2017 Cadillac XT5 FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 2)

MotoMan drives the 2017 Cadillac XT5 crossover. Along the way he demonstrates an all new 3.6 V6 engine as well as points out some of the key differences in an almost 10% reduction in weight from the Cadillac SRX. Putting the engineering aside, he demonstrates flash tech – everything from a special clutch in the AWD system to the now third integration of Apple Car Play in a Cadillac – as well as functional design elements . . .

For more information, check out our 2017 Cadillac XT5 TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7VyFHuuNSA

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Dorfwirth007 says:

I live in Austria (no kangaroos) and i think this car you also be successful in europe. The problem is that everybody here thinks that cadillacs are big cars that drive not good and are full of cheap plastic.

Brent Rankin says:

Why are the dashboard lights flashing?

NayyRowBee says:

This is like the smaller version of the Escalade I love how it has the panoramic sunroof

Omari Taylor says:

MotoMan, great review but pls update your shoe collection

Omari Taylor says:

MotoMan, great review but pls update your shoe collection

fbodyws6ta says:

just like every other UGLY ass toyota the lexus is the UGLIEST one out of the bunch toyota is TRASH

Chuck Warren says:

the lexus rx is a Pontiac Aztek far as looks. the ct5 is a super model now. I’m a cadillac v series owner and love cut and sew interiors and my mom just purchased a 2016 cts lux package and I love the interior and of course the exterior. price of these new caddys are going up like blood pressure. I understand the placement of the brand now and I respect what they’ve accomplished but by the time I’m ready to buy a new one it’ll be 125k lol

MrPaukann says:

How does it compare to european rivals? I mean bmw x3, volvo xc60 and audi q5. I live in Russia, I am not an active driver and I want to have it for 4-5 years.

Abdu Albur says:

i have a question
does the car automatically shut the engine down once you stop and start if you hit the gas, like some BMW models ?


Li Michael says:

I’m living in LA, If i’m buying a car like this, I will go for lexus just because of the better reliability and resale value, but if I’m leasing, I really don’t mind give this one a try.

Basto Basto says:

I am going to buy this car because of the exterior and above average everything else..but..I know there will come a day when Iwill say ‘I should have bought a lexus’.

nycplayboy78 says:

I currently drive a 2010 Lincoln MKS AWD and I will be upgrading to the XT5 Platinum in June 2017. Thank you for the videos MotoMan you help make my decision a pleasant one 🙂

Oh yeah I am in the US in DC 🙂

Me Man says:

Dude I Am in the market for a premium SUV. This or the RX?

Terry says:

I love that Cadillac has soften the exterior design and made it sexier without making it look generic. Now…if this car had an EV model option it would be flippin awesome.

Re Ho says:

The Lexus has that god awful front end…maybe it will look better after, say, ten or more years of seeing nothing but that front end. Recently drove a GS and then the Cadillac ATS…I bought the ATS. I know Lexus has the reliability rap going for it but sometimes, there is more to a buying decision than just that.

Val Pan says:

Rx is better

Douglas Corbett says:

Great review; however, the body shape of this vehicle reminds of a Chrysler Pacifica.

MrWisemasterful says:

I hope this comes to Europe with a really nice turbo diesel (V6 please). So much better looking then the BMW X3 and much better quality then the Jag F-Pace. But without a diesel don’t bother.

Gary Lee says:

Caddy looks better….and sounds better…..

Leon Liu says:

Why don’t you review the instrument, you said it was a tech review…

Michael Calvitto says:

The Caddy! Why would anyone pick an ugly car over a beautiful one ? The lexus doesn’t even look like a luxury car. The styling on the Lexus does not say luxury but looks like a design people want to forget. I think certain brands like Lexus seem more premium than luxury losing a big edge in styling and prestige.

André Fiori says:

It is really a nice car.

Nick Dovie says:

GM going after the RX350 with this XT5 very smart how they went about the details &design.
id take this over that monstrosity Lexus calls the RX350.

