2016 Cadillac CTS-V PREVIEW & Cadillac Chief Engineer Dave Leone answers YOUR questions

MotoMan heads to Road America to drive the 640 HP 2016 Cadillac CTS-V. In advance of the FULL first drive review, he goes over the highlights of the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V with special guest and friend of the show, Cadillac Chief Engineer, Dave Leone. After they cover the car, they answer some of your questions from the Cadillac ATS-V episode at Circuit of the Americas . . .


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Frankie V says:

Fucking gorgeous car

Lucas Fanning-Haag says:

+MotoManTV the best looking grille I’ve ever seen…. well maybe besides that of a Mulsanne or Phantom…. but still, by god the front of this car looks incredible

Antenox says:

Whoa, who did the audio for this episode? While wearing headphones, there’s a huge amount of separation between the left and right audio tracks, and it also sounds like the left and right tracks were flipped.

giveyouashot says:

The manual like the host says is what it is all about. You want to enjoy rowing through the gears irrespective what your shift times are about. That is where the fun is.

J Cortez says:

“we plan on elevate the brand”
then I see a big luxury sedan 4 door coupe , with a monster tuner black carbon chin spoiler , and huge hood extractor in contrasting color , and some bucket seats for 4 point seatbelts..  smh..

Dee Jay says:

Is that the production car? It looks like a concept car (I mean that in a good way)

SkiddingMouse says:

+MotoManTV Finally i´m starting to be excited about american cars again. Truly looks awesome and possibly goes like stink too. What i´m actually more deeply interested after watching some of Dave videos is what type of car platform he likes the most. Would be very interesting to know given such great job he´s doing with Cadillac. As always… “bring that video asap” 😀

Chris Kollert says:

Car looks fantastic! They’ve really cleaned it up and it truly looks like it’s moved up market. You answered your own question my friend! I’m not sure that this particular special edition car will be a future collector but a metallic black on black manual wagon will most definitely be a big time Barrett Jackson car in the decades to come. Thats why I plan to find one of the few hundred manual wagon examples and put it in the garage. 🙂 Looking forward to the full episode and review. 

BTW tell Dave this color combination is absolutely stunning!

bArda26 says:

great interview

Jack Woods says:

Great episode as usual, Motoman!  What Cadillac is doing to both upgrade their image and produce much more dynamic, fun cars is almost disconcertingly amazing.  Here is a question that I think would be interesting to pose to the appropriate Cadillac exec:  Have they given any serious consideration to modernizing the Cadillac badge, at least on the V-series cars?  The reason I ask is that I think that badge on the hood of the CTS-V just looks like an anachronism, reminding me of the kind of Caddy a pot-bellied, gray-haired guy with gold chains and white patent shoes (not that there’s anything wrong w/ that!) would drive.  I think a freshening and modernizing of that badge would give the car more curb appeal to the kind of buyer they seem to be targeting.  Thoughts?  Am I being too fussy over a minor design detail, or do you sort of agree?

Anthony Levens says:

Thank you Thank you Thank you! Love these episodes with Dave! Have been waiting for this! I had a cheesy grin the whole time watching it. I’m waiting for the deep dive to prove my point, because he only says it once in this episode, but in the other videos with him, anytime he says either “we went ahead and…” or “we go ahead and…” he’s about to share some really impressive “mad science!” Could almost be a drinking game, haha

1776alltheway says:


Baciu Razvan says:

sound is fucked up. i hear moto man in my right headset and he is on the left. i got the heatset right on my head.

Javon K says:

I don’t think it will be a collectors item… Also I would like to see how these sell considering they barely sell any new CTS’.

Joseph Dawson says:

Can not wait to see the follow up

Guy Divosta says:

The announcer is such a DORK. Makes the video disgusting

vabeachboy1 says:

Are the optional Recaro seats in the 2016 CTS-V the same seats as the Competition seats in the Corvette. The reason I ask is the Corvette Competition seats are a little small for me, 6′-2″ and 240 lbs.

IceDree says:

ssssswwweeeetttt!!! Looking forward to the follow up episodes!

Thank you very much MotoMan! You just made my day.

Glad to know they are finally addressing the ATS gauges (& hopefully base CTS & XTS as well)

I don’t know, higher prices on resale value? Yea I can see it command a higher price, but a collector item? I think it depends on how many 3rd Gen Vs they end up making & wither they make any more Limited Editions…

Speaking of special colors, saw an Emerald green S coupe last night …. Pictures don’t prepare you for the awesomeness!

DkingE39 says:

Is the v8 a lsx variant or is it a new power plant v8… And will there be more reliability from the cadillac brand or are u just over pricing a a build package.??(cough bmw)

tt6368 says:

I thought my bose speakers were broken cuz the sound channels are reversed. I threw out the speaker, bought new ones, reinstalled my windows, lost all personal data, now it’s still in reverse.

Jack Mantville says:

I believe this caddy in the finish will be a collectors item some day because it has so much going for it. This is the first step of Cadillac to head towards a more expensive brand with the brutal mix of comfort and performance. This car also has that Corvette LT4 engine, and even though it has been detuned to a killer 640hp and 630lb-ft of torque it still says something like, “take me seriously, my engine is used in the top of the line Corvette”.

Lionel Sterling says:

Motoman your channel is amazing! Your videos are even better. Motor Trend should start to learn from you before it turns into a soap opera. Also people are watching you should start to SHARE MORE!
Could you ask Mr. Leone in QnA if they are thinking of making a V model and a bigger sunroof for the Escalade almighty? 🙂

headcas620 says:

Can you please do some work on your audio? When you have 2 people they both should be playing over both channels. Not 1 person per channel. It’s so quiet.

penvon says:

I’m a lexus guy,BUT this car looks absolutely amazing.

alan woodruff says:

Bought my 2016 Cts V last Aug. there were less than 2,000 built in total for 2016, so far great car except for the transmission converter GM replaced it in one day they had to find a new supplier for this part, so far so good. I don’t believe for the money you can beat this car in performance and luxury.

freeman Geiger says:

Great episode as always. Can’t wait for the full review.

Jeff K says:

Wait the Camaro is a $25,000 Cadillac ATS.

Rick Ortega says:

Well I hope they keep there value like Toyota cars . But more than likely they going be rare so going be wroth a lot in the 50 years

RayJ-HT says:

OMG thank you so much for the question regarding the gauges of the ATS. Cadillac makes such amazing cars again but that one point has left me dumbfounded. How could they ship a car out with those horrid gauges? Now his response was positive but if he is talking about what we have seen in the ATS press release or reviews I am still uneasy.

fouskalini says:

They should make a crystal meth blue color for the breaking bad fans… 😛

jackka82 says:

Holy macros, Dave Leone is a straight shooter.

vaajchang says:

He has the wrong impression of oversteer.

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