Cadillac XTS – One Take

In the first new iteration of our new sub-series “One Take,” Matt does a full car review of the chock-full-o-technology Cadillac XTS in exactly one take.


2011ToyotaCamry says:

lol@live jasmine

playsinmud says:

Re-visit it after it has over 100K on the clock, and you’ll be surprised as to how poorly it has fared.

UnitedRecording says:

I wonder who paid them off.

Michael Dontigney says:

LOL.. “way more confusing than an apple mobile device” GOOD! Christ, I’m sick of apple dumbing down everything… Hey, maybe that’s exactly WHY it’s not your grandfathers Caddy? Because gramps isn’t tech advanced more then using a DUR apple? btw.. I’m a grandpa but I’ve been building PCs since the early 80’s I play BF4 on my windows 8.1 PC, I’m a video editor and love anything technical and gadgets. I wouldn’t own an Apple product. PERIOD.

Chris G says:

sorry, I have to disagree. the BMW screen system was much harder to figure out. I had the XTS cue system figured out in a day. the XTS drives like no other. its not a BMW , but then again, its not supposed to be. The BMW is a car drivers car. if you like handling and driving fast, the BMW is the only way to go. but for comfort , and just enough handling to make it a nice balance , you cant beat this car. it blows away the Mercedes ride by a long shot. the XTS interior leather is much softer, whereas the BMW leather feels like hard plastic. very uncomfortable. and you have to pay a premium price to get a good sound system with the BMW, where the XTS has a standard Bose system that is awesome. If the biggest complaint is learning the cue system, then its just nit picking. every car has touch screen features , so one has to learn it in every car regardless. the cue system is what actually brought me back to buy another one.

AMCNorthstar 93 says:

The older Cadillac’s are so much better. The previous STS and DTS were the last real Cadillac’s of the newer generation and outsold any of the new Cadillac’s.

daddylira says:

Very disappointed at cadillac quality lately. I bought a XTS and the paint sucks and sometimes the trunk does not open. I should have gone with mercedez benz or audi

Bill Barnews says:

Live Jasmin! LOL

Rekt communist says:

so, this one is the first one take

Michael Hannigan says:

GM has been doing headsup display so don’t try to act like they are copying bmw or benz … haha 300 hp fwd car get over it dude they been making Cadillac cars with 300hp fwd I had two sts and does just fine! ..   this dude just stupid ..

Peter Groeneweg says:

Thank you for this review. I think it is 100% accurate. I tested one out last week. The CUE system made me laugh. How can something so shitty get into a flagship car.

Krasnaludek says:

Test drove the XTS and it’s solid all-around. The CUE system is excellent; just takes a few days to get used to it. I prefer it over the BMW iDrive that was in my 335i. Probably will look for a used XTS; really liked how smooth this car feels.

Raymond Bealey says:

I think this review was great

Cameron Hud says:

Lol id give my left nut for that car and he’s it would be a nice rental car LOL dude needs to come back down to earth and stop becoming the definition of a LA douche

autofreak7 says:

I think he doesn’t like the car because it’s FWD. I mean it is AWD but it feels like a FWD,… Whatever. It has the wrong badge on the front so it’s bound to be bad that’s what he should’ve said if he was honest

Harold Melvin says:

this is not the cadillac flagship nor a sports car  so 300 horsepower is great. nobody is drag racing them

Salim Al Hajeri says:

Sorry but its above your level…. go back to your bicycle

Tommy Crunch says:

the title should have been “Cadillac XTS – I Dont LIke It”…. WOW complain much?

AndyG says:


Jason K says:

Very well put matt.. now fuck this car and go get a lexus gs for same money.

Mustafa Burhani says:

Just hit like button when he said asshole

Julian Prince says:

I think it’s cool except those Fugly looking Front and Tail lights they have on this Caddy that make it look futuristic.. I prefer the CTS-V personally. Those pop ups on the front window every time you turn the car on may get annoying as fuck after awhile. May need a pop up blocker for that lmao..

Rev_Rob says:

It comes as no surprise that you prefer the “knob”, bro.

s2chowzen says:

I drove one of these after driving a K900 for a week.  The K900 is a 60k car, has a RWD chassis, has a proper V8, better infotainment, a much better headliner (I actually noticed how crappy the headliner was in the XTS when I drove it for 600 miles, I’m glad I’m not the only one complaining about it), better stereo, basically better everything.   The XTS does not offer much over the Impala it shares it’s chassis, engine, and headliner with.

Jon Patrick says:

First and ONLY review I will watch on this channel. He doesn’t like it, I get it, but wowowow.  He’s trying to be ‘real’ and comes across just like a jerk with a bone to pick against Caddy.  Sounds very uninformed about Caddy, their position, and where they’re building too. Undercut the Germans, of course! You’re comparing expectations of a $50k car against a $90+k car, and mentioning a place to put your gun or your weed?  Geez man, some of us evolved past our frat days.

Dave who says:

all this guy did was talk trash about the cadillac i dont think he even said one good thing but then again i stopped watching after 2 mins

dante jackson says:

if they made the XTS bigger with higher quality like the s550 i think it would still be less than 100k… maybe around 85-90 because the escalade isnt even 100k and its bigger and better than all of cadillacs cars

dstarks80 says:

He said the DTS “kinda sucked”. The DTS sucks for the idiots who bought one brand new. They are a damn good bargain used. Same goes for the XTS. When my DTS wears out I’ll get a used XTS. They’ll probably be around $10,000 with stupid low miles on them by then. GO CADILLAC!!

40Rouge says:

I think CUE was just trendy to hate. It’s not perfect by any means, but the complaints about the touch interface are way too overblown. Also, how often are you really actively pressing the screen while driving? Changing music or presets? Use the wheel buttons. I think it’s much to do about nothing. The MB and BMW systems have their own quirks, and don’t get me started on the stupid Lexus joystick thing.

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