2016 Cadillac CT6 TECH REVIEW (1 of 3)

The long anticipated and much discussed 2016 Cadillac CT6 turns up on our doorstep in the California Republic just in time for a MAJOR rainstorm but that does not deter MotoMan from presenting a TECH REVIEW of the new large Cadillac sedan. Using the 2016 Cadillac CT6 3.0 V6 Twin Turbo from the coming full FIRST DRIVE REVIEW episode as a stand in for all Cadillac CT6 models – he lays out the different engines and bits that affect driving dynamics but in a first for a TECH REVIEW, things don’t end up as planned . . .

For more information on the Cadillac CT6 – check out our FIRST DRIVE REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRFlN…

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NightcruiserMA says:

Good review. Poorly titled, though. Could have been more like “CT6 BODY CONSTRUCTION.” No mention of the changes/improvements to CUE? That’s the only thing that has kept me from buying another Cadillac.

Matsuyama kaze says:

horrible video

Gas Pedal says:

headlights look like it is crying like a bitch.

Albert Zeis says:

This car is beautiful. I am from the the Northeast USA and currently drive a 09 Cadillac DTS. My wife (she is only 31) calls my current car a “Pappy” car.

Phoenix The Beast says:

Im in the auto industry and this car in california is going for about 600 bucks on a month with ZERO due at signing on a lease with 10k miles. Hands down best deal I have seen on any car. I want this car.

Leonel Castellanos says:

I love the look and falling in love with the tech of the car. I don’t own cars. I have three trucks. This is a car I would add. I live in Santa Ana CA

CaptAmerica12 says:

The more I see of this car, the less I like it. It will be an insurance nightmare. They are destroying Cadillac.

lleavellr says:

Beautiful car well designed and not trying to be anything else on the road

DiscoverDior says:

Rethink owning a #car. For $1,500/month any vehicle, anytime. #BookByCadillac #CarSharing http://socialmediacarreview.socialnetworktrends.com/2017/01/book-by-cadillac-because-zipcar-sucks.html?m=1

walter brunson jr says:

I love this car! I currently drive a 2007 Audi A8L, but looking to trade it in for this lovely. I live in CT.

9125species says:

Hey Motoman, DC 04 Chevy Colorado. Technologically boring. Why isn’t this is 3D printed with a hybrid gas turbine with air bearings and non pneumatic tires. As a millennial, I am yawning my friend.

Adnaan Khan says:

Competes with possible a Jaguar XJ 3.0ltr

99scobey says:

7 series competitor. Im 49 year old male. Denver. I have 2 daily drivers, Toyota Venza for kids and 99 BMW 540i sport package for me. Had 04 330xi for awhile, and had 80s 3 series track car for awhile. I love this XT6 and cant wait to drive/ride in one. If I was in right tax bracket to consider new 7 series I would give this caddie a very very very serious look. My father in law drives a Buick LaCrosse that is very nice. If you want a big luxury car with secure handling, and not as interested in BMW/Audi athleticism and sensibilities, these big GMs have come a long long way from Olds 88s and Sedan DeVilles.

James toscano says:

I use to drive 7 Series BMW since I purchased one of these I have no reason to go back to BMW,This car blows BMW away and the price is almost half!!!!
If you drive any luxury car that is foreign ,you need to attest test drive one of these CT6 Cadillac’s!!!!!!!

tvman62 says:

This host SUCKS!!! Big time…

Amir Yanovsky says:

advice: use professional level filming. the video is rated full HD – 1080P, but looks blurred.

Frank Kwok says:

I’ll buy this Cadillac! Love this new American luxury car. Better than the German.(too common now). Cadillac is the new gen

Abdulrahman Abdulla says:

love it and bought one a week ago 🙂

Lt. wreck says:

love the look of this the s class is ugly 7 series is boring le us ls is hideous and underpowered.

Kishi P says:

If i didnt know better I would say that it looks like a transformer.

Chanity Gilner says:

A lexus

gta v person player says:

so what’s the price?

David Mussington says:

Nice car, and I think it is very beautiful. As far as your app goes, on my iPad Pro, it doesn’t accommodate a change in orientation when I hold the device horizontally. Sort of a bummer.

gungaldin says:

Just to be fair, my last comment regarding the Jeep and of American made cars. Australia has not made a good car for over 20 years. Holden and Ford are in the process of shutting down local production. Pride and workmanship fell badly. I wish I knew who’s at fault.

Abhinav Kolli says:

I drive a Mercedes S600 so I am a little biased but I don’t think it competes with a S class, A8 or 7 Series because of the price and engine, however it’s a little higher than a E class, 5 series, or A6. I would say it competes with a Lexus LS or a Hyundai Equis. I really think that you should have shown us the back seat and the interior tech more……..

Azoz Alnaqbi says:

It looks edgy, luxurious and beautiful,

The car needs a V8,

I wonder if the CT6 will be available in Dubai,

I own an Audi s3 2016, but I’m planning to buy a luxury family sedan so I’m considering this piece of art,

And finally Cadillac spelled a good news,

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