2016 Cadillac XT5 #LAAutoShow TECH REVIEW

MotoMan presents a special TECH REVIEW of the all new Cadillac XT5 SUV from the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. . . . Only one thing: This is the best selling Cadillac so how do you change it while maintaining sales – MotoMan shares some surprising facts of the transformation from SRX to XT5 . . .

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Nahashon Thiongo says:

hey! moto man just notice cloth rewinding any way you could look 4 a fashion statement lady to make you change cloths.

RayJ-HT says:

Sorry still disagree about the buttons…..YOU and others love the Tesla with none for the most part. Then you turn around and say something different with this car. It is baggage….just saying. Now when it comes to looks at first I was like meh….then the more I looked and studied the car the more I started to love it. The real test is seeing it drive down the street. So to be honest no one can really say anything till they see it on the road in real life.

Joseph Ramirez says:

Dude, que talk too much junk. What are the specs? Tech features? Etc…

RMAGEDN740 says:

I want to see Cadillac (and Lincoln) take over the American luxury segments, so I don’t like being negative about them. If you want my true criticism, I like the car, but pricing will be the deciding factor. I can’t see anything wrong with the design, the materials (hope they’ve improved fit and finish), or the powertrains. The problem is when I look at the Germans, I see a better product, which is why I say pricing would be the deciding factor. If I could tweak this to my personal taste, I would go with a less-shiny brushed aluminum trim/wheel package, true ivory pearl paint (or black), the dark parts of the interior would match the lighter parts (or full black), and a full moonroof, if headroom will allow.

IceDree says:

The new interior design language is very nice! Luxurious, modern & elegant. much better than the previous one & i’m super glad they are keeping piano black surfaces to a bare minimum.I like the exterior design overall …i wasn’t sure when i saw the black one …. but it looks much better in lighter colors.Here’s what i’d change, the exhaust tips & the shifter … i don’t like its design & GM had to comply with the bean counters like the eighties & use it on the Buick… its only a matter of time before it appears in the rest of the GM portfolio.I don’t mind an evolutionary design every now & then , but it had to be followed with a revolutionary one to break the cycle…. otherwise, it would be like AudiAs always, excellent work M!

Julio Diez says:

The interior to me looks THE BEST of any other SUV in the market right now.

ThatGirlAshli says:

Less talking, more car.

Riisfalch Cars says:

Sorry, but of all the manufacturers with alpha numeric nameplates, Cadillac has the most confusing ones. Something that is not helping building their trademark. ATS, CTS, CT6, XT5, XTS and Escalade, almost seems completely random at this point. Why not thy and get some order into their nameplates, perhaps something like this?


Escalade = ETX

S = Sedan, X = Crossover/SUV. At least this would give logical order to their nameplates.

Mr. Random says:

@motoman, why didn’t you cover the new rest view mirror where its actually a camera in the back of the car?

HW2800 says:

Down market! Yes!

Nathan Fears says:

would like more detail on the engine

Jacob Barros says:

Saw it at LA looks good but could not get a peak inside 🙁 I don’t think it needs to be any more radical than dare I say it is. Its a very handsome evolution of their Art & Science design that looks very tailored and uniquely American. It will sell no doubt.

alex thegreat says:

A little disappointed with the exterior- too mild and soft. It looks more like a Ford Edge than BMW X3 or Audi Q5. I was hoping it would look more slick and athletic, the Escalade has some presence but this one seems a little boring.

MrHotcontent says:

@motoman Congrats, another outstanding short take review. You are universally recognized as one of the most intelligent automobile reviewers, along side Brian Cooley. Glad you ditched the converse/jeans with blazer look ( I hate that look) the shoes jacket and slacks are classy man. Keep up the solid work. Oh btw can you mention to the Cadillac heads of state, to offer the ATS-V Recarro seats in the 2016 ELR as an additional option. I want this car, why not let ppl spend money on whatever they want, especially since this car is in it’s last run.


hmmmm the rear is a bit Chevy-ish

Kenny Gall says:

I am totally loving the XC90 looks. If I could get the 3.6 from that Caddy in the XC90 i would buy today.. I currently own a CTS Premium with the 3.6 and it’s great. I just don’t care for the looks of Caddy’s mid-size suv…

dcharizard91 says:

This car kinda looks like a bloated Buick Encore…which isn’t a good thing…

Aj Merchant says:


eyeswideopen23 says:

MotoManTV did they fix the backseat head room for taller people or is it still tight


I like that they’ve added those two extra inches and the rear of the vehicle wasn’t an afterthought. Very stunning design ready for double duty, weekday cruiser and nice day out with the family on the weekend!

