2016 Cadillac Escalade: Top 5 Favorite Features (CarPlay/4G LTE)

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Rogi Vosok says:

Car play and wireless charging???

Carlos Martin says:

At least y’all can afford one of these , be grateful man

Terrynaia Dixon says:

I want that so bad

Brayden Rapirez says:

This car is so extra. For a daily driver that I’d go to school and occasionally the grocery store this wouldn’t be necessary.

german enrique perilla forero says:

CADILLAC is beautiful in Anapoima city.

SM Soldit says:

how much did it cost to rent the vehicle?

Lamar Battle says:

oh my bad I thought this was about a Cadillac Escalade

Ashley Tate says:

that’s is cool

Shayaan Haider says:

WTF does ring have to do with the escalade

Adan R says:

I’m gonna put 30inch dubs on my 2015 gonna kill the suspension look ghetto as hell just the way i like it

Black Dot says:

Oh shit this dude is in Dallas,

Mr. Kindness says:

this is a platinum.i have a premium. I don’t have a cooler or massage. Can I have service install it I have ring at home. can I have the application installed in my dash on my Escalade!

Averco says:

Why is there a camera under the logo?!!?

Dano Vido says:

Nice video! Would be nice to have wireless Car Play and charging…the next step, next gen.

AD M says:

Yukon Denali has most of these features for a lower price

Eric Haley says:

platinum model. they are very expensive

Yolo Smith says:

One thing I don’t like about the Escalade is the tail lights because it’s long

Wilber Hernandez-Manzano says:

Damn joe Back at it again with the videos

Jose Ramirez says:

shifting is smooth a great ride and the mph display on windshield is a cool feature

ДАМИР Абдиев says:


Ryan Persaud says:

it’s a nice vehicle but the cooler honda odyssey has a cooler for along time now lol still love the caddy 1 of my dream car

James Johansson says:

Hmm.. Ring. What if someone knocks? Lol. Waste of money!!

Tom Herdman says:

Cadillac is just killing it recently

P Sethi says:

I wish they launch in india 😛 else i am on my way to US !! But really awesummmmmmmm

julian mares says:

I like the yukon denali too

Vishal15 Venkatraman says:


dtvqa says:

Some interior features in the Escalade remains to be cheap for a vehicle costing close to $100K.  A $53K Porsche Macan is more luxurious inside & outside.

Hexur says:

Cadillac is the best car ever

eltyshaun says:

love this vehicle, wish i could afford it lol

Vishal15 Venkatraman says:

I like it

Reggie Staggets says:

ʍʏ ɖaɖ ɦas one

NBA Le says:


Matthew Rosado says:

My boss owns the platinum. I drove it. Was a great car. Especially all the options on the cluster. The heads up display was perfect. The lane monitoring and much more. My kind of car.

Tikkuaktuk Ivalulinik says:

finally bought a new escalade outright. after my 87 Subaru finally quit i bought a new 16 escalade. no payments. the salesman was shocked when i rolled in a 87 an rolled out with a 16.

Moe Szyslak says:

God I wish I could have one!

Simon Strother says:

Range Rover kills this. Does this even have a panoramic sunroof, oh yeah, no. Locking differentials, no. Standard 4wd, no. Refrigerator in the front and back, no. Air suspension, no. Range Rover ftw.

AD M says:

Apple CarPlay isn’t a s feature since it basically comes on every modern car

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