Cadillac Escalade ESV With FLIR And Other Toys — /INSIDE AI DESIGN

Ai Design built this “MK71” military tribute Cadillac Escalade ESV for a client, who wanted a thermal camera (sorry, gyrostabilized multi-spectral surveillance system), with a gimballed turret, on top. You know, for messing around with his friends. Like you do.


neuroleptika says:

I like the guy and I would trust him with my car

Black Hoodie says:

Can it shoot rockets

Noel Bodie says:

Totally immature
Just shoot the tyres
He needs diapers

jesus carballo says:

the FLIR system is sum real creep shit

neuroleptika says:

I think the cadillac is for a bigfoot researcher

christian wolf says:

impress me with a night vision windscreen and sides

clickbait 7 says:

If i see this in the street i would right away think its grom a secret agency that we dont know about..

Mason Davis says:

military dope dealer?

Harry Baumgartner says:

This is amazing, I wonder what the owner is going to use it for though. What private citizen would spend all that money on a gyro night vision camera and not have a real use for it

Simon Fox says:

Is the guy who owns the car gonna do some intricate bank heist or something? Jammers, infrared, FLIR, I know who I’m calling during the apocalypse.

juan bueno says:

Was hoping to see it in action with lights on and everything

jonathan lavezzi says:

Here’s my question … Why ?

can you see me says:

Whoever he is,he is the defintion of a NERD!

Punisher6791 says:

for when you want to take Peeping tom Skills to the next level…

Kay C Hose says:

am guessing you will not talk about the missiles installed on this car together with that camera thing installed on the top..

jayshi cyber says:

The Escalade is Heavy on wheels

Heather Ballarin says:

you should show us the headlights

Jaylen H says:

Where is the minigun pop up turret

Ryan says:

Seems such a genuinely good guy who has an interest in cars and helping people who don’t have the skills to do these crazy projects themselves.

Jag says:

Ground bombardment!

Alcoholic Semen Thrower says:

Definitely a black guy who owns the car

Gurfi28 says:

Seems like a vehicle used for private security. Could be handy on large private properties like mines, oil fields and such. This would also mean you could use the lights and siren.

Javier Hernandez says:

Who ever is the owner he is getting ready for WW3


The walking dead style

sirabdude14 says:

This was made for the world’s richest hick

Abdulaziz Musaad says:

Next project: Batmobile

Remi Hansen says:

This dude looks like the child of George Fisher and Kyle Gass

GalaxyPaint says:

420th comeback

Mark says:

most important question: is it armoured?

Gilad Gur says:

A great guy making very interesting and difficult technologies into a beautiful car that is own most probably by an ass…

Markus Normann says:

….”i just make my stuff and think people like it!!! ” the key for success, go on with that 🙂

Stefan Modigh says:

The client is prob Dan Bilzerian

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