2017 Cadillac XT5 TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

The second vehicle from Cadillac to focus heavily on mass reduction, the 2017 Cadillac XT5 turns up on our doorstep. MotoMan covers an entirely new 3.6 V6 engine as well points out some of the key differences in the light weight technology between this Cadillac XT5 and the also new Cadillac CT6. Additionally, he covers some of the key design elements and the interior in advance of the FIRST DRIVE REVIEW . . .

For more information, check out our 2017 Cadillac XT5 FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsC3CxXZryY

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fciscokid says:

Jaguar F-Pace is a nicer looking vehicle. Not hating on this XT5 but I wish they would offer a V-XT5 of some sort or maybe something less powerful than the V somewhere in the middle. Like what Mercedes had done with the 2017 GLC 43 amg.

T VM says:

Currently, Jaguar F-Pace has the best CUV exterior design. Goofy name, but a very sexy, dynamic looking thing…

Bob Ograv says:

A very big miss is the Halogen headlights on a brand new PREMIUM SUV. I just can figure that out. Only the top premium package comes with the better headlights. I like it, but if I have to buy a $12K package to get decent headlights, that is a turn off. I can’t even order the HID/Xenon headlights separately. Only available if I order the package. My 2000 Malibu has Halogen headlights. Come on Cadillac. The GMC Acadia is the same way. I see so many midlevel vehicles out there, that have the uplevel headlights as standard. How did Cadillac justify this?

shoelover10 says:

Without question, I would pick the XT5 over the rest!

Jas Chana says:

Why on EARTH would caddy design the engine to have max torque and HP at 5000+ RPM? That means the power is virtually unusable. You need the power and torque primarily during towing at low speeds, hwy merges/over takes etc.. who the hell pushes the car to 5000-6500RPM  doing those things? useless!

Ja'Vven La'Pierre says:

Mkx looks better so I’ll take the mkx

Desi Dog says:

just buy ford edge. save 20k

Loneathea Jones says:

I would prefer 2017 Cadillac XT5

Leo Walker says:

Acura, but the XT5 is NICE.

Tdevon Tatum says:

This is the best design. Even the interior. I’m a tech person and honestly I like the CUE system. They update it all the time. Plus with the apple car play and Android coming soon. It’s very cool. Plus the touch feed back is great. When you learn the system it’s awesome. The interior feels great. Nicely finished. Not to busy. Lexus interior is not that great. It’s busy as hell but premium materials like the Cadillac, Audi, and etc. Only thing now is to bring a Duramax engine in this and a Vsport/V-series edition. If this is your best seller to date. Give it more options. So you can be number one. Just don’t make a lot of them. Keep the volume numbers low so you don’t have them sitting on the dealership lot so long. Plus you only have to past Lexus. Not hating on Lexus but design wise, I don’t the new SUV’s of Lexus. The cars are nice. Well some of them.

Joe Rivas says:

How come nobody has mentioned or considered the new CX-17 by Jaguar…None of the crossovers that were mentioned (Lexus, Benz, GM) even come close…the bar has been raised by Jag and no matter how innovative GM surprised us with, they are still 3 years behind the new Jag

Stiggy37 says:

GLE and Q5 in the same segment? lol

Wildy Metellus says:

I know the I choose is due for a major redesign but I rather choose it then buying Cadillac xt5…. Cadillac xt5 is ugly in outside but ok in the inside…..I choose the Infiniti qx70



Vanite123 says:


Paul Ho says:

Volvo XC60 or XC90, hands down.

Ricky Spanish says:

Wow. That’s simply not awesome

Ben G says:

And scrape things on your front bumper?

Derrick Stephens says:

That was very insightful.

ralphoboful says:

I definitely prefer this Design.

Lee Edens says:

Well, this being the 3rd gen XT5 (SRX), I was kind of hoping for it to go back to being rwd based like the 1st gen, imagine the XT5 being based off the Cadillac ATS/CTS (GMs Alpha rwd platform), then you hear rumors that Cadillac wants an all rwd based lineup, you kind of wonder what are the plans going forward, this XT5 will soon be the only fwd based model in the Cadillac lineup, the other 2, the XTS and ELR aren’t too long for this world, plus with GM’s portfolio of CUVs (from subcompact too full size), Cadillac could quickly fill out their CUV needs, but they haven’t, which seems to make these rumors true, guess we all find out when/if Cadillac does that rumored rwd based subcompact sedan and CUV based off this suppose it sedan, if Cadillac/GM are secretly planning CUVs/SUVs based of GMs Alpha (Cadillac ATS/CTS, Chevy Camaro) / Omega (Cadillac CT6) rwd platform, this isn’t a bad thing, a subcompact rwd based SUV, a compact rwd based SUV (ATS size), a midsize rwd based SUV (XT5 or Jeep Grand Cherokee) and a midsize plus rwd based SUV (CTS size or Ranger Rover size, maybe a 3rd row option), plus you still would have the 2 Escalades (the standard wheelbase and the longer wheelbase model), thus giving Cadillac 4 rwd unibody based CUVs/SUVs and the 2 truck based SUVs, so now, the Cadillac XT5 vs the competition you mentioned (fwd based luxury CUVs: Lexus RX, Lincoln MKX, rwd based luxury SUV: Mercedes GLE and also mention the compact size Audi Q5), to be honest the new XT5 will probably sale more than the last gen SRX, but will it challenge the RX, way too early to tell, in this midsize segment, you of course have CUV/SUV models, which is the best (sales wise), well for the CUVs it the Lexus RX and for SUVs it’s the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Jeep GC is also the number 1 selling vehicle in this segment, basically doubling up the RX numbers, so for looks, all 5 are fine, note haven’t seen the new XT5 in person yet, but have seen the other 4, that being said, the Cadillac offers a lot a tech and probably the best awd system in a fwd based luxury midsize 2 row CUV (really only 3), out the 3, all of exterior are fine, you like which one you like, for the interior the new XT5 looks the best out of the RX and MKX, they reminds me of more premium than luxury, so, Cadillac fix a good bit of the last gen SRX weaknesses, still was hoping GM’s MagneRide suspension was an option, h___ it available on the Range Rover Evoque and the discontinued Acura ZDX (also available on the 2nd gen Acura MDX), just saying, I know that there’s a plug-in hybrid planned for the new XT5, I’m wondering is there a Vsport model planned or at the very least a more powerful engine than the 3.6 V6, end of the day Cadillac looks like it made a great midsize CUV, can’t wait to see how it performs/drives

