2016 Cadillac ATS-V First Drive Preview

We spent some time with the 2016 Cadillac ATS-V at the Circuit of the Americas and found out if it has what it takes to beat the Germans at their own game. Want to find out the verdict? Subscribe now to get the full video on April 26.


ThatRandomGuy JayRoyce20 says:

Loving this car… Seems promising. The style I have to get use too.

Zach Payne says:

Simply because third pedal, this would be my choice over the AMG ,RC/IS-F, RS4, but I don’t know if it can take the M3. Those cars are just sublime. I6 > V6 all day, but we shall see how this plays out.

Kenneth Martin says:

2015 bmw m3 will beat both amg and Cadillac v

supercross junkie says:

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supercross junkie says:

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I have been driving past these on the highway for about 4 months or so now at least. I’ve seen the track pack wing and it’s hideous IMO. The car as a whole is just gorgeous though. Much better looking in the flesh.

supercross junkie says:

Sex on wheels. USA rules Eurofag punks.

supercross junkie says:

Son take your meds and play on the interstate. Is the rest of your family as smart as you?

supercross junkie says:

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Arthur Sperotto says:

Damn, this video was [EMBARGOED]!

jsa310 says:

Way to delete my comments….

dasteufelhund says:

I’m a Cad. fan.  But, GTFOH with that ATS-V.

supercross junkie says:

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supercross junkie says:

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Lord Amadeus says:

Wow it looks amazing in the flesh. Promo pictures don’t do the ATS-V Justice.

supercross junkie says:

Your favorite treat BITCH.

Manuel Carrillo III says:

Great video, Motor Authority.

supercross junkie says:

Bottom line as usual USA always wins

supercross junkie says:

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Dwight Looi says:

It was unfortunate that GM chose to put the 3.6 Twin Turbo in the ATS-V when the 6.2L LT1 V8 is a superior engine in every way. The 6.2 Liter V8 is lighter, more compact, equally economical on fuel (by EPA ratings) and equally powerful (460 hp / 465 lb-ft vs 464 hp 444 lb-ft). It has zero turbo lag whereas any turbocharged powerful has some, which means the 6.2 is easier to control around the corner at the limit. Absent a pair or turbines, a bunch of pressurized hoses, an inter-cooler circuit and the associated pump, the V8 is likely less maintenance intensive in the long run (although the final verdict on is something we wouldn’t know for 7~10 years). That the V8 is the cheaper engine doesn’t hurt either and if the pricing is to be held the same could have made room for a few extra amenities or performance parts in the car.

I have not driven the ATS-V, but I have the lesser ATS models — mostly as rentals when I travel. I find the ATS platform rock solid, well balanced and very agile. Feedback is excellent and handling is best described as a more rigid and better dampened rendition of the E46 3-series which is no slouch. The E90 3-series is actually a retrograde step when it comes to directness and road feel, not to mention its increased mass. Materials quality wise, the ATS is very good for its class. The ATS is not without its flaws however… the CUE infotainment system is poorly implemented and the touch based console buttons are a joke. I also did not like the tall bottom cushion and upright driving position, but that seems to be the trend in newer cars. I yearn for the straddle the floor board sitting in cars like the 1994 Civic and the FD RX7, but it seems that the SUV DNA is rubbing off on sedans and coupes everywhere…

kiddce says:

Waste of a video!

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