Cadillac CTS Engine Swap The Time Lapse Tech!

A huge job to change a blown engine set to rockin 8-bit tunes!


AntCo0607 says:

Is it better to do an engine swap or a rebuild? I have a 1991 ford escort station wagon. 5 speed stick shift with 340,000-ish miles that I just cannot part with for sentimental reasons.. It was overheated and makes whirring sounds like it has no compression so I assume just a head gasket wouldn’t do it…. I wouldn’t even know how much a rebuild or swap on a car like that would even cost.

Jay Smart says:

So what ya gonna charge me to replace mine when it finally goes heh? Ill tow it right on up haha

Robert Desrocher says:

Awesome. Show

eighthof8 says:

Hope you inspire many young people to become interested in the trade; we need ’em.

tokuchaan says:

Life resson:Be kind to your mechanic, don’t buy cadillac.

P.S. Megaman tune made my day!

Marc Lesaca says:

Keep It Outta The Cabbage!!!!

roomba says:

Give me an old Volkswagen beetle engine to replace every time easy out easy in.

Peg Tooth says:

That buzzing fly would have driven me nuts. I hate it when people just hover over me working. And the frequency of his visits? Gosh. You’re a better man than me, Amesie. ;p

Antifaws says:

Great vid Paul. POS car. What’s the instrumental version of born to be wild? Funny sounding band.

Jdubb says:

Hey Paul, are working on BMW’s that much of a pain in the ass? Everytime I take my care somewhere they turn me away or give me an outrageous price, guess I need to find a good indy. peace bro

William Isch says:

awesome Video thanks Amesie U got lots of Patience

Tom W says:

That sound is the new awesome for repair shops

The Angry Amish Hitman says:

2.8LL V6 what?! thought those had what were they called the northstar V8’s or at least a V8 in them. at this point hear 3 stories about the cadillac CTS duck the CTS ill never own one. btw awesome job with the engine swap. did you ever rip to see the damage on the inside?

Andrew Aliferis says:

Nice 8 bit soundtrack. My son thought that I was playing a video game.

ouimetn says:

Can’t help but wonder what was the total cost for this job? How much was all that labor. Might not be hard, but SUPER intensive and lots of steps.

Mr Peabody says:

and while you are dicking around with the camera you are charging some poor smuck for working on their car

Gavin Plunkett says:

Good job.

Jim H says:

All in a few hours eh? LOL! Good job!

Jonathan Eddy says:

I was thinking nothing was harder than the Cummins Turbo-diesel you did on that Dodge Ram… But this was close !

Tom Burgess says:

You know the engineers that design POS like this should have to wrench on them

Kalle Ylisirniö says:


Walter Hubicki says:

Shame the test drive footage was lost. Awesome Auto jib though. What a hassle. Can’t believe it is the third motor.

Daniel C says:

I like the 8 bit sound track, it harkens back to my childhood.

estanquero21045 says:

Always well time spent with you. this one, GOLD! .. missing your personal cars though. patient I am. thanks man.

1-UP says:

Alright my favorite dirty fighting mechanic is back! Yeah, so Welcome back to Amesie’s corner yeah you like that, yeah?

ifga16 says:

What a crap sandwich that car is… Now I know better than to look at a Caddy as a potential purchase.

Mr Peabody says:

honestly even with time lapse you are the slowest mechanic I have ever seen

dposer10 says:

those motors are garbage anyway

throttle bottle says:

what I want to know is, how many left over bolts =P

phillip mccormick says:

we all thank you for that, thank .

OGIER Johns says:

Awesome vid..

mrlpn2 says:

Car isn’t worth it

Brian Cambridge says:

Amsie is that blaster master I hear for the music? Haven’t played that game in years.

jim s says:

Good job, repair probably cost as much as the car is worth. If they got the money, I got the time.

MyassesDragon says:

The music made this video like watching a video game.

Amesie's Automotive Corner says:

I filmed this back in the early summer, The ending test drive footage was lost so I never got around to editing it. Thanks for watching and Keep It Outta The Cabbage!!


Hey Amesie. Two sonnets on BaT Craigslist San Fernando valley for your intrest.

Gord Baker says:

A hell of a job. I can’t imagine a 2.8 in a Caddy. Sad.

Classic Ride Society says:

Man I see so many of these Cadillac CTS models in the salvage yards around here.

2jeffs1 says:

Was the change mechanic light on? ;>) No wimpy jobs in your neighborhood. Nice job and toons!

Edward Migliore says:

Stumbled onto your channel about a week ago. As a guy with a mid-rise lift in my home garage, your videos are a great source of info and motivation. My old cars and I thank you! Subscribed.

Charles Dyer says:

That job was worth more than the the whole darn car.

Klasse Act says:

Thought it was going to be 5.3L LS swap.

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