Cadillac XTS On the Rack with Mean Gene & 2014 Cadillac XTS V Sport Preview

Cadillac XTS On the Rack with Mean Gene & 2014 Cadillac XTS V Sport Preview. MotoMan hands Mean Gene the keys to the Cadillac XTS and gives him a unique mission prior putting the full size Cadillac On the Rack. Once it’s there, Mean Gene gives a preview of the 2014 Cadillac XTS V Sport with the 410 HP Twin Turbo V6.

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François D says:

What a superb car

MotoManTV says:

There will most likely be but not in the very immediate future of our production.

MotoManTV says:

Thank you, sir!

Nightbird says:

What I meant was a vid on the XTS with the twin turbos. The CTS is smaller and aimed at a different you can’t really say they will drive & feel the same due to using the same engine. Can you please do one on the twin turbo XTS? You’d be ahead of the pack if you did since I can’t find anyone else who has done one and this car is generating a lot of interest right now. Thanks. =)

Stephan Stephanoff says:

Pretty sweat…don’t want to be guccied up for no reason

MotoManTV says:

That was comedic effect . . . Mean Gene has a bevy of young women chasing him (no joke)

GS7093 says:

Francois? Its Francis you moron. Look whose dumb now.

Sheila LaShay says:

Friend of mine has this car in Black Raven. It’s beautiful. A drunk rear ended him and damaged the rear bumper. But no major damage, that car could take it. 

François D says:

And again you put some more shit (
Not everyone wants “amazing” technology in a car, or having to take a week to learn it all. Some of us just like to drive a nice car, and don’t want to feel we are driving a computer. We don’t want to shift through endless screens just to adjust the radio or ventilation. We want simple & elegant buttons to do the job immediately & keep our eyes on the road. Ever heard of the term “too much of a good thing”? That’s what this thing reminds me of. And if the ride isn’t plush with a V8, forget it. )

MotoManTV says:

We are going into the Cadillac business big time over the next 45 days. Driving the new CTS mid September and then going to the world premiere of the 2015 Escalade. Hoping to snag a V Sport XTS somewhere around that time . . .

François D says:

Yuo are such a rediculous and ignorant men

MotoManTV says:

There is an upcoming film on the CTS with the Twin Turbo out in the field. Mean Gene will also shoot the new CTS On the Rack . . .

openpathproducts openpathproducts says:


tmwall25 says:

twin turbo 6’s are the best

davek12 says:

About the rear control arms: remember that this is used for hearses and limos, too.

François D says:

He nightbird now he shut your loud mouth. I remind you your comment you made about the XTS, THIS IS WHAT YOU SAID(A big Caddy that doesn’t have a plush ride? Isn’t as big as the old DTS? Has no big V8? No rear wheel drive? Hell..that’s not a Cadillac why even bother when you could get something else that does the same stuff an Impala? No thanks)

Jiggle223 says:

Fuck u calling a Cadillac trash u r a gay homosexual and shud b executed

tingokuman says:

top notch review !!!!!!!!! SUBBED

pantherkent says:

Good insight and very knowledgable information. Thanks for this video. Now I know I made the right purchase!

Panagiotis F says:

How are Cadillacs trash

Musvlehead says:

i own an xts and am friends with the manager at the dealer who has the twin turbo as a demo…i took it for a spin.its def fast and roars a bit ..The only differnece between that and my xts is the grill and the engine the inside is identical to mine..the grill is nice though

Adam Chapin says:

@IceDree If the purpose of the XTS is meant to be a filler until “The Big Cadilac Arrives” I definitely am eager to see what the Big Caddy has to offer when it does come out given how nice the XTS is.

GS7093 says:

Sport and Cadillac do not belong in the same sentence.

gene978 says:

LOLOLOLOL. What model is this Mean Gene asks? hahahahahaha

DJCamYank says:

This guy’s reviews are great! I love the insight and explanations. Keep them coming.

Kevin Rogers says:

Gm has bin doing alot of good things latly, glad to be working for them

Dakota Lewis says:

there *

GregoCatal says:

I like this car a lot (A LOT), but it ain’t a V8, RWD halo Cadillac, which is what’s missing from the Cadillac lineup.

IceDree says:

For a car that was developed during GM’s bankruptcy & its sole purpose in life is to cover up for the DTS & STS until the Big Cadillac arrive, The XTS is a surprisingly an excellent & well made car ! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much when GM greenlighted the Gorgeous concept, but WoW almost everything made it to production… Even the brushed Chrome interior bits , the dual screens (CUE) & the grille (Platinum) … Only things didn’t make it as I recall are the Frameless doors (1/2)

Nightbird says:

Did you guys do a review of how this thing with the twin turbo’s drives..or just the fit and finish like here?

Dakota Lewis says:

i feel sorry for her shes so beautiful….

GS7093 says:

No you are.

Dakota Lewis says:

tap that xts one more time and ill have everybody with a cadillac run you over and then will stop get out of my cts 2008 and break your finger .then youll know how much that xts your tapping right their hates you!!!

TheSupernova77 says:

What a wonderful car!! I want it 😀

IceDree says:

Cadillac is on Fire Lately , first the XTS , ATS & Refreshed SRX , Now the CTS , Escalade & The ElMirage concept & The Vs & the Big one Next Year ! also word is Cadillac is working on 2 new Crossovers to accompany the SRX !

Looking forward to them & hearing your thoughts about them 🙂

I went to Cadillac’s today & sat in an XTS Platinum :'(

wei huang says:

Saab Ng 9-5 from 2009.

Scott Walper says:

bought a new xts and he is correct, elegant and beautifully done in execution….

François D says:

You are so dumb and ignorant

IceDree says:

Gear knob & the Rear headrests … & headlights were modified a bit.

I sat in one recently (couldn’t drive it though) , loved the High Quality Materials ( the leather, chrome,Wood …etc) & everything seemed to be well designed & thought of … The PianoBlack AC panel didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.

As always, Great video Motoman & I always love the under the rack videos with Mean Gene ! Looking forward to hear about your experience with the new CTS next month 🙂 (2/2)

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