2016 Cadillac ATS-V @ Circuit of the Americas FIRST LOOK PREVIEW & TECH OVERVIEW

MotoMan heads to COTA to drive the 464 HP 2016 Cadillac ATS-V. In advance of the FULL first drive review, he goes a bit further into the details of the twin turbo first generation Cadillac ATS-V. He also runs into an old friend of the show . . .

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Naseem Oravingal says:

Dave has to talk about everything…then why are you here!!!

KingPNW says:

The ATS-V is awesome all-around, except for that horrible instrument panel, it is just so bad. It looks like it belongs on a nineties GM rental car.

steveobarnes says:

I love ATS V. I love Count Intercooler.

Richie Durso says:

Great Video! Love the ATS-V and what they are doing with it…….Wonder if they will be doing an ATS convertible? Maybe even an ATS-V Convertible…

jake legg says:

The ATS platform was originally designed for a four cylinder engine.
Then when the design was nearly complete some geniuses in there tower decided they wanted to put a V-6 engine into it also.
So they started piecing and patching the design to get it to haul the bigger motor, Thus while the shear panel is neat and good; I think it is part of there patch job as it adds weight to the vehicle.
Did I mention the patch job made the vehicle so heavy it nearly killed it?

You LykeMe says:

Great car. Love what caddy is doing. But I can just imagine what the upkeep on this thing will cost on a yearly basis

Hellfax says:

Wow, wow, wow! What a gorgeous car!

Daniel Maia says:

Sooo… GM is giving the press the ATSV before Ford gives the GT350? Cmon Ford!

IceDree says:

Straight from the Airport to COTA? You must’ve been really anxious to drive it 🙂

glad you are having fun there! And I’m looking forward to see Dave’s latest monster & hear your troughs about it once the embargo is lifted.

《Snack jack》 says:
888antics says:

Now that’s the way to end a video! Can’t wait for the next video.

Warhead Urban Exploration says:

Nice video!

M7mmad Basam7 says:

C63S – V8, well engineered, lighter than the RC-F, and best looking from outside and the inside at it’s segment

fullwerkes says:

Wish we had these in the UK.

Justin Bouche says:

such a beast, cant wait to see the tech overview.

G55STEYR says:

Even if the Torque Converter is replaced by a dry clutch is still a single coupling, no double clutch, I heard that mistake before. A DCT has 2 separate input shafts, which isn’t the case in a automatic.

tomtang0514 says:

I love how motoman gives a lot of engineering details while other channels can only say some house power numbers.

andyhoov says:

I have the technical know how of an Amish guy who isn’t particularly good at math, but I still fund stuff like this fascinating.

DH Bennett says:

I want to say “Three Pedals Only!” but honestly, I live in Atlanta Georgia. This baby looks right up my alley… save the (expected) price tag! Also that engine sounds like a beast; hey Cadillac how about a Colorado based musle truck?!

freeman Geiger says:

Motoman you have the best job ever lol. Great vid!

GoGagets ! says:

So cant wait for the next video. Dang lawyers always have to mess everything up lol.cant wait to here more Motoman.

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