2017 Cadillac XTS | Full Enterprise Rental Car Review and Test Drive

I’d never driven a Cadillac before today’s video. I expected it to drive like a boat and have little to no tech…but I was wrong. The 2017 Cadillac XTS drives smooth and has a ton of great features. I’d recommend checking out the large HUD above the steering wheel and the unique volume controls. All in all this a great car. If you’re in the mood for a large limo like sedan, I’d highly recommend you take the 2017 Cadillac XTS out for a spin.


Aaron Nute says:

The fact that the reviewer had to bring a Nissan Maxima into the discussion less then one minute into the video means either, 1). This car is a massive abject failure of the Cadillac brand or 2). He knows nothing of the contemporary luxury car buying experience. Embarrassing either way.

Nunya Business says:

the parking brake automatically disengages once you push on the gas

Nunya Business says:

Cadillac did not have a reputation of being hard to drive and it drives better than any nissan ever made

chris arriaga says:

That area he put his phone in is actually a wireless charging pad.

hlub1111 says:

Absolutely great detailed review! Thank you so much. Thinking about renting this car…

letlive says:

Nice review of this automobile. I’ve recently rode in one and was delightfully impressed at its smooth ride and comfort.

Isai Ramirez says:

2017 Cadillac XTS

ben schmidt says:

Hey that’s in Naperville

Colleen Rudder says:

the car is great that modern car look is what nissan needs in its sentra but besides the sentra the car is great storage’ comfort’ all that space I love it 10/10 from me

Nunya Business says:

that’s not a base model and is more like a $55 to $63,500 car.

Hakeem Mulholland says:

I get that Cadillac has used a wreathless shield before in years long past, but I think the shield looks extremely cheap on the grille of the newer XTSs without the wreath. No character.

Bob Plank says:

The dash guages are not “heads up display “

Tierhog says:

Needs to have a V8 or turbo 6. Ditch the front wheel drive. They were on to something with the STS. Do away with traditional Cadillac instrumentation to compliment center HVAC/GPS. Get a youthful, ” back in black” sound track and combine with a black tie affair with the sporty new caddy XTSS or something.. CT6 gorgeous but too expensive.

Luiz Antonio Celiberto Junior says:

I will rent one in August in Orlando airport and I was very worried about the size of the vehicle ! Your comments alleviate me a little. I drove mustangs and Camaros but never so biggest car like the Cadillac XTS.

Kevin Eaton says:

OMG the dust on the dash…..OCD alert!!!

Ben Dunn says:

The XTS is basically an overpriced impala with the Cadillac name on it. An impala premier trim has blind spot and etc

Scott says:

Not having blind side detection is a plus. I always turn it off on my cars that have it. If you have your mirrors set correctly it’s not needed.

feralshad0w says:

The car was pretty good, but I would never but it. There is no audio only mode for your phone, and I HATE Android auto. I have YouTube red and can stream the audio of podcasts and talk shows I like on YouTube. ( YouTube red means I can listen while navigating it when the screen is off

Deezy from philly says:

Cadillac is known for effortless driving.

Nunya Business says:

and don’t forget you’re testing base to mid level rentals

Yoshiaki K. says:

What other luxury cars are available? I know I seen the BMW 5 series at a few places…. Are you going to do any of the other luxury cars?

Nunya Business says:

Yu don’t pull up on the hidden compartment you just touch the bottom chrome for a second. don’t push just touch

billy the boxer , says:

Sorry bruh that’s no HUD

Erik Aalto says:

I am about 99.999% that I rented this EXACT car in Nashville, and then my wife drove it to St. Louis. I remember seeing the 5-28 on the Indiana plate and thinking that was odd. I was a huge fan of the car!

Kevin Eaton says:

Has the technology that Ford/Lincoln had 5+ years ago.

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