Cadillac CTS-V 2016 Review Video Review of the all-new 2016 Cadillac CTS-V by auto Critic Steve Hammes. MSRP as tested: $91,885.


Jorge Cervantes says:

The ultimate gentleman’s vehicle! Aggressive and fast, but luxurious and practical.

shopwithaaron says:

Not a Cadillac lover myself….but dang they hit this out of the park. My sister has the XLR V and it can light up the rears in about a 1/2 second from a stop. Fun…but costly for the rear tires!

Billy Sou says:

How does this CTS-V compare to the BMW M5, Audi RS7 (do they make an RS6?) or Mercedes E63 AMG?  (I might’ve gotten the numbers wrong with Mercedes nomenclature.)

boy638 says:

Are there side by side comparison video with the M5 out there? I wonder if the M5 has been overthrown

joner800 says:

been a while since ive heard you gush about a car like this, Steve. im pretty infatuated with it, too. you glanced over your CUE experience; has it been improved from older iterations?

TwinTdriver says:

The M5 compared to this amazing V is like a comparison test of my previous ex: she’s way heavier, bigger, more expensive and likes to emit fake sounds when you’re really pushing it, yet somehow other men want her which is fine by me. I’ll stick with the Caddy, thank you very much.

pedrof830 says:

At times like this, Steve is very happy with his chosen profession.

Pop Cars says:

oh nice video , best this model .

kjscoleman says:

Great review and some really nice shots. Your enthusiasm is palpable.

Tellie Smith says:

if I had the cash this is where its at all that euro nonsense cadillac is were its at. America is making the best sports cars right now if you ask me ford dodge gm and people can afford & maintain if you know what I’m saying

Jamel Moore says:

Awesome review! I’m surprised to see the updated CUE system appearing to be working quite well in your video. Most reviewers still bemoan the lack of physical buttons and knobs, and rightfully so! But it’s good to see Cadillac improving it! How was it throughout your experience with the CTS-V?

MultiRyan2112 says:

Great review Steve, you may actually be the first auto journalist to slam CUE, kudos!

Simon Thompson says:

Steve, your face at 1:57 says it all about this car!

canonlybeme4life says:

Steve…All I can say is A..W..E..S..O..M..E..
Great review as always.

John Vu says:

I want this car, i want it, i want it…

eldo59 says:

No fins and it flies!

AF A says:

Not bad for an American car, but this car and Z06 have engine overheating problems. I don’t recall a Benz or BMW having the same problems around tracks. Still have a long way to go to challenge the Europeans.

kano b says:

I’d get a Cadillac over a BMW anyday. I love the styling.

Mr Bobby Brown says:

The length of your channel name is ridiculous. We don’t care what your name is, no offense. We care about vehicles.

Maverick95 says:

was that Tupac you were about to listen to?

Cupillac says:

rocking the 2pac

Jim Gord says:

Another obsolete dinosaur hell bent on destroying what is left of the biosphere.

If the planet is to be saved no one should buy ANY vehicle that has a plug In competitor.

johnls39 says:

I prefer this CTS-V without the carbon fiber package with that ridiculous rear spoiler. This is an exceptional car.

Choppaaah says:

Nice car but price range is way too high :/

Qwik Ster says:

Ugly ass car. Looks like a Hyundai or something.

Sinister C-pot says:

I actually got the chance to drive the CTS-V recently and that car was AMAZING!!!! I think it’s a better driving car than anything on the road, YES! I am throwing cars like M series, AMG’s vette’s and yes GTR’s

Darwin Lemon says:

My only complaint about this car is………It’s not in my driveway! Gotta start playing the lottery so I can get this sexy machine!

Jason Lee says:

Nearly the same price as an escalade platinum…. Decisions decisions….

Joel Lauer says:

I want this car! I’m going to trade up to it from my 2014 V sport. In my opinion, Cadillac already caught up to the German cars.

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