All-new 2020 Cadillac XT6 gets uncovered ahead of the 2019 Detroit Auto Show

The all-new 2020 Cadillac XT6 fills the right-sized, three-row people mover void between the XT5 and Escalade. To makeup for being late to the game Caddy will offer two trim levels, premium interior finishes and a whole lot of tech. More from the 2019 Detroit Auto Show:

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Brian says:

I daily drive an extended version of the Escalade and it is a great daily car.

marufio g says:

This looks better than the new explorer but not as good as the xt4

Pedro says:


Jonny Woods says:

Everything is great except for the side profile towards the back that looks like the chevy traverse

Matt M says:

Looks very uninspired. Lincoln for the win.

mines2680 says:

This thing in no way keeps consistent with the brand, it’s like the 2nd black sheep falling right behind XTS. And those headlights are so bland and not Cadillac– I feel a lot of mistakes coming if this is where their design is going!

Matthew Klingsberg says:

Cadillac isn’t even trying, same regurgitated rebadged GM laziness. Good luck going up against the Lincoln Aviator with this rental SUV

Joe Taylor says:

It actually looks pretty good! Im not a fan of GM once so ever but its not bad.

Manuel Carmo says:

Is not electric ….. has no future!

Justin Bouche says:

Disappointed in Cadillac

Trenton_ A says:

The front, longitudinally-mounted placement with RWD/4WD Lincoln Aviator is better

Jose Luis Ruiz says:

I like how it looks but that trunk space is very small. Even on the Aviator. If I was to buy an SUV, it would be a Aviator, Palisade or Ford Flex. I know the flex is not that great looking just the trunk is 12 inches deep for good storage, the Palisade has about 7 inches in depth with that storage compartment open. The aviator I was not able bbn to check because the snobby Reps at Lincoln at the LA Autoshow didnt let anyone go near it. Everything was just “Watch from a distance” lol.

vvvVFANGSVvvv says:

Why do all Cadillac interiors look the same!?!? Jesus GM; mix it up already!

Giovanni Vattuone says:

Side view looks like an Honda.
The Headlights looks like The Maserati Levante.
Lincoln Aviator looks better.

John Fisher says:

Another reason to hate SUV’s.

James McLeod says:

I’m a big caddy fan and I’m sorry to see the end of the CT6 but im not a fan of this. It looks like (and probably is) a Arcadia from the side profile. The tech inside looks top tier but the styling is 4 years past. I’ll wait for the Aviator.

Shawn Childs says:

It looks like a Honda Pilot

Zac. says:

Wow in the butt

BorisG491 says:

So the key will be pricing then. I see GM opted for a more proven drivetrain and platform (C1XX, the 3.6 and the GF9) rather than inventing something new like ford did with the aviator. Personally despite the slightly disappointing interior I don’t see too much problem with this vehicle. How well it does in the market will all come down to pricing.

Buick95 gs says:

It’s nice but I lost interest when they said front wheel drive i guess it’s based on the traverse Acadia and enclave the 2020 Ford explorer with the 367hp v6 rear drive GM you drop the damn ball again Lincoln aviator surpassed it already then kia and geniuses have a rear wheel SUV coming out it’s a SUV war

Craig D says:

I am not impressed.

S Korterink says:

At least it looks better than the BMW x7

MrNick98 says:

Looks like knock off palisade

KcM says:

Honestly the xt6 has a better exterior than the Linc. Although it has shades of Volvo. The interior is okay, ct5 with the same interior is only second to Lexus in sales in its segment so there is that for all the keyboard millionaires in protest here in the comments section

Frank Magana says:

On top gear, when they went to albania, they reviewed the ghost, and Jeremy Clarkson said the problem with the ghost is thag someone will pull up next to you in the phantom looking smug. This car will have the same problem. Someone will just pull up next to you in an escalade and look smug. This car aint it, Escalade is where its at. Plus the back looks like a honda pilot. But it will still fly off the lots because the usa is obsessed with crossovers. I see so man denali acadias and fully loaded traverse’s that theres no doubt in my mind that these will rake in money to fund the sedans. But still dont buy this buy an Escalade, and if you say its “too big” than you just suck at driving

Baron Lowe says:

This SUV makes me yaaaawn…nothing exciting about it. I thought Cadillac was trying to reclaim the “Standard of the World”.

1bigoptimus says:

This thing looks amazing. I think the front looks really aggressive. The sport trims looks like a V model. I do wish the rear taillights went up the back edges like the XT4 and the Escalade so it’s more in your face Cadillac. That horizontal light treatment is done better on the CT6. The interior has a nice clean luxurious looks as well. Some luxury cars get to busy and gaudy on the inside. I like the minimalist modern look they achieved with high end materials. And it looks to be packed with tech. On a side note this guy could’ve dressed better for the review. Baggy jeans and old sneakers are probably not the best choice. Looks count. As for the XT6 I think this will sell like hot cakes. Good job Cadillac.

ChicagoBearsRewind says:

Where did they get the wheels? Autozone?


just another rebadged Traverse/ Arcadia.

Yuge Ji says:

XT4 is the Eclipse Cross, XT6 is the XC90? They look the same from the side

DeCapito Family says:

Exterior is CX-9 and XC-90 – which is good – but unoriginal

OFCINC says:

V or V-sport?

Marco says:

It would be worth it if it had more HP and torque. I don’t mind the styling IMO it looks nice in that sport trim they should also offer a higher inch rim I would say 22 inch. But I would prefer the newest Lincoln aviator or even the newest explorer St trim


I dont get why everyone is complaining. NO SHIT it’s a bigger xt5, that’s why it has the same interior. And as far as design goes, its absolutely beautiful, escala design features all throughout. I still wouldn’t take an aviator because I’m simply not a ford guy (or a troll)

James Pellosma says:

Looks so cheap on fwd. Absolutely no match for the Aviator

MrRoadRage says:

Sooooo it’s the Chevy Traverse with the Cadillatus bug?

Ano Nymous says:

the aviator knocked this xt6 out

mrdylanjoseph says:

Looks like a Honda Pilot with Cadillac fascias.

Justin Smith says:

Will The 2020 Chevrolet suburban and gmc yukon be at the 2019 Detroit Auto show?

Mathew Stephenson says:

A less well executed version of the Volvo XC90 from the side…

CHI CHI says:

Confusing styling

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