M. star of the future 2005 says:


Achayan369 says:


VS says:


savage life says:

Cadillac yea best then all of them

Francis Herrera says:

I hate the XT5, because for some odd reason, the XT5 is pedestrian as all hell. They always make these ugly ass wheels…they always make striking front ends, then lame out the rear…every.damn.time. Then, on top of all that, the interior is dull as hell. I love Caddies…but they always do stuff like this where their cars look like a Chevy. The XT5 looks like a badge engineered Chevy Traverse. That is why I like the RX…love it or hate it…you’re not going to mistake that thing for anything else on the road…even the volvo and the Audi Q7 knock it out the park on interior and exterior styling…Hey Caddy: who frickin’ cares about the way the mold the metal for weight savings…only Caddy would do something like this and hope people care over the creature comforts of their cars…talk to me when you do the weigh savings bit, and make the car a knockout all the way around–thats when, you will truly have a winner.

Troy Klassen says:

I think it is a step backwards as far exterior design with those headlights the SRX was a far better looking front end. As far as the interior the jury is still out on that just yet but whats up with that centre console what a waste of space with a beamer shifter and covers over the cup holders? The MKX looks better and actually has some power to go with it 310HP pathetic.

Terry says:

I prefer the 2017 Cadillac XT5. I think its gorgeous. I hated the previous gen. I thought it was too boxy.

LaQuan Miller says:

Give me the Lincoln MKX any day over the XT5, this is slow and underpowered.  I’ll take the MKX in brown with the Black Label edition and the Thoroughbred interior scheme.  Bad Ass!!!

Ghana Mafia says:

The Lexus NX F-Sport is the best looking car in this segment….and I think this cadillac is #2 in terms of LOOKS….and I honestly think the Lincoln MKX looks better than the Benz GLC…..and to be frank, I’m getting tired of how Benzes,Audi, and BMWs look….a very boring but EXPENSIVE look that does nothing for me….Lexus designs look better with each passing year…The current front runners interms of design are Volvo, Lexus, Hyundai/Genesis, Cadillac…….Audi design used to be #1 but I’m not impressed with their new exterior designs….

Oscar Sun says:

What’s wrong with Lincoln?

Troy Power says:

Clearly Cadillac has hit another home run with this new XT5 design, makes lexus and the rest of the group you mentioned look like yesterdays’ leftovers….great look and the new V6 powerplant made Wards top 10 new engines for 2016, #2 in fact right after the iconic BMW i6 new twin scroll turbo…welll done Cadillac!

aundra lambert says:

we own the 2011 Lincoln mkx and we like it a lot. the 2016 Lincoln is a joke. why did they change the design to this? however the Lexus rx350 sport is the best looking to us  today. the lexus rx350 is the next crossover we will buy soonwe will go take a look at the xt5 as well.today there are no reviews on the xt5 quiet cabin quality, highway riding, and rough road handling yet.

Jonathan Warthen says:

I like the lexus RX350 better

Kenji says:

Does anyone like the shutdown engine feature they’re using on new cars now?

John B says:

Oh Gawd It’s Ugly!!!  Interior is really nice, but the exterior…  words can’t describe the ugliness!!!

Greg Czajkowski says:

I think what you’re missing is the relation of the new Cadillac to the BMW X5.  I think that the BMW is the vehicle that will set the standard.  Unfortunately, the Cadillac has matched the 8-speed auto trans but falls short on the lack of a turbo 6 cyl.

2dogs4cats says:

Just curious, what is your objection to the Lincoln MKX, or is it just the Lincoln brand in general you don’t like? I do not see a review from you re the 2016 MKX. I am checking into a new car and had the MKX, among others on my short list, so I would love to get your take on it.

CommanderSajid 4LIFE says:

BMW X5 or BMW X1

Brenton Rodriquez says:

It reminds me of the GMC Acadia

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