2019 Cadillac CT6 Review: The base turbo four-cylinder sedan won’t leave you in tears

2019 Cadillac CT6 is a more stylish flagship sedan all while sharper looks and tech improvements sweeten the CT6’s value proposition. Read our full review – https://roadshow.co/IBQ7O4

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Rob L. says:

I heard GM is including the CT6 as one of the vehicles that’ll be killed along with many others and 14K jobs.

Jonathan Rodriguez says:


Blake Swan says:

When a Vovlo XC40 has a better interior than your “flagship” sedan. GM just does not get interiors. Even the plastic buttons are terrible and cheap looking.

Brian The Explorer says:

Unfortunately 2019 will be the last year for the CT6 & XTS, it was announced yesterday. The CT6 only sold about 7,200 cars this year down 10% from last year. Too bad, the look on this car is amazing though, even though the engine is garbage.

93remix says:

Sad 2 see Cadillacs with 4cyl engines! This is CAR BLASPHEMY

DJL66 says:

RIP CT6. Nobody will miss you or even send flowers to your funeral. In 10 years you won’t even be remembered. Too bad you weren’t born as a $45,000 Buick.

Paul Davidson says:

Stunning car! However GM, in the beginning, should have stepped up the game in the interior….it is just okay. Look at its competitor the 2019 Genesis G90(just released [hots and video), the interior is S class, Lexus quality, and I’d say even nicer.

Boyd Mc says:

What! Nearly 70 grand? If I want not that bad I’ll pick one up used in 10 years for 5 or so grand.

phych says:

I very much like that Cadillac isn’t following the stupid infotainment tablet screen trend.

Cervelo R5 says:

Why no sigle american company can design a half decent looking interior circa 80s is beyond me.

Danny Nguyen says:

That’s why you buy a Japanese car so they won’t do stupid things like pulling one of their cars off the production line. Y’all played yourself if you buy Cadillac’s

Starman998 says:

Who would pay 90k for a discontinued car? It’s a lame duck worth 40k max.

venom5809 says:

Dead car walking. A shame, it truly is a very nice and beautiful car, they finally make a proper Cadillac and then they kill it.

OiDirk says:

I find it uninteresting to watch your car reviews without Cooley. I made it 22 seconds into this one…..

Ricardo Chavez says:

Too bad it’s being discontinued

Tod Whitehead says:

Too bad we will never see the V sport model with the 550 HP V8

Ask Nathaniel says:

Unfortunately,this car is leaving GM employees in tears,and I i mean this literally 14,000 employees are getting laid off and this car is finished with production as a result of it,it’s very sad

theRogue Geisha says:

Wasn’t this car just announcedTo be discontinued soon

Mateusz Sobie says:

We will miss you, ct6…

turnne says:

Dead sedan walking
The good news is that the incentives will go out significantly…and the used ones will lose value even faster
Good news for buyers of new or used units

Vinny ! says:

I am very skeptical of 4 minutes cars reviews, I’m not saying that it is bad, but let’s at least call it what it is shall we? Car Intro? Car Trailer? Car thoughts? Car Oops lol just my opinion.

sruly pin says:

Long live CT6.

Warren J. Goss, Jr. says:

Over priced and discontinued. This vehicle does not compete with the top German cars at $90k plus. If GM thought it did they would keep producing it beyond 2019.

vvvVFANGSVvvv says:

Thanks to all the stupid women who “want to sit up high” to feel powerful while transporting one kid and four bags of groceries in their full size 20 mpg SUV, or the tiny men driving full size pickup trucks to overcompensate for their lack of personality or physicality to try and pick up women, over 14,000 people will be out of work now while polluting the planet at an even faster rate.


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