2019 Cadillac XT4 Sport – The Modern Small Caddy Reborn?

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With slumping sales in America, Cadillac looks to address the main issue with their current US lineup, a lack of crossovers. For 2019, the new from the ground-up XT4 looks to address that issue. Built off a #Cadillac exclusive platform that is small, yet strong. The XT4 represents the first of many changes coming to Cadillac in the next two years. Compared to many rivals, the #XT4 has FAR more interior space, a distinctive design, high-end features, and standard turbo power. While its starting price of $35,700 is very reasonable, be prepared for some sticker shock when you spec out a fully loaded Sport or Premium Luxury trim.


Lance Dukel says:

They shouldn’t have gotten rid of the wreath around the crest. Instantly identifiable as Cadillac. They could have done a stylized version to match the updated crest.

Pete N says:

I think cadillac are typically ugly but this one looks really good. I am surprise how nice it is. Great vehicle review.. Always enjoy your reviews, good job…

Gustavo Gaytan says:

Am I the only that thinks it looks like a Ford EDGE?

Maarten Demuynck says:

Interior reminds of the Jaguar E-Pace’s, which is a good thing. And thank God this one looks way better from the outside …

Turd Ferguson says:

Cadillac deserves a lot of credit, all their cars are great looking and completely different from other GM vehicles. I love Cadillac because you can tell it’s a Cadillac from a mile away, while other brands all blend together.

These new Crossovers are impressive, now I wanna see a new CTS, ATS and XTS

Ramin says:

not impressed.

Ryan Kimmel says:

Really nice B Roll! Well done!

Amy Locke says:

Anyone know when this comes out?

Tyler Beeson says:

Very impressed with this car. The vibe prints much larger than its actual size. I’d take this over a GLA, X1, or NX any day.

Alejandro Diaz says:

If you’re in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area and you’re interested in taking home one of these sometime in December or January, feel free to message me.

bassistdc says:

Does the engine have the stop/start feature? If so can it be disabled? Thanks

Bill Sklodowski says:

Looks nice, but as you said, some real sticker shock. Wouldn’t a nice RDX be a better deal (and better vehicle, all around?)

Eric Selden says:

make more eye contact with the camera. Great video guys, love the xt4. But i love my 12 Equinox more haha. the xt4 is next in 5 years

AyeeItzBrianXD says:

why didn’t u show us the power folding mirrors

Timothy Valentine says:

I just want to say that I truly enjoy your reviews and trust your opinion to the point that I actually look to see if you’ve received a vehicle before considering it or when I’m comparing cars. I’m one of your regular viewers, although this is the first time I’ve commented. Continue doing what you’re doing. 🙂

mrdylanjoseph says:

Good video. I like how you are consistent and thorough, but you don’t bore me to tears like Saab people.

Ben Lee says:

Good. Look so cheap

Cadillac Quan says:

I’m caddy fan for years , but this look like something Kia could make

Robert Ruehlmann says:

Thanks for Saab hint. I miss this brand.

sic22l says:

I like the way it looks, inside and especially out. But – woth some extra gear this thing can cost over $50k and that’s just too much (especially considering poor Cadillac’s financing options).

Ryan Jones says:

It needs the 3.6

Baasil F. says:

0:26 I’m getting Nissan Leaf vibes off that angle of the rear

Jaden Horne says:

Cadillac is coming back.

Rohan Dalwadi says:

Everything you see is OPTIONAL in this vehicle. I would rather get the RDX which offers more space, power, style and is more cheaper and reliable than GM.

Billy Beheler says:

This vehicle definitely impresses me more than I expected. The pictures didn’t do this vehicle justice! Cadillac needs to advertise more in my opinion!

Barry Payne says:

Looks like a beefed up Ford Escape!!

Guillermo Villanueva-Diaz says:

Could you review the new 2019 Ford edge ST ?

J. Marr says:

Wow, it looks so much better in real life!! The entire design is stunning and the powertrain and infotainment systems are just loaded with some very impressive innovations. European and Japanese automakers should take notice.!

Kea'Era Brown says:

Can you do a comparison of the xt4 and the jag e-pace please

Norm T says:

Motoman on YouTube got 33 mpg in a XT4 and that is real world fuel economy that is over 30 mpg or something the RDX 2.0T cannot achieve.

mrdylanjoseph says:

They nailed the interior. Finally! Caddy has some of the best styled cars on the market, but then you would get in, and yuck..

Ethan Schiavi says:

You really need a new camera guy.

dzh dzh says:

It seems like Cadillac looked at Hyundai & Genesis for interiour design.Stering wheel same as Hyundai Elantra,Cadillac need to learn how to stitch the steering wheel,looks awful.Vehicle looks good tho,i think it will sell well.

DiMo28 says:

The cabin noise did not seem quiet in the vid.

PussMag says:

It’s a Cadillac, but luxury is optional, lol

earnedmystripes says:

The new Cue system looks like the same software in the other GM products for 19 and that’s a good thing. The old Cue system should die in a fire.

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