2019 Cadillac XT4 2.0 Turbo TECH REVIEW : First All New Cadillac in almost THREE YEARS!!!!

MotoMan goes on a deep technical dive of the first all new Cadillac in almost 3 years: The 2019 Cadillac XT4 Compact Crossover. Yes, this is an all new Cadillac but there are soooo many changes that are not just intended for the Cadillac XT4. MotoMan goes through all of them and separates out what is contained to the Cadillac XT4 and what will show up on future Cadillac models . . .

For more information, check out our 2017 Cadillac CT6 FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRFlNCT3ylc

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2019 BMW X4 M40i FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG4OxdoiE7s

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RayJ-HT says:

I’m floored. Having spent time with the new baby Jag and the Benz GLA, at least in video, this looks like a clear winner. That interior is gorgeous and it looks masculine so a guy could drive it.

David Szakacs says:

I hope it’s built in America

Brian Kerby says:

Did Cadillac do anything to combat the carbon build up in DI engines?

Andrew Fallon says:

So glad to finally see positive comments about Cadillac!

John Ray says:

I think it’s great. Just wish we had more dealers in the UK.

Jon Car says:

Are back in the good grace of GM? Can you do a review of the 2019 Camaro 1LE SS, please?

George says:

Front wheel drive. Fail… deal killer. And why CHEAP out with Macpherson struts in the front; not very Cadillac-esque. Overall, though, this looks like a great execution and a great move by Caddy to build an entry level SUV for younger, newer customers

Mozart Lalanne says:

Very happy Cadillac seemingly move away from Que. they spent entirely too much w it and I’m convinced Que and the cheap gauge cluster kept ALOT of buyers away from the ATS/CTS. I wish the CT6 had this system.

cremazie says:

It looks awesome, the Powertrain seems to be lacking

oaccessasia1 says:

Hideous. And screen is reflecting

Scott C. says:

This XT4 looks amazing…!!! I drive a CTS Sportwagon. This vehicle reminds me of my wagon, from the taillights, to the available 3.6L V6 engine. I just wish it was RWD. But then again GM only made about 7K wagons from 2010-14 so I think I will keep my wagon. But overall the XT4 looks phenomenal…!!! Excellent job Cadillac…!!! Thanks Moto-man for another great video…!!!

jake legg says:

All those knobs and switches on the center console are really neat – Until – You spill, slosh,dribble your drinks on them; Repeatedly.
Then the fun will be endless.
Why do the designers never consider the real world, far from the showroom?

canonlybeme4life says:

I must say. The interior and exterior are quite appealing to me. Normally wouldn’t consider a Cadillac but now I just might

GM V8 says:

Love the unpainted lower plastic trim and how it goes all the way around the car. Its like a flowing river of cheapness.

Shannon Stjulien says:

i would never own a baby suv like this. i do think this is the best looking. it does not look like a mini escalade in the way an x1 or x3 look like a mini x5.

headcas620 says:

Garbage car for garbage people.

Sevenfeet0 says:

A few notes….the design does look handsome. I’ll reserve final judgement when I see it at my dealer. It’s a bigger vehicle that the Chevy Bolt my wife drives but the dimensions still seem to be reasonably tidy. It is possible with this design to see a smaller model if this vehicle does well (XT2?).

I’m very hopeful that I agree with the interior enhancements. As a long time and current Cadillac owner, Cadillac has for years seem to target where the marketplace is at the time the car was first sketched rather than where the market will be by the time of introduction. And while I don’t see much in this car that hasn’t been done elsewhere, if it’s well executed, it should sell well. Cadillac has badly needed real switches and knobs back in the interior design (and high quality ones at that). Looks like we finally got that.

I hope we get a V Sport version of this vehicle. Yes, it will require a substantial engine upgrade but I think it can be done in a reasonable production budget. But so far, so good.

BenPBL says:

Reminds me of a peugeot

Michael Francis says:

what is difference between this and a GMC arcadia? it kind of looks like they started there, and that’s ok re-brand a in-house product to offer the mini crossover market, I don’t drive cars yet I’m a Sprinter Van man and I would go with the escalade I’m six-four in height no mini cars for me.
Seht Ihr.

