2016 Cadillac CT6 Bose Panaray 34 Speaker TECH REVIEW (3 of 3)

We’ve driven the 2016 Cadillac CT6 but now we go on a deep technical dive of the 34 speaker Bose Panaray audio system. We start with an actual count of what all those speakers are and then bring in the people behind the development of this system – Cadillac CT6 Executive Chief Engineer, Travis Hester, and VP of Bose Automotive and musician, Marc Mansell. Along with MotoMan, they take us behind the scenes of how the Bose Panaray system was developed . . .

For more information on the Cadillac CT6 – check out our FIRST DRIVE REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRFlNCT3ylc&list=PLF6ek7dWy48rriuQI9OjyiLvXA1R2UPKf&index=1

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Julius Caesar says:

3 speakers in center, 2 in dashboard, 4 tweeters in a pillars, 9 bass speakers(8 in floor,1 in rear deck) , 6 midbass, 4 tweeters in back doors, 2 midrange speakers on rear deck, 2 in another center speaker, and 4 headrest speakers (2 in each front headrest). 34 in total.

speedtime says:

I think it was BMW up until 2002 and Honda still doesn’t have a brand name sound system Acura does but Honda don’t

FalconBass says:

id rather have 12 speakers with dual 12 inch woofers than 34.

Dario Molina says:

All those systems people have mentioned are all owned by Harman Karman Group. BOSE is still independent and make amazing systems for vehicles

da'dub says:

How do I get that Chrome car.

O' Dunny Wallace says:

I need Cadillac truck 2016 model.

connectorxp says:

I’m a BOSE fan, but most of the systems for the auto industry failed to impress me. I live in Europe, so the most premium audio systems come from Audi (sorry, no Caddys) . The only system I enjoyed was the one fitted in the Renault Laguna 3 with Arkamys DSP instead of BOSE’s Audio Pilot which is almost non-existent when comes to sound stage and making the system vanish inside the car. The Arkamys system makes wonders even from low end system fitted in 6000 Euro cars giving a better sound perception that the system is actually capable of.

Even my 2008 Prius has a better sound from only 9 speakers with a JBL DSP compared to the Mazda6 w/ BOSE which with all the settings applied still lacks in bass and presence. No need to say that the JBL speakers from the Prius uses metallic cones for the speakers, and makes the center mirror rattle like a subwoofer.

destiny's remorse says:

for the true audiophile

Robby Bhatti says:

Bc,Canada.I drive a 2016 Sierra Denali and it has a bose premium audio system but the bass is not to good on it. I would like to see better bass quality

niceguybill says:

Has anyone every heard the 19 Speaker Bang & Olfesen system in the Audi, or the 24 Speaker Burmeister systems in Mercedes?  Revel has put 19 Speakers in the new Lincoln vehicles..

frank3b5150 says:

I have a 05 Mercedes S500 which came with a bose sound system. I will say that it sounds pretty dam good. However, if you ever plan on doing sound system modifications it’s not for you. The dam thing uses fiber optics making mods either impossible or super expensive. Does this car’s system also utilize a fiber optic bus?

Alex Earnhardt says:

Montana of 300- Ice Cream Truck

John Zvacek says:

I’m getting a headache from this guy

Arturo Solis says:

O.c. California I used to have bose speakers on the outside of my car. i put the jewel speakers on the grill and 2 more on by the back bumper. all I think I bisected needs a little more bass.

Firststrike790 says:

This car is going to be an electrical nightmare to work on.

Michael Martonick says:

Once again all you doubters out there will pay for the overpriced, overrated import systems.
Never impressed with any of them, including the home sound systems. Bose is as good if not better, and remember, the Caddy gives you always more bang for your buck! Sampled this system at a Caddy dealer, like a symphony orchestra and music to my ears…..

Ddd Nnn says:

A lot less talking and some music on the actual system would of made a better showcase.

scorpiomafia101 says:

Lol what you gonna do with so many speakers when u take the car out of dealership and it breaks down!

speedtime says:

I love 34 speakers I love the fact that automakers are doing this so you don’t have to put in aftermarket sound system input your vehicle at high risk people trying to steal your radio

MemoriesDestroyUs says:

blow one speaker and it ruins the sound for the other 33.. good luck finding which one it is lol

Jolly Rancher says:

I could definitely bust some Young Thug, Migos and more in that car.

Lt. wreck says:

That car though.

cmscms123456 says:

$50-$60K Caddy, assembled in Mexico… sell it to the mexicans. Henry Ford believed ‘pay your employees enough to buy what they build, and you will be building your own customer base. American corporations exporting manufacturing jobs, could learn from Henry Ford.

PlatinumEagleStudio's says:

Bose puts the same amazing quality in their car systems as they do their home systems. i own the Bose 301’s and a 12 inch JL Audio subwoofer and the sound is out of this world. Bose has amazing technology and their speakers are by far the best that i have heard.

3ducs says:

An aluminum car in the white? Very cool!

Travis Engstrom says:

Great series. San Francisco family of 5. Not enough features and power for the price on the CT6 fully loaded. Won’t steer me away from a third S Class. Much better looking than what Hyundai is trying with the Eqquos, but just not exciting enough to compete in a $90k market. Seems like this will grab some BMW 5 series fans, Audi A6’s and some E Class owners, all at the lower trim levels, but it won’t compete well in the full size luxury market. Cadillac would be better off, adding features and raising the price. A bargain is not often high on the list in this market. Either add the features, or go 100% electric.

Micheal Beers says:

…to hell with the speakers……what kind of paint job does it have?  Beautiful!

Bank Akinmola says:

If I could get it in that metallic paint job, Cadillac would have made a buyer out of me!! As it is, I’m still trying to decide b/w the CT6 and the 2017 E Class.

Ceng Cengiz says:

Cadillac is Not a Mercedes! ☺

John 67 says:

Lexus LS 400 had the Nakamichi sound system.

King Reef says:

god damm. the side mirrors look just like the one on 2009 Honda Accord hahaha

John 67 says:

While 34 Speakers must sound great, More important is the quality of the material of the speakers to last and not become dry rotted and sun-dried.

Calliboss says:

Well done vid… unfortunatleh my partial retardation inhibits me from answering all of the questions… Polka…

Jody Trandana says:

I would never buy a car wth bose speakers. Fucking garbage.

Jerry McGee says:

$3,700 for 34 Cheap paper speakers… News flash guys you only have two ears.

Jerry McGee says:

Play some music!

spazzman90 says:

I have a Bose system in my new canyon and it’s one of the better sounding efforts I have heard from them. Bass response is actually pretty flat through all but the lowest frequencies. I was surprised. It’s not really loud and they need to get rid of the center channel as well. So I would say better than a stock system by quite a bit but no where near say the Mark Levinson systems I had in a Lexus. Wish Bose would really step up the game.

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