2019 Cadillac XT4 2.0 Turbo FIRST DRIVE REVIEW: It’s this or the Volvo XC40

MotoMan drives the 2019 Cadillac XT4 Compact Crossover. We’ll cut to the lead . . . This is a damn good Cadillac. However, this Cadillac XT4 is in a tight race against the Mercedes GLA, BMW X1 and the dark horse of the bunch – the Volvo XC40. MotoMan drives the 2019 Cadillac XT4 in and around Seattle to understand how it fares in the segment . . .

For more information, check out our 2019 Cadillac XT4 TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGUyZSHEPGE

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2019 BMW X4 M40i FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG4OxdoiE7s

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bader abdullah says:

Cadillac in heart beat

Re San says:

Hands down, the Cadillac.

Joseph Cherian says:

XC40 has USB type C outlet in the back of the center console (same location as this Cadillac, below the rear AC vents), a regular USB at the front for carplay/AndroidAuto, but beneath it, the xc40 has wireless charging as well.

Upgrade every 1-2 years with xc40 Subscription means I will likely get Wireless version of AndroidAuto, upgraded Sensus infotainment and Pilot Assist soon.

GM V8 says:

GLC is better.

Turf Surf says:

As an escapee from China a long time ago, I will never buy a Volvo, a communist car owned by Geely which is owned Xi Jinping’s brother in law from China. Cadillac all the way!

Sevenfeet0 says:

As a long time Cadillac owner, it’s good to see that (at least from this review) that Cadillac has finally upped the interior game to be competitive when the vehicle actually hit the market. I’ve been complaining for years that Cadillac usually plans interiors that made sense when the car was first on the drawing board (in this case, 2014) but not by the time the car hit the dealership. This goes all the way back to the ’87 Allante, all mid 90’s Devilles that tried to copy Lexus interiors (and not doing a great job doing it), the 2003 CTS (which I complained to my dealer about short cuts in quality when I took delivery of my car!), the XLR (which used the same cheap HVAC console found in the CTS which was half the price) and even my current beloved 2015 CTS V-sport which came close to the mark on interior design but didn’t quite get there.

I’m a little puzzled that driving dynamics aren’t quite best in class since that’s a dragon Cadillac has slayed over the past several years (going back to the first 2003 CTS with FE3 suspension and the subsequent 2004 CTS-V). Maybe the specific presentation was intentional considering the target buyer but if Cadillac is going to ever make a true V-sport of this car, I would expect something like they make with other products. I’m looking forward to seeing this at my dealer and I’m sure my dealer will be thrilled since I think he’s going to see a boatload of them.

Nathan b says:

Lincoln mkc is out there too. All automakers have a sub compact SUV now. Very competitive models

Leroy Brown says:

Overpriced and too Chevy looking. The Germans and Japanese have better offerings. Even though the Volvo is aesthetically dull as well, I go with that one. By the way Motoman, I like the new wave background music.

T p says:

Thank you ! I have been waiting for this, you do the best reviews

richard button says:

I like White Castle

Duncan McLellan says:

There’s nice. And then there’s compact-$56,000-nice. Rebate this down to the high 40s as equipped and this makes more sense. Still not for me, but there’s a place for this in the great automotive landscape.

flowgy says:

That back design is on the Totoya Will VS, looks weird in real life.

Artagain says:

We’re ready for a luxury vehicle and this is a nice design. I bet this has a quieter ride then the Volvo. The Volvo is a bit to mini Toyota FJ in looks (although it looks pretty good in black paint/trim). The next new car would be my wife’s car and she’s not super concerned with sporty handling. However, I’d probably buy a used one off a two year lease and spend $38K on a $50K XT4.

RayJ-HT says:

I will never buy a car from China and that is what Volvo is now. Cadillac for the win!

Chef CJ Nobles says:

It’s funny that Cadillac has used vertical lighting or tail fins on their cars as a signature off and on for the 100 years or so they have been in existence yet when someone looks at them on a Caddy they think they copied someone else’s design. #RollsEyes

J CR says:

The XT4 should at least offer the faster XT5 V6 engine on the highest trim. I like the XT4 design more than the XT5, even though I know they compete in different segments. As it stands, the XT4 would be too underpowered for me, with that 4 cylinder engine.

blitzbbffl says:

A base RWD GLC can be had for $50K.

Tellie Smith says:

Xt4 for me its a looker

headcas620 says:

They’re both garbage with laggy turbo engines.

Robert D. says:

Is it good? Probably. Is it 56k good? No way.

MKTech says:

XC40 Inscription with every option is under $45K, end of discussion. Cadillac’s pricing is way out of this market. I think the XC40 styling is a bit too quirky for me, but if I had to choose between those two I’m going to save $12k+ and be a little hipper than my usual dour self. My brother wanted to get a GLA45 and I went looking at them, fun car to drive, but the interior design and feel may be the worst in the industry. It was hard to not compare the interior to Hyundai or Mazda, I was hoping we would see a 2019 GLA interior referesh, but I wouldn’t even consider it despite liking the exterior looks and the 45’s performance/soundtrack. If Cadillac could get their pricing more in line with the competition, I could see this being a solid win for them.

IceDree says:

“I’m not proud, I’m really not” haha you made my day, M. The truck test is not the same without the drop tanks … Or Jill 😉

I too hated the old Q3, but I gotta say, the new one’s interior is hot! All that metal.

I’ll definitely go with the Cadillac or maybe a pervious gen lightly used X1 with the inline 6, if I can find one that is.

Audis are a no no for me, the GLA is awful, the new BMW X1 is just blah, the less said about the Lexus the better, the Infiniti is kinda cool, but its just an another meh baby buggy & we don’t get Volvos here.

I’d go for a black Sport with the adaptive suspension, panoramic roof & the Bose system. Then wrap up in Dakar yellow & find some sleek & wide 22s. 🙂

As always, excellent work. M!

Roger Janes says:

Thanks for the extra focus on this SUV which holds a Lot of Interest for me. As a Senior person I would definitely consider buying the XT4 even with the High price tag. The concern is resale value as Cadillac traditionally has lost a lot of value after only three years. However, I think this smallest vehicle will hold up better than their other models. What is your take on this please ?

Johnathen Bates says:

It’s always nice to see motoman getting his facts straight, legally that is!)

Trucker Alex says:

XC40 simply for the Pilot Assist! And there is no way in hell I’m EVER gonna pay $5,000 for supercruise

Robert D. says:

Bob Lutz is and always has been “The Man”.

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