Cadillac CTS V Sport: A DEEP Technical Dive with Cadillac Chief Engineer David Leone

Cadillac’s Chief Engineer, David Leone, takes us on a deep technical review of the 420 HP Twin Turbo Cadillac CTS V Sport – everything from getting more from the 3.6 V6 to the use of specific lightweight materials in construction. This is more than just a tech overview of a car, but the logic of how to build a driver’s car as David explains not just what they did but why they did it . . .

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Tony Amarillas says:

Love Cadillac!!

Ben Daulton says:

I think GM has more talented engineers than Ford because cars like this and the Z/28 and Corvette and the fact that they tests them on places like the ring. The guy that developed the Z/28 has a tuned one that he supposedly works on and races….what better engineers than ones who understand the other side of the vehicle?

Curtis Reid says:

2 things that would help this car sale. Make the audio and a/c controls simple with knobs and buttons. That section under the rear seat sticks to far out. What’s up with that Cadillac. Besides these 2 flaws, this is an awesome car.

tollytime propulsion says:

The so called “relaunch” has made the brand famous, not profitable!! Cadillac has an impressive portfolio with plenty of high tech, but that’s not making a sound business case for the brand. Cadillac has finally caught up with the competition, but that’s not helping the bottom line. Buyers in this class that drive BMW and Lexus look at a Cadillac and say “that’s nice” and go about their way. The CTS and ATS are impressive, but the rest of the brand is “warmed over” Chevrolet bits. The SRX is an eight year old Opel chassis that was originally used for the Saturn Vue.  I commend GM for attacking the luxury market, but you have to make money at the same time and people have to actually buy your car. 

Stephan Stephanoff says:

Love this super technical stuff! This is why I love this channel!

Sevenfeet0 says:

Bought the last 2015 CTS Vsport off my dealer’s lot at the end of 2015 (it was a demo car). I’ve owned 5 Cadillacs including the 2003 CTS with the FE3 suspension and summer tires. This new car is a serious hoot to drive. On day 3 of ownership I was out on the Interstate a bit late to a meeting and pushed the accelerator so I’d go a little faster to make up some time. I looked down and I was doing 100 MPH…and the car felt like it was doing 75. The stability of the platform is for real, and the engine power puts a smile on my face every time I drive it.

I just discovered the Moto-Man video series a month ago so I’m catching up with the older footage. Keep up the good work, George. Your style reminds me of what Ferris Bueller would be like in middle age (remember the scene of him describing the Ferrari).

IceDree says:

Love the Video M, got to learn a lot about the CTS … I have to agree, GM got this car right!
You know, those sealing Panels underneath the car can double as a Protection Plate for the Powertrain & vital components from derbies & what not … my Father’s old Mercedes S300 (W126 & W140) had them & it worked wonders for us … my Kia doesn’t have it … a piece of metal cut one of the Coolant hoes & mad a mess …. same with the Tesla S, but I digress. Got to set in a new CTS earlier tonight after setting in a new E class…. I love the interior, its indeed a world class interior & can match Zee Germans. On a side note, saw the new Escalade tonight …. WOW !
can I use the Crest shots from the intro as a wallpaper for my phone & Surface? *puppy eyes*

As always M, keep up the excellent work.

G. Warren says:

So as usual GM is a few steps behind Ford in “newer to the U.S.” technology!

The_vb says:

Steel door..does the German or Japanese use steel door on their entry level luxury car? I figure we are all using aluminum panels on luxury brand

Jacob Frey says:


DSNCB919 says:

Right now I have a 2010 dts platinum.. need the size since youngin is 2.. but when she’s old enuf to sit without car seat I may consider this car.. will be more affordable by then too!!!!

James Garafalo says:

beautiful looking car, but i’d take the 556 hp v8 CTV for less money any day. Any word on how hard it would be to tune of these things to around 500hp?

Steve Mi says:

The RWD platforms are *NOT* American. They are Australian design.

Ben Haze says:

One question: are all the underbody panels used for all CTS or just the CTS-V? My 2010 has first 2 front panels.

GM could also make a smaller panel to make oil change easier to do, something that seems to be still missing. Something Ford did better on our Fusion Sport than GM on our CTS 🙂

Thank you for this very informative video.

John Koch says:

I love these types of videos, showing some of the technical and engineering aspects of new cars. Interesting how Cadillac shed all those pounds on the new CTS.

Although the CTS’s .29 drag coefficient is nothing to brag about! My 17 year-old Mercedes E-Class has the exact same .29 coefficient. One would think with computer-aided design, overall improvements in automotive architecture and wind tunnel efficiencies, they could have moved the “coefficient of drag” needle up a bit more?