Emerson lavosier says:

omg i want to see the car not your ass

radbcc says:

You keep name dropping and saying that everyone at GM is your friend… Well, are you shills for GM, then? Or an impartial reviewer, please let us know. Also, would like to know if the car is huge or are you short or is it the way the car is on a pedestal and the angle of the cameraman, not sure? Thanks, please be transparent….

Donald Duncan says:

You talk just a little too much. I would like to see more car detail than commentary. Thanks

Seth Clayburn says:

What do he have an idiot for cameraman? Show the fucking car we don’t want to see him

Cameron Redd says:

Love the SRX and have a 2010. I like the new., but…, KEEP the old style tail-fin tail lights and sharp angles. It’s a great seller because of the sharp & bold lines with good ride and fair fuel efficiency. You know the old saying “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” so updates that improve the vehicle without abandoning the things that made a great is a job well done. So I have to say well done Cadillac! Thanks for your YouTube review.

Chris Sucharda says:

No plans for a v8 version IE XT5-V?

eyeswideopen23 says:

Love the front the back just don’t look right maybe the light to short

gibbyair1 says:

I would like to see a better tow rating, do you know if they increased it up from the standard 3500?. I would like to have at least 4500 lbs

aundra lambert says:

couldn’t tell if I like it because you didn’t show it

Meshari Barakat says:

I HOPE IT HAVE A V MODEL and coupe model like the Mercedes-Benz GLE coupe

StanO011 says:

I’m okay with what Caddy is doing, lighter is always better and what’s wrong with an improved interior?

Luke Holton says:

I really like the back of the new escalades and would have loved to see those really long and tall tail lamps that reach to the roof. But maybe it wouldn’t have looked as good on a smaller SUV.

Bank Akinmola says:

I agree that thee exterior changes may be subtle, but the interior updates seem pretty significant to me. I was shopping on line for an SRX when I read about the XT5. I think this may be my next vehicle.

milan patel says:

honestly i never really liked the xrs because it was old design, i do like this new one better. honestly from a business perspective its a good thing that Cadillac didn’t the look of the XT5 because it replaces their best selling model.

Re Ho says:

Cadillac has really stepped it up in the models it has been and is producing…the ATS, CTS and V variants. Good looking and the performance numbers are phenomenal. Keep the quality and the performance up and Cadillac has a very good chance of being held equal to the German imports. Soon, very soon.

Brad Wilson says:

It has the exact same wheelbase as the Equinox…are we sure the chassis is all new?

I'm The Man 832 says:

I don’t like it. It looks like a ford suv

ANS of Washington says:

Where can I find stats, such as measurements, length, width, cargo space etc? And what about the cup holders? Are they the same size as the SRX? They are now in a different place?

Robert Jensen says:

I had a 2013 SRX but got rid of it mostly because of the bad CUE system and poor headlight illumination. Otherwise the car was fine.

Fernando Garza says:

I hate, dislike, grossed me up the rear lights, they should keep their current rear lines…

andyhoov says:

This car looks a lot better in video than a lot of the pictures I’ve been seeing around the web. As for the design, I’m okay with the more incremental approach, though that could be because I’ve generally liked Cadillac’s general style. As for other companies, I think the approach could more or less be a product of the fact that a lot more cars really started to look legitimately good over the last five years and they don’t want to risk straying too far from what worked.

DangerClose805 says:


Tellie Smith says:

I’m liking the look of the xt5 its simple not over done the interior looks real good it should do good for cadillac

dj NyceMan says:

This is pretty nice, but I would like the length of the original SRX.

Roop Dhillon says:

so ugly

aundra lambert says:

just talk about this car and show it please!!!!

Marty Rodriguez says:

My new favorite Cadillac.

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