2018 Cadillac CT6 with Super Cruise: We go hands-off in this Platinum trim

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Super Cruising with the 2018 Cadillac CT6’s autonomous tech. Read more at www.TheRoadshow.com

Caddy’s flagship sedan debuts the first “hands-off” highway autopilot system in the US. We go for a Super Cruise to see how it works.

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bentley TRAN says:

Wow. I wish i can afford it. Put on wish list for now

Andy Yung says:

Love that Benz have all these features 4-5 years ago ahah

Melvin Ray Spence III says:

you must as well drive it yourself way to many restrictions

Cleo 1991 says:

I love the light on the steering wheel


I’d really like to know the back story on why BC isn’t doing CNET on Cars, or automotive reviews in general, anymore?! We never did get a reason why CNET on Cars was abruptly ended without any notice whatsoever! It not very professional(and just down right NOT cool!) to alienate your viewers like that! Can I get a HELL YEAH!

Hayk Samvelyan says:

Seeing this guy with a lisp still employed at a popular show makes me believe that anything is possible.


The face camera should be mandatory in all autonomous cars!!!

Jan-Michael Franklin says:

Pretty cool that Caddy was there first, and that it actually works well!

Yathu prem says:

Is this the same car with v sports launched at NY autoshow ??

Olivier Fontenelle says:

One of your best reviews yet!

Sheldon Childs says:

these so call autonomous cars are just ruining driving on the whole whats the point just call a Taxi

Markus B says:

Can’t wait till all this Autonomous stuff trickles down into the Entry level luxury segments!

Zeno Silva says:

Volvo S90 does even better for much much less. Around 54K will give you same features, but in any road. I tested in the rain like the conditions you had it worked seamlessly. Should do a test in the new S90 you’ll be amazed.

Tej Singh says:

The steering wheel is ugly

59seank says:

I like this reviewer. He speaks clearly and doesn’t waste time getting to the point.

Jerome Griffin says:

No one is going to mention that Tesla has a problem with their autonomous driving only because Tesla is owned by investors so they not going to admit it has a problem and not to mention Tesla is killing people

Logan Rossignol says:

Did he forget Telsa is a thing?

kiddicarus says:

Well done video (and nice look to you too, bud).

Moench0651 says:

May as well just get a tesla. Better value with all the tech and more!

Blake Swan says:

I heard that while on supercruise, if there is construction in the lane, this will not know to steer around it. Is this true?

youssef ben kraiem says:

It’s not Cooley so I have no choice but to hit that dislike botton, I’m sorry 🙁

CarterBurtonMotorsportsDotCom says:

Please send me a Road Show jacket!

4784gperkins says:

Good review.

William Pozo says:

My Tesla has the same camera system facing the drivers and after watching the video, the tesla autnomous system seems much more advanced. Not sure why the host said it was the first in the industry. The 3 was 50K (about half the price?) and when i’m in stop-go traffic on a large 6 lane street (not an interstate), it will still do the super cruise equivalent with the same pesky monitors and force stop if your not paying attention.

S G says:

Excellent review

Christopher Calder says:

This is ridiculous technology. The more complex you make a system, the more chances something terrible can go wrong and kill you. Has any company designed and built a flawless, totally reliable home computer? Is Windows 10 perfect? Nothing ever goes wrong, …right? All the bells and whistles are for fools with too much money to blow on worthless, counterproductive crap. The car industry has morphed into the bells and whistles industry. That is where they are making the big money these days. What’s it going to cost to fix all this obnoxious stuff when it starts breaking down? Self-driving cars are by nature self-crashing cars. It’s going to be raining lawyers forever! Better call Jacoby & Meyers now.

TheBigOakTree says:

Good review …again. Didn’t Cooley already do this near exact review of this system?

Anh Tuan Le Minh says:

It’s rain! So yeah

Ray King says:

This kid is annoying.

Hindsight Aquatics says:

I don’t understand the purpose of a Tonna miss driving if you still have to be engaged with the road. Why not just have complete control if you’re not able to engage in other activities while driving?

abghere says:

So price yet still cannot prevent fogging up the windows!!

Colin Fox says:

So – what’s up with not mentioning Tesla? And how can you say the Caddy self-drive is the most advanced? It requires a lidar map and doesn’t work on all roads. Tesla’s is pure vision, and works anywhere (as long as there are visible lines). And not only that – but the Tesla autopilot will actually perform the lane change FOR you — all you have to do is activate the turn signal. That’s way more advanced.

swagalicious117 says:

“lets hope those clouds on the horizon don’t mean rain”
*next clip its raining*
lol his best intro yet

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