Cadillac CT6 sets a new course, without a wreath (CNET On Cars, Episode 93)

A technology tour of the new Cadillac CT6, why your rear wheels should also steer, and your questions answered about red auto paint and adding fog lights.


Vincent Messina says:

Brian Cooley best car reviewer ever!!

Ed Lightbourn says:

my first car was a 93 Nissan 240SX with super HICAS 4 wheel steering

Juan Antolin says:

I’m taking a shit while watching this

Fussinated says:

Rear Wheel Steering … another Acura feat which others copy like SH-AWD but never give credit to Acura.

Skylin Megas says:

gm .. working with honda ? ….the red necks are gonna have a fit

Underwood95 says:

This guy deserves an Oscar!

Mike Leveux says:

The problem with GM is, after KNOWINGLY installing faulty ignition switches for 10 YEARS AND BEGGING for a BAILOUT while doing so, how could anyone trust them?? Why would any American want to buy from a company that’s already screwed them twice?? That’s twice if you’ve been smart enough to ever actually buy one! Do you really believe they aren’t doing it again?

nonomae hotae says:

more junk by buns what a bunch of dirt balls

danwat1234 says:

Don’t forget about the plugin hybrid version of the CT6 coming out in 2017 or maybe this year? It’s a Voltec system, one that hopefully will be popular and be faster than the ELR. Surprised Brian Cooley didn’t mention this.

BroccoliBeefed says:

$57,000 for a Cadillac? Puhleeez!

LMacNeill says:

So why didn’t this episode show up on the PodCast app on my iPad? Is CNet On Cars no longer being broadcast as a podcast?

iali00 says:

Holy shit that CT6 is sick. It’s way nicer than any 5 series I have seen.

Youssef Rossi says:

fuck usa

Ryan Seacrest But Brown says:

Another CNET on cars episode! Pretty limited these days

Daniel.H Cadet says:

Cnet on cars is one of the best car show there is on the internet as far as real and useful info is concerned. It should be number one on youtube. Brian Cooley is sharp and his explanations of complicated stuff is clear, precise and concise.

Driver Cool says:

Anyone else think that the rear of a Ct6 looks kinda like a Benz S550?

sebastian saavedra says:

Not all of us can afford to park inside

Merle Therrien says:

The front looks great but the back is already outdated and old looking.

J Segal says:

Four wheel steer? YAY! Double the maintenance and repair costs!

1stMemberEver says:

I kind of like that guy. Knowledge and showmanship but staying businesslike. By the way who is he?

Re San says:

Brian Cooley has without question set the standard for proper automotive review. I have yet to see another come close to this mans reviewing acumen

Glen Daly says:

Who the hell cares what he’s talking about? I thought he was going to do a review on this Cadillac.  Who has any idea what he’s getting into?

osamaFXX says:

Love this show. thanks Brian

Cedric M says:

It’s too bad it has reliability problems.

Merle Therrien says:

Cooley is King

Dhaka Calling says:

Seriously, you should have done the grand tour

Lovejazz01 says:

Didn’t think this show still existed..

Tony Dinh says:

American junk shit!

paytontech says:

Hydrogen isn’t very green as it’s mainly supplied today. It’s mostly derived from fossil fuels and it requires a lot of energy (including electricity!) to produce it. Battery electric will always be greener, apples to apples. Oh and you forgot Hyundai is making a fuel cell car.

Greg Sullivan says:

The styling works for me – it looks fantastic. I hope they bring it over here to Australia one day….

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