2019 Cadillac XT4: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Is the Cheapest Caddy the Best One?

Is the new 2019 Cadillac XT4 Sport the best Cadillac?? Let’s find out in this IN-DEPTH REVIEW and TEST DRIVE of the 2019 Cadillac XT4 Sport AWD! The Sport (shown), Premium Luxury and Luxury trims will be ALL be covered in this review as well! During the video, we will show you the performance data of the engine (2.0T), the XT4’s acceleration, 0-60 MPH, ride quality, steering and handling, driving dynamics, cargo capacities, distinct styling cues, interior technology and functionality, newest Cadillac CUE system, exterior styling and much more! So, come join us as we sample this automotive delicacy in a very detailed review that will leave no questions unanswered!

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Video Contents:
Detailed Exterior Walkaround: 1:07
Interior Design, Tech & Amenities: 5:00
Occupant Opulence & Cargo: 17:40
Powertrain & Test Drive: 22:35
Pricing Information: 29:16

As Tested (XT4 Sport AWD): $49,185

Special thanks to…
Quantrell Cadillac, in Lexington, KY:
1490 E New Circle Rd, Lexington, KY 40509

Cadillac CUE 2019 Detailed Tutorial:

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Dwayne Woodard says:

Wow this car is a game changer but I think Cadillac is not going to make the most value out of this car

Larry Rubin says:

Another discontinued car in 2 years maybe 3.

Isaac Miranda says:

Yeah 2019 Red Horizon Tintcoat Cadillac XT4 2.0L 4-CYLINDER 237 Hp and 219 torque feature 22-29 ULTIMATE Compact 16.3 Fuel Gallon Screen Cup holders Audio system cargo cover Awd 48.9 cubic feet $49,185 Midsize Suv!!!!!!!!!!!!

DriveCFL says:

Lots knock Infiniti’s and Acuras infotainment but this doesn’t look too great itself.

Justin Xu says:

Looks ugly.

MC CAR KID says:

Great video!!

Chevy Toyota Dude says:

That is a sharp Cadillac XT4, love the gear shifter, great new CUE system, another great video, can’t wait for more!

Miguel Ircontar says:

Gm junk

Zerrick Henderson says:

Love this new XT4! Looks like really good all around winner for GM and Cadillac. Great review as always guys.

DC says:

I like the XT4. I am incredibly excited for the CT5. A car with the CTS handling and an even better interior? Sounds *incredible*

BrandonPlayz3645 says:

I love this car review so much, my mother is getting this car.

cmscms123456 says:

I bought one of these NEW XT4’s in Dec 2018 and DUMPED it in Feb 2019. AWFUL experience with Cadillac. First thing to know about his car is, it has no GAS GAUGE NEEDLE.. I ran out of gas twice. There is a typical gas gauge dial, but instead of a needle there are really small lights… The are easy to miss. Plus, the vehicle has terrible range, small gas tank. Cadillac does everything they can to extend and divide most wanted options, so you have to buy all kinds of packages, just to get a few options that you really want.
I liked the COOL looking LED lights on the back, tail lights, but if you want LED’s on the front, you must order a SPECIAL PACKAGE or get the SPORT MODEL. I dont like the clear lenses in the rear of the Sport Model, but those are a MUST HAVE for sport.
The back of the car, began to get uglier and uglier as I owned it longer. These aren’t selling well. MY suggestion is if you really want one, wait a year or two and but used, for less than half price. Cadillac has AWFUL RESALE values… That another reason I got out of mine quick.

Asiantinos Libertarian Liberty or Dead says:

I might be getting this One nor Corvette and fall in between.

Kisung Koo says:

한국 오면 6천은 기본이겠구만.

Ameer Hamza says:

Hey connfections review a fully loaded kia sedona!

Cold_Blooded Kid says:

These reviews keep getting better and better ❤️

Jay Mac says:

Can you do a comparison with the Lexus UX

Mikki Knox says:

Can your next reviews be comparisons? I think you should compare Subaru Forester to Honda CRV, Chevy Equinox to GMC Terrain, and Toyota Camry to Chevy Malibu.

Darrion Tunstall says:

I love the 2019 Cadillac xt 4! It’s very very nice!! I love the audio start stop and the Electronic shifter!!!!

Robert Eckart says:

Too many “extra” cost options and packages! Who would ever buy the “base” model? Not enough HP or Torque for a Cadillac; especially with no other engine available. No way for my family!

2W3X4YZ5 says:

You both are really just getting better with your reviews. Your attention to detail is among the best available on YouTube. I love Cadillacs, and this one looks great. I am concerned re:Turbo life if the start/stop doesn’t allow the turbo to cool sufficiently before engaging. If it were mine I would make sure to disable start stop. On the other Cadillacs with the mandatory start stop, it can be defeated by running in m5 or m7 depending on trans, instead of D.



MC CAR KID says:

I love your channel!!! The videos and cars just keep getting better!!

jaiizwaii89 says:


The Slow Lane TV says:

You should do 2019 Lincoln Nautilus vs Lexus RX! Great video!!!

DC says:

These are already selling great. They sold over 7000 in the last months of 2018. Not even a full quarter.

The Great Man says:

Acura TLX Vs Honda Accord Touring Please

22Kevi says:

I’ve never really been a fan of Cadillac-Buick-Oldsmobile, mainly because they were typically geared towards the older/elderly crowd. However, it seems they’re changing their direction these days, especially with SUVs like this. I think they’re headed in the right direction with this one, if they’re trying to reel in a younger buyer.

Adithya Ramachandran says:

This is a good vehicle for the segment. The LSY engine makes it 3 mpg more fuel efficient than the german competition.

Chris O says:

Looks like a lot of cheap hard plastic. Another fail from GM.

Bradley R says:

Would you choose the caddy or the Lexus nx

Cool Cat says:

Please do Chrysler Pacifica Limited next.

Ashwin Jogaratnam says:

Good review car confection

Larry Rubin says:

$1200 for a comman old person red. Its not a special color to me

Jordan Collum says:

This is a good car, Cadillac is going in the right direction and it will benefit them a lot.

david Tiet says:

Do toyota land cruiser vs Honda crv

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