DA Master says:

Wow , Very Nice video

D.j. B says:

It’s about time that GM has a emphasis on performance & innovation.seems like some youth has been inserted n2 GM.a fire has been set under their real end.their finally building cars that people want,desire,& lust for!

1979irock says:

I definitely won’t buy any thing pre 2014

TheMirageowner says:

It really is a stark contrast to what GM has done with Cadillac and Ford has done with Lincoln. This should be a lesson on how to properly reinvent a brand. Great Video.

A Sam says:

I have not seen any Journalist going this far with Engineering Chief of an Auto Company and shooting a video this way. KUDOS and well done Motoman..!! Such a refresher and change from obvious car reviews.

Troy Power says:

I’m about to pull the trigger on a 2016 CTS V Sport, great video, enjoyed it. One question, what’s up with that giant rear muffler? Would that not be another place a little more weight could be shed?

Tom Jones says:

Great show! Cadillac has made a serious machine. Hope you can continue on this theme. Maybe ’15 Mustang GT engineering details? thanks. Keep up the great work.

AbdulRahman Al Naser says:

I love this brand.. Very interesting information.. Thanks

husnain abbas says:

Now thats what you call engineering….forget the germans

Buick72100 says:

The new body style CTS looks better than it has EVER looked also

1776alltheway says:

great car

Rtvoll says:

Nice car. I would love to own one but I am just to afraid of reliability. I Just don’t know if I can trust GM to build a reliable car..

Jacob Hanson says:

All cadillac needs to do is stop using so many unfaltering gimmicks. Cadillac should’t insult its market audience with “technology” like cue, they should make amazing ergonomics with a high-resolution display. GM has a thing for weird technology gimmicks like this is the 1950 worlds fair. CUE will never be cool. I-Drive just might. Magnetic Ride control, the amazing chases, good job. Just too bad you can’t open the a panel in a showroom and say “look”

454chevy454 says:

This good example of soooooo much ugliness on the outside and excellent mechanicals

whatever04811 says:

Excellent job but i want to see Chris Harris’s opinion on it. 

MrUtu888 says:

Made a believer out of me. So much that I picked one up. Premium, White Diamond Tri Coat, just a tad over the base price. After 6 months of research, I narrowed it down to the A6 and the VSport. After the test drives and the quotes, it was a no brainer. I have never been happier with any vehicle. Will report back after my first oil change at 7,500 miles.
By the way, great video.

TheHoth1 says:

Motoman, I love this kind of videos. Keeo making them. I am sharing it.

mar oranole says:

Awesome car! However, Cadillac needs to stop having wishi washi comercials.
Mercedez has agressive comercials flauting why the cars are so great while Cadillac has people going to black tie dinners

TasteMyStinkhole says:

V Sport, lololol.
The ats-v would wipe the floor with this

Miguel Fair says:

I LOVE this video. I’m SO glad that an American car company is finally building cars right for a change. I LOVE the way the cars looks, and performs. I showed one to my mom while driver her around the other day. She’s a Lincoln fan and when she saw it, she said WOW!! That’s a Cadillac?!!! Way to go guys!!!

Frank Gutowski says:

All good. Call me old fashioned, but I yearn for bumpers that can take a bump and side moldings to protect from door dings.

Eddy Lopez says:

When can we expect the director cut of this vid? I wouldn’t mind watching an hour of it if possible.

Jflux69 says:

When the Sports Wagon Coming?

MOPAR2U says:

As the owner of a Lexus 350 f sport which I love I had to see what all the hype about this car was so I had my friend at Cadillac bring one to my house to drive and all I can say is that after driving this car I was stunned at how good this car was it is what I consider a perfect drivers car I thought cadillac just got lucky tuning this car until I seen this utube clip. I was thinking about the BMW 750 or Audi A8 as my next lease but after driving the Cadillac that won’t happen if you drive it you will buy it its that good the people who put this car together should be giving a heck of a raise I can’t believe it’s a Cadillac. and as far as the Q system is concerned I love it. The Lexus enform system in my GS. is no picnic either. My next car guess. You guessed right!.

Fidel Dennis says:

Just awesome. I really enjoy this show. It adding some suger to my tea. Good job MotoManTV.

duane howard says:

A big issue I have with Cadillac ATS AND CTS is their seats. The seats are by far the cheapest feeling unsupported seat when you compare them to a BENZ OR BMW . They really need more firmness and less girlie soft padding. That alone kept me in the Mercedes family .Price is pretty high as well .A CTS4 starting at $60k is $9k more then a E350W4 of the same year.

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