David Manasas says:

Can you talk with your hands, less?

fciscokid says:

Moto Man, Great review. I would like to say that the XT5 could have be slightly more defined in the rear like other SUV’s on the market today. More of a bullet style look like the Jaguar F-Pace. They should of widen it a bit more as well giving an aggressive look, maybe adding a front spoiler of some sort like on the 2017 Volvo XC90 R-design. I currently drive a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit with a HEMI engine and I’m researching all SUV’s for 2017 as my lease will be expiring then. Like I said in part 1 of your review, I would like for Cadillac to offer a better more aggressive style of the XT5 with a supercharge/turbo engine. Maybe like Mercedes is doing with the new GLC 43 AMG. An all-wheel drive rear bias vehicle would have been a better choice for this XT5. We want more than just a baby buggy minivan engine style of SUV. Maybe Cadillac needs to offer this if they want to get a younger demographic into the showrooms or even those like myself (midlife crisis) that want to buy a Cadillac CTS-V but can’t because…….beast of a car. Not to say I don’t like the XT5 but just saying please Cadillac give buyers more choices of engines on the XT5.

Andrew Nicholas says:

is it possible to remove the lower unpainted plastics?

aundra lambert says:

what about cabin quietness and rough road riding??we own the 2011lincoln mkx and loved it but Lincoln change the 2016 mkx to a small ugly car. Lincoln has been kicked out of the race.we have our eyes on the Lexus rx350 sport because of the looks, large dash cam, safety cam views, quiet cabin  power, , and luxury riding.this car is nice as well but we don’t know how well it ride on very rough roads, if the cabin is quiet,if it ride very very nice on the highway,  or if it really rides like a luxury car.

Louis Mason says:

Prefer Cadillac over the Lexus weird looking front end.

Thomas Alex says:

it appears to be really nice car, however I really like the new Lincoln MKX, id like to see a comparison of all the Midsize CUV/SUV

DJ FreshkiG says:

Lexus is wack. Way over styled and looks as though it’s trying too hard. The CT5 is elegant cool, with enough masculinity to not look like you gave up. -CTS driver in N. Cali. After your astute review, I want one…. bad. Nice shoes BTW.

Lee Edens says:

From a design style, I would go with the new Cadillac XT5 over the new Lexus RX, the RX front overhang is a lot, also the interior of the RX seems more like premium than luxury, like the new XT5, but to be honest customers buying these types of vehicles (luxury 2 row fwd based CUVs), Cadillac looks like it has 2 CUVs in one with that trick awd system, if true that it sends more power to the rear wheels when in awd mode, Cadillac should talk that up, like I said before, in this segment the Jeep Grand Cherokee owns this market and with Maserati Ghibli platform being used to spend off a SUV the Levante, why could Cadillac not do something similar with the ATS/CTS (Alpha platform) or maybe CT6 (Omega platform), they did it with the 1st gen SRX (Sigma platform), also for the CTS and STS, because fwd based compete with fwd based vehicles not rwd, guess this will stay Cadillac’s number 1 selling vehicles, but did Cadillac miss a huge opportunity, beside would you think Cadillac wants to get more capacity from Cadillac’s platforms (Alpha and Omega), leave fwd based vehicles too Buick or the other GM brands, Cadillac needs to be all rwd based, why now more than ever, because BMW and Mercedes have fwd based models in the US market now, something that was though unthinkable years ago, people are buying logo now, I remember when luxury meant luxury, the new gen Buick LaCrosse and Cadillac XT5 are GM’s best 1 to 2 punch ever to go up against Lexus 2 best sellers (the ES and RX), note in theory Lincoln could put a similar awd system on an updated MKX, Land Rover, Ford and GM have this awd system available, the MKX V6 2.7 turbo with this awd system could be a problem for Cadillac, the XT5 needs a more powerful option engine

Bank Akinmola says:

As someone looking to purchase a crossover vehicle for the first time, I prefer the XT5 to the Lexus RX. In fact, if there is any other vehicle I’m considering, it’s actually the Jaguar F-Pace.

Noble White says:

Nice Review

Kai Kono says:

does the Cadillac XT5 have a rear wiper and washer

Jodie Mesler says:

I drive a 2005 Kia Sedona van. I have three kids. They are now teenagers. I would love to win this car. We are having a drawing on my anniversary October 28, 2016. The school, Community Christian School in McDonough, GA, is raising money and Heritage Cadillac is giving away one of these beautiful Cadillacs. I think it is evolutionary, like you said and I would love to drive an evolutionary car. Considering that my 2005 minivan doesn’t even have anything to do with iPhones because it is so old. I’ve enjoyed motherhood, but I would love a luxurious car so please wish me luck !!!!!! Great job on showing us more about this wonderful Cadillac.

Vic Finesse says:

you must really love lary..

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