk says:

I have the samr car the same color same size iys the falmy my mom and dad drive it im only 10

Keith H says:

Your jokes suck and review is incomplete.

James May says:


Trans 8 says:

Craig is one of the best ”Word Play” auto editors. This is one of his best. ”Cadillac” especially Escallade’s association to the Hip-Hop music genre (Videos, Songs etc.) over the last 20 – 25yrs was clever… by mentioning the artists. That music genre made Cadillac cool to the 25 – 45yr old buyers. At a time when other GM products are not highly regarded. 

trekguy31 says:

It looks nice, but I think Id rather have the 2014 Toyota Highlander personally speaking.  Also, was anyone else rolling their eyes while watching this weird looking little guy do this video?  I was. haha

sirmasana says:

LOOL!!! That was a nice ending!Lol!

Yippie says:

This guy rocks! He needs to do more videos. 

jake thunderstriker says:

this dork making fun of vegans.  id guess he drove a vw bug.

jason slynn says:

I worked for GM for 10 years before leaving it for a better job and pay, they do make some good cars but in general the company is not forwarding looking, very conservative, and the vehicles are ok. They need to fix those drunk factory blue collar workers and shitty parts.

Bladeknight Bleu says:

Great review <3

Jamie Arrowood says:

Only can pull 8100 pounds with four wheel drive? That sucks compared to a 2002 Escalade four wheel drive towing capacity of 8500 pounds.

Huee Zhao says:

This crap, I would like to own one!

PhantomDrawing says:

The Cadillac Escalade is one sexy vehicle both inside and out!

Crosstown Bus says:

The 2015 esv is jawdropping and absolutely stunning. It draws stares and compliments everywhere, whether it’s in the driveway, or at shopping centers, wherever….

blenguini says:

I wouldn’t get this cadillac or any other cadillacs. This car isn’t even reliable. The interior looks cheap. Cadillac sucks! Cadillac shouldn’t even be luxury. Cadillac can’t beat any of the other luxury cars. I would rather get a reliable lexus LX570.

cathy r says:

I’ve test driven a Mercedes GL, a Lexus LX and this Escalade and I have to say the Escalade impressed me the most.  I’ve never liked Escalades until I test drove this one.

wk2 srt says:

Waaay too much chrome for my taste, it’s gonna take a lot of 3M vinyl to delete those ugly chrome pieces, chrome trim around the doors on a black SUV looks classy/nice, this is a total overkill a bit tacky, that can be fixed. There’s no remedy for the hearse-looking tail lights/rear end

teaaquinn says:

they ruined this car

Frank Assnot says:

The poor sap millienials don’t need this because they are not having kids and they can’t afford this anyway.

KevinAlej21 says:

The seats looks so cheap I think my Nissan has higher quality seats

God says:

they should make a Hybrid version of this!

Peter Won says:

sick car, but what’s up with the back

Ben Dover says:

push rods in a 6.2L v8? does it have drum brakes too?

Chris says:

what is that song that was playing at the beginning showing the different pictures of the car

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