2017 Cadillac XT5: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The new 2017 Cadillac XT5 replaces the old Cadillac SRX. In this TFLcar Everything You Ever Wanted to Know video Nathan gets the complete scoop on this new crossover Caddy.

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F.A. M.Z. says:

tasteless design, especially the interior.

Martin Fedor says:

This guy is horrible – how could Cadillac, uh have this uh, guy promote this vehicle? It made me uh, want to buy a uh, Lexus.

Bernard Odom says:

What happened to the Hybrid technology?

Mike Smith says:

That host from Cadillac had way too many AHHHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i want one for my college car

Pete says:

Horrific wheels! They could’ve done something special in that area especially for that class. Secondly, Cadillac’s 2016 design have made them the best auto manufacturer here in the US. Beautiful line up coming from Cadillac and their customers this year will be very pleased.

Dave Smith says:

Ho hum same old cadillac. Steal some of your designers from Buick Division.

radbcc says:

Another in a long line of GM marketing people who just can not speak, why GM why?

Yippie says:

2017 Pontiac Aztec

Caesar Fiorini says:

we need more T&A in these vids ………………talent and ability

PussMag says:

dude, that 3 6 ain’t all new, but revised

Habib Said says:

a V-6 in a 2017 Caddy?Fuck out of here.A fucking RIPOFF.

blackpassenger says:

couldnt watch this after a minute. heres some constructive criticism: GM needs to get that guy speech lesson, it would be well worth their while.

C B says:

UUUUm. uuuum. uuuum uuuum uuuum uuuum

colderbeer says:

Awful at communicating……how in the world did he get promoted? This guy was GIFTED his position….

Pamela Koenig says:

Looks like all the other SUVs out there. I like the rear of the older models much better

randomrazr says:

is the lexus cross over betteR?

KingRichard says:

so SRX stands for Seville Reconfigured Crossover (X = crossover). Can anyone tell me what XT5 stands for? Crossover Touring 5-door? Doesn’t seem as meaningful to the Cadillac name

Johnny Calce says:

this mother fucker is ahh a anoying a ahh as fuck

aundra lambert says:

my wife and I now have two cars to choose from Lexus RX350 and CAD ST5. what a wonderful choice .

Monkey D. Luffy says:

its a FWD ARCH? What chevy is this based on? I’ll pass on it since its not a true caddy and just a rebadge.

Zinn Schwartz says:

no respect, until they go after the Range Rover, and the G wagon

nayedine says:

do you think there will be a hybrid variant of this?


Looks fantastic.

ksa kar says:


noah jones says:

I have a CTS and a BMW X5. I’ll stick with the X5 or maybe the range Rover instead of this. this vehicle looks good from the front but the interior doesn’t impress me.

Ja'Vven La'Pierre says:

I’ll take the mkx2017 ty

Georgia Fan says:

Night and day difference between this model and the blocky, overweight vehicle it replaced. Losing almost 300 lbs was badly needed as this car was heavy. The old crossover was small inside so his comment that this car was “shorter” was alarming. The two inch increase in wheelbase should help. As a tall guy, i’d skip the top-heavy panoramic sunroof that adds unnecessary weight and also robs headroom. I’d like to see how it performs with the new 8-spd mated to a new, more powerful six cylinder. Overall a much better car but will it be an RX beater?

руслан руслан says:

о чем они говорят?я просто с деревни

Andrew Doolittle says:

Tesla has truly moved the needle forward for the entire industry. Sales in China are truly remarkable as folks in China go from being driven to wanting to drive.

Mike Leveux says:

Did you know that from 2003 to 2009 GM KNOWINGLY sold cars that had ignition switches in them that could turn the car off while driving? Did you know that they did this WHILE begging for a BAILOUT from the American people? They kept this a secret until 2011, when they were caught and FINALLY admitted that they knew all along , and that a better switch would’ve cost 70 cents per car to fix but they CHOSE not to because it was MORE IMPORTANT to satisfy their shareholders . Why would anyone trust a company like this??

Alec Parr says:

extremely annoying, public speaking 101

dudosmokokos says:

That marketing manager stinks. Learn to speak for crying out loud.

Adil Pasha says:

cadillacs r known for its tail lamps design.the long 1 line lamp which when glows could b identified from km away to identify its a caddy! ! .. this one is total deal breaker ! ! front grill n head lamps design are beautiful! !

Chicken Soup says:

Could have spent more time on the wheel design

Jason Vylášek says:

Uh, uh, uh, uh um um um uh ummmm uhhhhhhhhhhh

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