AutoComplete: Cadillac puts cash on the hood of the 2018 Escalade

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AutoComplete: Cadillac offers big discounts for 2018 Escalade, Ford’s new Focus has a trick up its sleeve, and Porsche offers more info on its upcoming fast-charger network.

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Benjamin Burkhardt says:

So compact and midsize Fords will use this new platform while larger vehicles get that rwd platform the new Lincoln Aviator will use

Apple_Cider says:

ten thaaaawsend dollars

roguedogx says:

the 2018 Cadillac Escalade “cash on the hood edition”, because sometimes owning an Escalade is just not quite the level of “wealth flaunting” you require.

p.s.- yes I know the article basically says the opposite, but I read the title and came up with that one, so I am using it.

Fwirs says:

Golf courses, shocker!

Cha'Vis Berrien says:

we’ll call it what you want to call it we jump ships we getting that new Navigator Reserve with the Chalet interior

Melvin Ray Spence III says:

okay Ford is bringing back the Focus wagon…nice move…

Im A Fanboy says:

Who in their right mind would choose an Escalade over a navigator? Not that much different from a Chevy tahoe

emdec55 says:

Does $10,000 include dealer discounts or is that just from the manufacturer alone?

Havana SS says:

They ruined the new focus in looks imo

Aurora Jones says:

Dont think peeps will stick around when money is not a factor w/ ppl who buy large luxury SUVS, its image and whats new. Thats not the Escalade. Personaly i dont care about 7 or even 10k off a Slade when the Navi looks and feels so much better. You think this is a value proposition? If they want to compete then release a bangin new Slade, which im sure is on the way.

Ivan Vojt says:

Only 10K? And you are better off with an ’18 Navigator.

venom5809 says:

They are only beating the Navigator in sales because there are none on the lots to be bought, I’m in Michigan and don’t see many of the new Navigators on the road yet, once they get supplies up, they will dominate over the Escalade.

Brad Haughton says:

I doubt they even fix the transmission in the new Ford Focus

Matthew Shields says:

No we need a standard charging system every company doesn’t need to make their own.

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