2016 Cadillac CTS-V TECHNICAL REVIEW with Cadillac Chief Engineer, Dave Leone

Old friend of the show & Chief Engineer of Cadillac, Dave Leone, takes you on a VERY DEEP technical dive of the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V. He starts with the 640 HP Supercharged V8 and winds his way through the 8 Speed transmission the unique e-diff to all the suspension, structural and cooling bits underneath the car. He even covers tires, carbon fibre and special paint . . .This is our most technical film yet with Dave . . . or any Chief Engineer . . .

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Ozzstar says:

nice review with lots of attention to detail. what is the purpose of the hood louvers on top?

fouskalini says:

More videos like this please!

Koka Gulua says:

E63 does not have the DCT transmission. It has the MCT, which is the transmission without torque converter replaced by the wet clutch. In S+/M this transmission has shifting times  of 100 ms.
The fastest DCT’s today have shifting times as fast as 60ms, so Caddy’s transmission can not be compared with them.

RayJ-HT says:

I can’t get enough of this car!

STI555 says:

This car is secretly quicker than the corvette. lol

elvicdesonora says:

So how do you explain the overheat of the lt4 in the vette ? You need to improve the cooling , like the cooling system of the hellcats , the hellcats being more powerful engine ( more power , more heat ) being the car heavier , and still keep the 707 hp in 20 minutes at the track !! So improve your system caddy !

Vadim Kruglikov says:

Nice shoes lol.

kbowiing58 says:

+ Koka Gulua, The ATS-V which has the same 8 sp trans, beat the AMG-C 63 & Bmw M3 (Head2Head) in quarter mile time & 0-60. I have no doubt the CTS-V will take its competitors! The transmission does what Dave says it will. I’ve driven the ATS-V, it’s that good. I will picking up mine in a few weeks.

tomtang0514 says:

This is a very very very good car video 🙂

Stig Msr says:

I liked everything I heard about the car except the automatic with a torque converter trans. Come on GM leave those in the trucks. Your cars need DCT transmissions. Not every American is a drag racer worrying about up shifts. You can’t honestly tell me the down shifts are as nice as a PDK. Granted most buyers won’t be tracking their V’s much. For the record it’s a sweet car and I’d still buy one. Just trying to make it sound like a torque converter trans is better than a DCT in a performance oriented car isn’t doing you any favors. Build or source a company that can build the transmission for you and work with them to program the desired feel. You sold your mag ride tech to Ferrari have them help with the transmission. Sounds like you might be in collaboration with the rear diff tech.

Giuseppe Giraldi says:

Excelent explantion, CTS V is my next car.

openpathproducts openpathproducts says:

this is great!

ocdaddvids says:

LOL “weight bias is 52.7% front and 42.3% rear”…um there is a few percent missing there.
Awesome car even with the mystery weight distribution numbers.

william wolfe says:

I wonder how many douche bags will buy this car not knowing the type of engineering it went through just to have their wife smash it into a parked car at the local shopping promenade. People should be forced to learn how much work has been put into their car.

James Garafalo says:

I wish they would bring back emblems that stand on the hood. I don’t care about the .0000001 decrease in air flow

Opptest Seven says:

awesome video!

DA Master says:

Awesome ,  The Rim design is the only thing I don’t like , and the Cadillac Logo , needs for bling to it.

NWH83 says:

another great video. Nice work!

Denzel Farhat says:

Will the 2016 CTS-V come with all wheel drive at all. I’m from Canada, and the weather we get here is brutal in the spring and winter seasons. I know by having the opinion of all wheel drive will add more weight, but we are willing to live with that. Or you can loose the extra weight from somewhere else. I love this vehicle and I ready to pay the full amount for it, but the AWD is all I ask for. I don’t care what other people are saying about the car, like the delay in the gear shift, and the glossy touch pad dash. ( entertainment area, and the CUE). Over all this is a STUNNING vehicle, and amazing to drive in. I would love to drive and own one.
So people,appreciate this car and have some respect. Thank you.
P.S. this car has the best handling system in the automotive industry.

ابوالفضل داورزنی says:

very nice

SkiddingMouse says:

+MotoManTV . Very good indeed. It´s a clear explanation of what makes this car so special. To be sincere i would use this car as a weekend car more than a daily car for some reason. Maybe the personality of it. I was mostly interested in the opinion on why they opt for a LSD without the auto breaking system.

demonkami says:

Does this car have adaptive cruise control? Also what is unique about the interior vs regular model?

kbowiing58 says:

The view car on it’s side does not have the Splitter, but standard spoiler. My question is: Will the Splitter hinder the air flow Dave is referring too? I drove the ATS-V first but having driven the CTS-V I feel it’s more comfortable, therfore, I am leaning towards the CTS-V and really love the look of that front splitter, hince my concern of air flow. Thanks

Boss Bic says:

nothing impressive. still like Lexus more.

Zelie Garcia says:

Hey. It’s so nice bite-sized dapper What’s your opinion about this

RootsandTendrils says:

I’m looking at numerous points of awesomeness but on what fantasy planet can this car be operated on?

Dennis Mojica says:

Love Cadillac I already own a ATS Coupe Luxury Luxury Collection and Plan on getting this amazing car as well good job Cadillac !!!!!!

DeanBrandon says:

I have a black ice (metallic black) CTS now, it looks great, but kind of tired of it. This crystal white frost is very appealing. He said a limited release? Does that mean it may not be available next year?

RoyCA says:

Loved every part of it, except the lame part where he compared Automatic with DCT.

John Stegura says:

How is the ride Quality?!

openpathproducts openpathproducts says:

I wanna drive that car

Alex Stern says:

Too bad none of that extra fancy cooling could have been applied to the ZO6. I hear they overheat a lot on hot track days

Vernon Price says:

It’s not just Motoman whining about manuals – all performance driving enthusiasts are “whining” about it. Lack of a manual transmission is the primary reason I won’t be buying one of these, and I own a gen 2 CTS-V with a manual. Sure the auto makes it faster. I don’t care. I care about the driving experience.

Rob Holic says:


CrazyIrishCarl says:

should have offered better color choices!! I’m interested in buying one but the color options are poor

Racer X says:

Wow, I wouldn’t need to get drunk before making the decision to go buy one,. Now all
I need is the cash!

09victoryrc says:

possibly the best presentation of a car I have seen. the cars a beast !

basant kara says:

Could you please do some more technical reviews? This was really great !!

Jon Car says:

Why do all the parts look like they are from a pickup truck. You look at a BMW and the parts are all machined and aircraft quality.

IceDree says:

As always, excellent episode M!

Michael Lui says:

mercedes e55 amg any day

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