MKTech says:

I’ve been looking at a new small hauler and I had been curious about this since I first heard it announced. I’ve driven an XT5 for an extended period of time and was frankly unimpressed compared to market competitors. Going through the online configurator and spec’ing the XT4 out similar to other CUVs I’ve looked at, it is easily over $52K and not close to fully loaded. For that, I can get a Stelvio Ti… or other larger SUVs with similar options. For a vehicle that will most likely be leased, Cadillac will have to really aggressive on their money factor or discounts to compete (especially since 50K+ Stelvios are leasing for under around $400p/m 0 down). As for design, I like certain elements, but I wouldn’t rate it better looking than the BMW X2. Honestly, Cadillac will have to discount this pretty heavily to make me consider it over the competition.

Mike Lee says:

Wow 160mph top speed!!!

Danut Lavric says:

Best in class is Volvo xc 40

Ian Treloar says:

I like the sound of a lot of things I hear about this car. Tactile switches, real gauges, electric matched with hydraulic steering.

Stormnorm123 says:

Yep it’s real nice

Ron Bernard says:

Maybe I’m old but Cadillac as a sport utility?

Zechariah 12:10 says:

The interior is gorgeous, the exterior is very nice, although the designer’s original drawing had much cleaner and better looking tail lights. This would be a car I would consider if I could be assured that the reliability would be good. I am scared about how complicated the engine is especially with the cylinder deactivation. Cadillac had cylinder deactivation back and it was a disaster with their V 8-6-4.

kyong kim says:

the back kinda looks like volvo xc40

10tenman10 says:

Normally I would never look at a GM product. Am currently looking at the Acura RDX. Would be interested in seeing how the two compare.

Arman Pabla says:

one issue with the premium compact SUV market is that majority, if not all the competitors cars look too childish (xc40) or feminine (bmw x2). The Cadillac looks upscale and mature, with good exterior proportions and high quality interior touches.

Brian Fish says:

Wife currently drives an ATS, is looking to move into a crossover. The only thing that would compete with this would be a cx-5 turbo (if it gets the turbo from the cx-9). This fixes a lot of my issues with her current caddy interior, I like the looks and I suspect it will have good driving dynamics. Hoping to see this trickle up to the XT5.

Nik Man says:

Spare us with those useless ugly american buckets they call cars

Norm T says:

Almost 33 mpg at 9:33.

Richard Johnson says:

Outdated technology right off the assembly line. Could the center screen be any smaller? Classic GM. They need to speed up the development time by 5 years.

Francis Herrera says:

If they took this and filtered it up to other higher end caddies I would love it… Caddy needs to push the limits and be more bold and daring… This needs to be the beginning of the turn around instead of cheaping stuff out, having confusing mish mash of styles and being generally boring to us who are the demo for their vehicles.

caddyzig says:

I’m not a crossover enthusiast, but I like the interior and some elements of the exterior. The plastic cladding makes it look cheap in photos. I also don’t care for this orange color, which seems to be featured in all their photos. I hope they advertise the heck out of these because it’s what everyone seems to want now. I’ll reserve judgement until I can see one in person.

Ronnie Shepherd says:

Really like it. Definitely will consider it when we are in the market for our next car (1 or 2 years).

Philly Steak says:

Nice looking car. Not as transformerish looking liking Lexus or jelly bean Mercedes.

d tasca says:

Spotty reliability of Cadillac vehicles would stop me from considering it even though it looks like a good design in and out,

FactFive says:

I don’t know why they couldn’t make the front end look more like the Escala concept. They come up with beautiful designs, then fail to execute. The design is ok but Cadillac actually needs to be a bit more daring as they like to say.

Zahida Ahmed says:


The New Davinci says:


Saablives says:

This is very nice. Nicer than Lexus new B.B. suv

hfwilkesjr says:

Definitely aluminum instead of the carbon fiber on the interior.

Tt55 K says:

Not a fan myself, but it could be nice for a woman to drive around town . GLA is nicer because you are given options of powertrain , not just one. US manufactures have allot of catching up to do .

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