Cadillac Super Cruise Road Trip: 1,200 Miles, No Hands

Motor1 Associate Editor Anthony Herta takes a 1,200 mile road trip in a preproduction Cadillac CT6 equipped with Super Cruise to find out what Level 2 autonomy really means for the everyday driver.

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Host: Anthony Herta
Video Producer: James Bradbury


tolgatt says:

İf cars will go autonomous why people will buy cars. They can use buses or planes? İf ı won’t have driving pleasure, why must ı give so much money for cars?

StellarBlue1 says:

DID YOU NOTICE? At 3:30 in the video, the car drives right past the GRASSY KNOLL! This is the exact spot where the real assassin of President John F. Kennedy hid himself, as he shot JFK and changed the world, forever…



Oliver Wabwire says:

Cars…..are for driving! Nothing’s more straightforward as that. To think that one would experience excruciating fatigue from controlling a car for 40miles?…well, take a train!!

s b says:

With the limitation by depending on a fixed map (lidar map), the system may fail u, hope there are updates.

KyleTVProductions says:

Thats cool

Burj Burkan says:

With a price of this car will get 2018 E Class

Jayden Robins says:

I Live In Memphis, Tennessee.

Superb Media Content Creator says:

Cadillac has figured out a great way to make buyers pay a premium to act as unpaid beta-testers where it is Cadillac that should be paying for such tests. I want to know that there is insurance coverage should one be hit or hit something while in the mode and not paying attention…

Brian Graves says:

Can’t go 5 seconds without staring at your phone

Spillow says:

Infiniti Q50 had this capability back in 2013.

Sal1990 says:

Audi have already released level 3 autonomous driving…

Jayme Kinneberg says:

Caddy made your suvs 2 inches wider. On the interior. Add this feature and you have a buyer

thefourthestate says:

Constantly checking my eyes while I’m driving; with dark sunglasses on lmfao.

buzztrucker says:

It’s lame. You still have to pay attention to the road. It’s a lame feature. What would really be KILLER is to make it modular so that it can be added to cars with existing cruise control for a price that’s worth it. It’s not justifiable for someone to blow 35-50k on a Caddy just for that feature unless you’re super rich.

Football News says:

Why is it running so fast?

Daniel Jimenez says:

Really You cant look at your phone. Those are the people we dont need behind wheels. Get in your car PUT your PHONE away. Its okay. It will be there when you get to the place that you are heading

CaptAmerica12 says:

I would not admit that! You are out of your mind. I see people every day with their hands on the wheel that should not be behind the wheel.

dobbins2550 says:

I can see this being a really cool feature for people who have to commute to work in Houston, where drivers drive 40 miles into work.

Tellie Smith says:

The Audi system is basically for like stop and go traffic it only works till like 40 mph like really u have to keep touching the wheel every so often

Krishna Kondapalli says:

You missed Infiniti…..they started this way back in 2014. My q50 does the same thing without all that flashy stuff!!

anthem11212 says:

What happens when the driver dies or would pass out?

richystar2001 says:

It’s only going to get better from here until the driver becomes obsolete to the point that Insurance companies won’t Insure cars that have steering wheels.

Artur Eff says:

wow…drink and drive 😉

Cleo 1991 says:

Love the light on the steering wheel.

AriVovp says:

I know what this is. It’s like you looking at a painting doing nothing for a very period of time. Can not do anything but almost constantly looking at the road in your empty thought. Because when you start mind wandering, ssh happens

Benjamin H. says:

I would much rather have the Cadillac system. It would be much more relaxing to be able to take your hands off the wheel than to be able to turn away but still keep your hands on the wheel


I hope they add this to the 2018 Escalade our Tesla model x has full driving capabilities that are not out yet but right now it can drive itself

Benjamin H. says:

Was that the infamous grassy knoll at 3:31?

Timmy says:

Cool only prob people are still crashing these

JohnyTechReview says:

If you look away it stop. Level 1.5. Lol having to map eveything is also not feasible

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