2016 Cadillac ATS-V TECHNICAL REVIEW with Cadillac Chief Engineer Dave Leone

Old friend of the show & Chief Engineer of Cadillac, Dave Leone, takes you on a VERY DEEP technical dive of the 2016 Cadillac ATS-V. He starts with the 464 HP Twin Turbo V6 and winds his way through the 8 Speed transmission the unique e-diff to all the suspension, structural and cooling bits underneath the car. He even covers tires, carbon fibre and seats . . .This is our most technical film yet with Dave . . . or any Chief Engineer . . .

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Troy Power says:

I could not part with my Z06 but….I will be getting an ATS V! Call it my commuter. What I want to see, an improved dash cluster and a little more interior differentiation for the V vs the other models and as someone one else pointed out a CF roof, mind you those Recaros do help alot. Can’t wait to get my order in.

kief4diamonds says:

id like to see the exhaust tips welded a bit cleaner. other than that any weight that can be shed should be shed. fold down rear seats. the gauge cluster does not represent a 75k dollar car.

Evo RS says:

I THINK ATS V IS FREAKING AWESOME ~!!!! Going to put down some deposit!!!! Dumping the new C63 AMG S

Kreal911 says:

I’m buying this car!

DA Master says:

Aesthetics wise its the subtle things  -1. New Cluster 2. interior of the headlamps needs to stand out more .Id say just go with the Cts-v look on them.  3 .The Cadillac logo needs another redesign , It doesn’t sparkle like a Mercedes logo does . If it sparkles coming down the road sales increase , ppl ask “Wo what car is that ?”   4. the chrome on the front grill looks dull . Not sure but theres something about it that doesn’t scream “I cost 100k” coming down the road .  subtle things.

M DOSD says:

It is obvious why he is chief engineer. Very impressive presentation. He KNOWS his stuff. I will now seriously consider an ATS-V.

Raymond sullivan says:

Hey Dave I love what you guys have created. Took the ATS V for a test drive yesterday and its one sick car. You can feel that their was a lot of time spent on designing this car as a whole. I enjoyed the ATS V so much I felt like I was in heaven, it was all put together so well. The only thing that must change and I believe I speak for everyone on this, is the Instrument Cluster needs to be shit canned. When driving the ATS V in all its glory my mind couldn’t stop thinking about the dash and how horrible it looked. It just made me FEEL like I was driving a regular ATS and killed some of the joy.

Mena Abram says:

One of the major sell points for the M4 and M3 are the wider fenders they have compared to the regular 3 and 4 series. It makes them exquisite from the non M series and also adds an aggressive look to them. I wish Cadillac took that route too.

Martin Schmidt says:

great overview and a sweet car!

Frank Gutowski says:

Oooops. He said hood extractor helps to reduce downforce.

Stephen McCreery III says:

It’s hard to critique this car. Cadillac has done an amazing job with the entire lineup and they’ve been blowing the Germans away for about 15 years now. If the German fanboys would get their heads out of their butts they’d see it. Here’s my two biggest issues with the ATS-V: The gauge cluster needs to go to LCD, I know, I know… it’s not the V flagship and it would be a tough sell to corporate, but it isn’t what we expect for a $60-78k car. Secondly, the front design doesn’t scream V like the CTS-V… we need some LED accents and LED turn signals, again, I know this would be an even tougher sell to corporate, but it is so worth another $2,000 option… because I’d buy it and I bet most other people would, too…. even require it for the Carbon Fiber package.

Sunday Basketball says:

I wish he would have mention how they prevent oil starvation on the track..

dtvqa says:

How about using materials for the interior that reflects luxury class cars like the audi, bmw, mercedes, lexus etc….The materials inside the Cadillac looks cheap.

Steve Harris says:

What we want??


–see B5 RS4 Avant for reference.

Holly Taylor says:

A better instrument panel!

Troy Power says:

The ATS V is so impressive I am looking at my 2016 Z06 and actually wondering if I should make a change….amazing car.

Mena Abram says:

One of the major sell points for the M4 and M3 are the wider fenders they have compared to the regular 3 and 4 series. It makes them exquisite from the non M series and also adds an aggressive look to them. I wish Cadillac took that route too.

Raymond sullivan says:

Cadillac “plz!!!!” change the cluster setup on the ATS V it’s horrible! The car is beautiful it was love at first sight for me. But after going for a test drive and looking at her butter face of an instrument setup and dealing with the CUE system made me want to punch myself in the face. I’m dying to purchase an ATS V but those two things are holding me back from doing so. The issue with the CUE system is that is not fun to use and isn’t driver freely, throw that shit away asap. Both are crap and are unbecoming of a Cadillac. I’m 100% positive if you change those two small things more ppl like myself and many others will be proud to own a Cadillac ATS V, along with other Cadillacs alike.

Jake Rosio says:

I found the bit about asymmetrical half-shaft diameters to be very interesting. I do however wish that the 8 speed were a dual clutch transmission. Many reviews of this car are critical of the downshift delay when using manual shifting mode.

J Lang says:

Please hire me. I want to be an auto engineer for one of their skunk works divisions in the worst way.

Lambros Stamos says:

I would like to see an 1.6lt – 1.8lt engine fitted with 230hp – 300hp, to cope with some european tax systems. A race car to take on the WTCC would be cool, too. DTM, maybe!

kenneth iulo says:

Love the car. I sold my BMW M4s. Had the coupe and then the convertible. I bought the ATS-v coupe. Vector blue with carbon fiber pack. 6 speed. Recarro seats. Chassis on the car is amazing. Very well balanced car. Planted. Great job Cadillac. I can tell you I do not miss my M4 lets put it that way. 47 years old I had a lot of cars. Nissan GT-R. This car is fantastic.

Kingman Leung says:

Dear Dave and Moto man,
I like your video so much and brought a ATS-V 2 weeks ago. I was a proud owner for 3 days and ATS-V broke down.. The trans cooler hose broke and fluid leak all over the freeway. A huge white smoke from tailpipe. I was so surprised Cadillac poor workmanship and quality control not pair with premium European cars. I owed 911, AMG & RS4 for years and never have problem within a few days. I was also disappointed that $75,000 ATS-V doesn’t come with standard LED vertical light features. Those good looking vertical lights was missing on my ATS-V and gave me cheap looking yellow light. Too bad I was too excited to drive my car without paying attention those vertical light before purchase it. The black piano dashboard need to go and fingerprint everywhere.
Enough bad comments but I do enjoy ATS-V. Those carbon fiber hook looks awesome and great car to drive. I hope someone read my comments and take care your Cadillac clients. Please improve your quality control Cadillac.

Ivan R says:

Twin turbo v8 in the ats v

AjCorsino says:

Make the turbos louder!

Mena Abram says:

One of the major sell points for the M4 and M3 are the wider fenders they have compared to the regular 3 and 4 series. It makes them exquisite from the non M series and also adds an aggressive look to them. I wish Cadillac took that route too.

Donald Fong says:

Everything is great on this car but please change the gauge clusters they look horrible and cheap. All the other V series have beautiful clusters.

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