2016 Cadillac CT6 3.0 Twin Turbo FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 3)

MotoMan drives the 2016 Cadillac CT6 sedan with the 404 HP 3.0 Twin Turbo V6. In a break from the usual, the car’s Chief Engineer, Travis Hester, throws MotoMan out of the studio and decides to talk tech about his own car leaving the driving impressions, high technology and interior bits to MotoMan. Together they tell the story of a Cadillac unlike any other Cadillac that has come before it . . .

For more information, check out our TECH REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5azRg3PfoM&list=PLF6ek7dWy48rriuQI9OjyiLvXA1R2UPKf&index=2

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Ronald K. Wiley Jr. says:

What about an Impala SS on this platform! rwd only.

jabroni005 says:

As a Lexus guy, I bought a new CTS…very impressed. I would definitely consider a CT6 BUT it needs more HP, and a little bit of the nonsense the Germans have (passenger shades, beverage cooler, reclining rear seat, rear massage). Unless they put massage seats in a CTS V….than thats the only car I’ll ever need lol.

James Geraughty says:

I would get a 2017 Lincoln Continental for less money and nearly the same powerband

Brian Kerby says:

the reason why apple doesn’t include wireless charging into their phones is because they haven’t found a way to prioritize it yet.

kubanskiloewe says:

no sound anymore…….get the nice V8´s back in your cars !!!
fucking downsizing reduce lifetime and customer have to pay expensive repairs when something happened with the turbo which are 2 in that !
If US carmakers delete their V8´s we should better go with a TESLA.
BUT the chassis deserves respect !! good job, interior is also now acceptable to our german brands !

john jackson says:

I fucks with this

Kirtland Young says:

Would definitely buy this car. Love Cadillac CT6

Isit Fast? says:

Car worth high 60s low 70s I can’t justify 90 for it ..more then a vette ..67,000 should be starting with 78 as a top out price fully loaded

Meneses guitars inc says:

head lights are cool.new style. .lets see who is going to copy then..asians or germans?

Vaurice Payton says:

When will they come out with another convertible I’m waiting for the Cadillac Ciel or another XLR to buy.

Shekhar Moona says:

NC usa, the Cadillac the other manufacturers are not as innovative and I bet caddy is contemplating there 4.0 north star v8 revival to put in that engine.

335i101 says:

Still a typical American luxury car that will sell for 25k in about 3 years. Don’t get me wrong, I love America, just not the cars they produce…

Timothy Upshaw says:

this and the hyundai genesis looks alike

W TYLER says:

Can’t imagine spending that amount of money for all those gadgets knowing they are built by such a poor company like GM.

malo says:

I wish e could have this in the UK…..

Jonathan Gwynne says:

Great car but it is still priced a big high.

Hyundai sells the Genesis G90 with the 5.0 liter V8 and AWD, fully loaded (with a much better stereo than the Bose) for $72k. Add the 10 year, 100k warranty and they’ll pick you up at your house for the test-drive.

Shannon Bonet says:

My apologies for a couple typos simply trying to eat my lunch and type it’s not always easy…cheers

jabman says:

is it just me or is the dashboard not very nice looking? It seems unfinished.

Willie Dowdell says:

this will be car I buy I love it the best n it class

R Har says:

I would buy this in a heartbeat. in Mid-Atlantic area and have a family. I just wish i had 90k…

Shannon Bonet says:

Sooo I would just like to debunk a few things about this car…I drove a 67000$ Ct6 yesterday and let just give u some9to chew on..sound system/stunning…the feel,the look,the sheer elegance of its saloon/mesmerizing it gives u this great confidence with an astute pleasure of space.moto-man u have a motor mouth..this car is the essence of what a true Americana is about in a..only a Cadillac:folks go drive feel let your sensations run wild here in America.

Saravanan M says:

I’d buy a nicely loaded BMW 550i or a 650i for 90K

Shannon Bonet says:

I’m sure it was merely a glitch…cheers

Ken Wright says:

This car is a winner.  The advanced chassis is the perfect foundation for a luxury car that can still have fun in the corners.

Ken Hunter says:

I’m buying the CT6 because it’s worth it. The engineering alone sets it apart not to mention the luxury. Finally G.M. is kicking ass world while.

Shanelle Tinsley says:

omg this is the best car i ever saw in my life if i could afford it this would be my only car and last it is a very good idea to have the cameras because people steal cars and incase of a accident great job my name is shanelle d tinsley write me back on Facebook lol

1234//7&/ / says:

fuck this

spectremanLIVE1 says:

I’d buy a Tesla Model S…. Do I really need to say why?

williamabeck46 says:

For $90,000, I would buy a house.

Michael Wong says:

If I had the funds, I would definitely choose any Cadillac over its German, Japanese, and English competitors. They have value as well as performance. GM has learned how to make their cars have world-class handling and have much lighter curb weights. The trickle-down effect has already reached such excellent cars as the newest Chevrolet Volt. However, GM has a real public perception problem. It seems that only admitted “car guys” tend to know anything about the revolution over at Cadillac. Example: I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I’ve yet to see a new CTS-V, ATS-V, XT5, or any CT6 on the roads (and I’m VERY observant). This is the heart of the Silicon Valley, and the “luxury” car of choice is a Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X. Even when it comes to hybrids, I’ve seen maybe three of the the failed ELRs on the road since they came out in 2014. I realize there is more of a “green” tilt to the tech sector of the United States, and I believe GM will make the most inroads with their upcoming Chevrolet Bolt. If Cadillac has plans to go all-electric soon, it will be at that time where they appear on the radar of the general public.

Bram de Bruin says:

nice review

GoBlue22 says:

I am a huge Cadillac fan. I give the overall look an A-. The only thing I am not completely in love with is the quite rear end. The front end is very strong and beautiful, something I really like.

Randy Griffin says:

I would buy/lease a BMW 5, at 74,000 or 7 series at 112,000. I like the CT6, but I’m suspect of American built cars…still. RGEE

robbielex says:

When you hit the glove box open icon did yours slam open or did it have soft-opening?

HFhoffa says:

8 cylinders please…….

drewski says:

Too much going on with the shape Cadillac headlights and that square wedged look.

Meneses guitars inc says:

head lights are cool.new style. .lets see who is going to copy then..asians or germans?

Muhammad Al Qahtani says:

a G90 or this beauty?

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